Wednesday, July 26, 2006

The Blessing of Boredom

I know it gets annoying that Fall clothes come out earlier and earlier every year. What's the deal with wool sweaters for sale in August? And then by the time you need a wool sweater, in late October or November, they are all sold out. I usually feel this way. But having a baby in September means that I want to sort of be prepared early for fall. I just picture myself being stuck at home nursing a baby for 45 minutes every two hours with little time for much else aside from the other two children waiting for me to put the baby down. A friend told me with August, when I was fighting mad about the fact that we lived thirty minutes away from everywhere (making round trips an hour) and the fact that my children always nurse for a good solid forty five minutes (one hour plus forty five from two and a half leaves forty five minutes to get everyone in the car and complete the necessary tasks before having to nurse again!!), that I needed to just get used to being at home for a few months. A few months?! I can't stand 24 hours at home! I need to get out of the house every day or I feel like the walls are caving in on me. Anyway, she was right. I just needed to get used to it and quit trying to get out; it was too crazy. So I anticipate lots of time at home due to the leaps and bounds I have made in denying myself and learning long-suffering (HA!). I hope to make our new home as "homey" as can be before I get stuck there! And I also want to make sure I get a few things done while I can so I don't have to be trying to get extra things done- like shopping for fall clothes. The other reason I am thinking about it now is because I am staying at Nanna's. Nanna's favorite past time is buying things for her grandchildren. Nanna's other two grandchildren will be arriving from France and New Jersey in a week and a half. But until then, Nanna is doting on my children.

So, fall clothes? Well, I actually am not seeing them so early- after all the complaining, maybe people are holding off on putting them out. I went to the fabric store today and they said their fall fabrics wouldn't be in until September. That seems especially late for fabric as the fabric must still be washed, cut, and sewn before wearing. You generally see Christmas fabric before Halloween rolls around just because people know projects can sometimes take a while. We did go ahead and get a really cute white on blue polka dot as well as a blue on white polka dot. It is a heavier cotton that will be nice for winter. I am going to make a little pair of pants with a double ruffle at the bottom out of the white on blue and a little dress out of the blue on white to go on top. My mom said we can look for a turtleneck and have a blue mongram put on the neck to go underneath the dress (which can be worn sleeveless as soon as I finish it or as a jumper with the pants and turtleneck for the winter). There really wasn't much other fabric to choose from. I hope there will be more in Birmingham. Although, it may be more ridiculous to think I can sew than that I can shop after the new baby comes. I can't get fabric in St. Louis though, so I really do need to look now while I'm here because who knows when I'll be back. Mostly I'm just bored. It's fun to shop when you're bored, especially with someone who likes to buy stuff for you.

You may be wondering why I don't just get Nanna to buy stuff for the baby who will need stuff in just a few weeks, long before the weather cools off. Well, she doesn't know if we're having a boy or girl either. If I saw something I just had to have, I might tell her. But so far, I just haven't seen anything worth spilling the beans for.

Again, a boring post. I tell ya, all we've been doing is shopping and eating at Chick-fil-A. Well, today we had lunch at Phillip's, my favorite little place in Brentwood. We haven't hit Meredy's over in Franklin yet. Can you imagine being one of these people that just shops and eats out all the time? Sometimes I think that is what I want, you know the greedy American in me that wants to be comfortable. But think about how boring comfortable is. Boring is good after this caddywhompas summer we've had and the baby coming so soon. I think boring might even be a little answer to prayer for everyone who prayed for rest for me. I am very grateful for boring. But man, be careful what you wish for. I am so glad there is more to life than what my children wear and what sort of deli sandwich and fruit tea I might enjoy at mealtime! I'm sure those things will come back into perspective very soon. But for now, I'm "on vacation" and I sure do like me some appliqued jon jons and fruit tea. To ponder the deeper issues of life, feel free to link on over to George's blog. Man alive, I think some of those guys need to take a break and go shopping! Just kidding; it's a good discussion.

Tuesday, July 25, 2006

I Have Abandoned My Blog

Not really.

I just haven't written in a week because everything is crazy. The whole summer has been crazy and it never stopped me until now. Well, just when I thought it couldn't get any crazier, George took me on an emergency date. We have a bad habit of not going out until one of us is losing our mind and the only thing that will save us is a break. So we're waiting for our table at Brio. I can just taste the house wine and their fabulous ceasar salad (which I have them make special for me with grilled salmon on top- yum!). We decide to jaunt across the parking lot to check in at Talbots Kids because I got an email that their boys' shorts, which are the perfect length and very classic- my favorite for Mr. Augustine, were $5 a piece! It's true; they're $5 and super cute capri pants for Amabel were $12. We were up to the checkout with our finds, ready to head back for our meal, when the power went out. It stayed off for a minute and then came right back on. We decided we should just put everything on hold rather than waiting for the computers to reboot. And by the time we got out the door, the sky looked like it was fixing to break and the wind was practically blowing people across the parking lot. So waddly prego (that's me) does her best to scurry across the parking lot to the shelter of the restaurant just in time to see the power go out there. We waited around a little while, hoping it would flicker back on again. I am glad we left because that was Wednesday night and there is still no power now, Tuesday night. I know, you think I'm joking. Nope, no power.

Those sorry suckers.

Those? Of course! You think I'm going to sit around at 33 weeks pregnant and just wait and see if the power comes on after one night without AC? No, no, no. We evacuated! It was rather unfortunate timing as I was already planning to leave for Nashville for two weeks yesterday. So four days were tacked onto our already unwanted time away. But at least it has been four air conditioned, homecooked food eating, television watching, clothes washing, ebay shopping days. My poor husband and many of our friends cannot say the same.

So I could've been blogging. But I'm sort of just biding my time until my life starts again. I know that is a terrible thing to say. It's just that I already didn't have my "stuff" or a home. Now I am away from my husband. I'm just hanging out in Nashville. If you want to hang out in Nashville, call me at my parents' house (or my cell phone or email if you have that). If you want to hang out in Birmingham, I'm going there too. I mean, might as well, I'm almost there and who knows when I will be able to get back. I should be excited. (Well, I am headed to the fabric store tomorrow. So maybe I'll feel better then.) I was just homesick for a home, now I am homesick for George too. Because really, George is home. And George is hot. As in it is like 100 degrees in St. Louis. Well, at least there is an end in sight. And let me just tell you, I will never have been so happy to see a summer end!

Y'all pray for the folks in St. Louis. I cannot imagine how miserable it must be. Sorry this post is so blah, I seriously have nothing else to write about. Maybe I'll give a little rundown of what hanging out in Nashville looks like in the next couple of days: Chick-fil-A and the half priced book store twice so far (I know, very exciting!).

Wednesday, July 19, 2006

The Moment We've All Been Waiting For

Can I get a big HOOO-RAY for actually having a future address?! George is even going to register the van today. Our temporary plates expired June 30, but we had nowhere to register the car to. I just prayed every time I got in the car that no one would pull me over. I only got one ticket in almost three weeks so that's good. The one ticket was pretty unsettling, as tickets tend to be, but it doesn't effect our insurance or really even our bank balance that much so I'm not bitter. And now the car can be registered! Of course, we have a several weeks before we are actually living at our new address which means I have miles to go, down to Nashville (and even Birmingham- 'cause why not?) and back, in the meantime. But when I think of all the fabric stores I can visit, I even get a little fired up about the trip. Huge thanks to everyone who has been praying for our family. All of this has cut so close to my due date that I will only have about a month and some change until going under the knife for baby number three after getting into our new home. But it has been a distraction from the icky things about being pregnant and now it's amazing to be so close to the end! What a crazy whirlwind of a summer! I have said often that anticipating it was much worse than it actually has been. I had all these worse case scenario fears, and most of them came true. But somehow it hasn't been as bad as I feared. I mean, I didn't have to be hospitalized or have any kind of coniption fit or even run up an unpayable credit card debt (yet...?) And baby seems to be doing well. So although I am a little weary, still homesick, and more than ready to break open that POD, I am doin' alright. And once it really is all over, once I get to sleep in my bed (as opposed to this surprisingly horrible Tempur-Pedic bed where I am actually sunk down into a matress hole- which is more than a little roasty during this hot summer- that I have to hoist my pregnant self out of every two hours at night to get to the bathroom) with my sheets (as opposed to these surprisingly uncomfortable tee-shirt sheets that are also very well suited for cold natured people in winter- not hot natured pregnant ladies in July) and use my kitchen tools (I mean really, is there anyone else out there without a silicone spatula? I will seriously buy you one if you do not have one- okay not seriously) I am sure the magnitude of the blessing and the generosity of God's provision will sink in. And even though I'm not feeling it yet, I can see and I know that God has been faithful. I know, I know, you told me so!

Monday, July 17, 2006

A Little FYI

I caught Show Me St. Louis today while folding laundry and thought I'd pass along my learnings. First of all, it's hot, and the AMC movie theatres have free movies on Wednesday mornings. Well, the Chesterfield 14, the Creve Couer 12, and the Crestwood Plaza 10 do. It appears that lots of AMC theatres around the country have the same deal, you can check this link if you are interested. Sorry Birmingham and Nashvegas, no AMC theatres means no free AMC movies. But I did see Charlotte on the list. Anyway, here's the St. Louis schedule:

Wed. 7/19 10:30 Shark Tale (PG) -evidently, the Chesterfield location will show this again on Thursday at 10:30
Wed. 7/26 10:30 March of the Penguins (G)
Wed. 8/02 10:30 Charlie and the Chocolate Factory (PG)
Wed. 8/09 10:30 Racing Stripes (PG)

I am sort of disappointed because I don't think any of these would be good for my kids. But maybe if you have older ones. I actually have only seen Charlie and the Chocolate Factory out of all of these (George is a big Johnny Depp fan). However, St. Louis Mills has Regal Cinema (so people in B'ham and Nashvegas might want to check with your Regal theatres) that shows two free movies both Tuesday and Wednesday morning. It is the same two movies both mornings, so if you wanted to see both, you would just see one on Tuesday and one on Wednesday. But you can go whichever day you want. Their schedule is a little more fun, I think:

Tues. & Wed. 7/19&20 10:00 Wallace and Gromit (G?) and Aquamarine (PG)
Tues. & Wed. 7/ 25&26 10:00 March of the Penguins (G) and Yours Mine and Ours (PG)
Tues. & Wed. 8/ 1&2 10:00 Curious George (G) and Cheaper By the Dozen (PG)
Tues. & Wed. 8/ 8&9 10:00 Jonah, a VeggieTales Movie (G) and Hoodwinked (PG)
Tues. & Wed. 8/15&16 10:00 Charlotte's Web (the old cartoon one, the new one isn't out yet) and Sponge Bob Square Pants (PG)

Also, The Magic House has free Family Nights on Tuesdays from 5:30 to 9:00 through August for two parents and up to four of their own children (Hurray April, Jennifer, and Annie!). There are also free Family Nights at the same times with the same rules on the following Fridays:
This Friday, July 21
August 18
September 15
October 20
November 17
December 15

I'm pretty sure everyone knows about the free concerts at the Missouri Botanical Gardens on Wednesday nights at 7:30 through August 9th. Here is link for more information.
I'm so nice, I even have links to all the movies (in case you need more information before deciding) and The Magic House. I know, I'm the best. Y'all go do some fun stuff for free.

Saturday, July 15, 2006

I Hope Emily Post Will Forgive, But

Because it really is a big year and because we unexpectedly were not needing to move this weekend, but rather find ourselves able to stay and sublease another week until something works out for us (long story, check George's blog if you are really confused as to why this is taking so long), I decided to call up some folks and humbly request their presence at an impromptu birthday party for Amabel. I was amazed at how many people could come with less than 24 hours notice. We had a few friends that were out of town, and one friend got sick at the last minute, but we still had a lot of sweet friends who worked us in.

In planning the party I realized what a poor job I have done getting Amabel together with other little girls. We pretty much rotate through the same small group of special friends and they happen to be mostly boys. I was delighted when my friend was able to bring her daughter a little late after a baseball game from across town. You sort of feel ridiculous asking people to a birthday party when you have never had a chance to invite them to play (which I tried to issue a bumbling apology for as I delivered the party invitation), but I guess it's a good starting point and we will have to be sure to make a better effort to invite little girls to play from now on. On the way home (the party was at George's mom's house) Amabel was already making plans to have my friend's daughter over and "make a craft," so I am sure Amabel will help me in my efforts.

I am glad that she plays with little boys so well. I pretty much figured out how to flirt, but never mastered sincere interaction with boys on a friend to friend basis. As a result, I pretty much ended up dating and consequently losing (except for George) any boy friends I made- with only a couple of exceptions. I wish that I had figured out how to relate better to boys (kind of hard with no brothers and a dad who keeps to himself) because I find that unless I am dealing with a particularly socially adept man, with the whole flirting card long since off the table, I am sort of at a loss for what to say. Well, I can blame that on the whole gender thing. But I am increasingly aware of how socially awkward I have become. I am really so much better in writing. In person, I think it is really due to the graciousness of others that I have any successful or pleasant communication with other people at all! I like to think this is a more recent develpment and I wasn't always such a dork. I seem to remember a time when I knew what to say to people and enjoyed (as opposed to over analyzed) time with friends. I had plenty of fun tonight though, and I credit it all to the generosity of others- for their time and their flexibilty and especially for not holding against me all the social faux pas (including this one where I talk about myself instead of my daughter in the post about her party!) I committed in such a short period of time!

Tacky or not, I am glad I decided to go ahead and have the spur of the moment party. I think Amabel really felt special and enjoyed playing with all her friends. And five really is too big of a milestone to go uncelebrated!

Wednesday, July 12, 2006

Planning for my "Grown Up" Little Girl

Amabel will be five this weekend. Five. Halfway to ten. So she is taking ballet this week. She is in a little class where she is, of course, a head taller than everyone else, but probably a good year older than everyone else too. It is for three to five year olds and they learn ballet, tap, and tumbling. It is cute. There really isn't much cuter than eight three to five year olds in pink leotards and ballet slippers. It is funny too. The teacher is really laid back and much better with that many little children than I ever would be. The tapping part is probably where I would lose it. Give a little girl shoes that click on hardwood floors and turn on the Wiggles and you are just asking for the giggles. She seems to be pretty tollerant and also pretty undemanding as far as accuracy goes. But yet they are learning something. And it is fun to see them so proud of themselves. She is mailing all of us the information on classes for the fall.

I have decided that school for the fall for Amabel would be a little too much after our summer of perpetual unrest and with the new baby on its way right when school starts. I also think little August's heart might break if he were to be both dethroned as the baby and separated from his big sis five mornings a week. Either thing would probably be pretty rough, and as the whole "dethroning" thing is inevitable, we will try to preserve some sort of normalcy for him by keeping his sister at home (though, at this point, we are still essentially homeless- but with hopefulness at least, or should I say at last?). I hope he will not give up his nap, though he seems to be working to that end this week, so his naptime can be used for Amabel's homeschooling. We are about halfway through with K5 right now, so I have a year to do half a school year's work. I have done the legwork and worked out a lot of the kinks in the past year, plus I am dealing with a much more "mature" child than a year ago. All that said, I think I can get her ready for first grade by next fall. When I bought the curriculum way back last summer before I knew that I make the worst homeschool teacher in the world, I got first grade too, so we may just merge it all together over the next two years and see if we can't be ready for school in time for second grade. By then, we won't be dealing with George's school anymore (I hope). Of course, by then, we will probably be talking about or expecting a fourth child. But you never know, this baby is heavy and really wearing me out at only 32 weeks. I can certainly feel that I have been cut open twice before now. I don't know that my thrice severed abdomen will be able to contain or support another. Then again, I am constantly astounded at what I can endure.

Anyway, new baby, homeschooling, new somewhere to live, dare I take on ballet lessons? We shall see. So much these days falls into that category- the we shall see category. I actually have no idea where I will be on Sunday. Will we have moved into a new apartment? Will the people who are renting us their apartment right now give us another week to stay? Will we have to drive down to Nashville to stay with my parents? And if we do go to Nashville, how long will we stay? All of this is as easy for me to answer as it is for you or the guy at the gas station down the road. I have no idea. Consequently, for the first time in four years I may not be making a birthday cake or a birthday dress or throwing a little birthday party for friends in mid-July. I kept waiting to plan until I knew what the story was. Now I am still waiting. I am sure we can still make it a festive day- provided we are not spending that day driving in the car! It just seems like this was a big year, an occasion for a bigger than usual celebration. She's five.

Sunday, July 09, 2006

Boring Summer Blahs

One of you mentioned looking into my archives recently and it made me wonder what kind of crazy embarrassing things are in there. I have regret issues you know. I can be kind of bold in the moment- or sometimes my husband boldly posts things I had decided not to post- and then later think "wow, that was a little more revealing than maybe I wanted to be." But you know, it's water under the bridge as they say. Those of you who know me well may be laughing as you know I never really look at anything that way. I still analyze my childhood to the nth degree, took years to get over my first breakup, suffer from major buyers remorse and any other kind of remorse over even tiny little decisions, and play "what if" like no one else. But the blog is probably somewhat therapeutic in that regard. This is out there and anyone can see, guess I'd better let it go. One thing I actualy am not embarrassed of and sorta kinda miss was our little Real Simple discussions. I still thoroughly enjoy that magazine, I just haven't had as much time to read it lately. Maybe I will start up a little weekly or monthly review again. I think things have gotten boring around here lately, so Real Simple or no, I will try to make things a little more interesting soon. My friend Lauren has a new blog that is fun and informative, and I'm finally getting a link up to my friend April's blog, also my sister's (who never posts), and another friend who likes to maintain anonymity so we just call her "Good." If I'm boring you to death, you can at least have some links to more interesting places!

Friday, July 07, 2006

A Word About Baby Clothes

My friend Jennie is having a little girl around the same time my baby is due. When I visited her in Charlotte last month, we had a great time going through all of the beautiful things her mom had set aside for her from when she was a little girl. I get excited about thinking that Amabel will have a box of dresses that she wore for her own little girl. Even little Aug and his wife will have a few things for a son- so odd to think my two year old will be a dad some day! And of course, I will add to it, and probably be a much better seamstress as a Granny than I am as a Mommy. I am sad when I see a hand smocked gown at a consignment store or as I shop for baby things on ebay and read "this is what my baby came home from the hospital in" or "this is what my baby was baptized in, only worn once!" Yet, I vividly remember my sister cutting the bottom half of our smocked baby dresses off so they would better fit the cat! Needless to say, there is no box of vintage Feltman Brothers dresses or handmade heirloom gowns for any of our children. I do have the little suit my dad was christened in (thanks to my Nannie). But pretty soon, I suppose I will have a collection of outfits that random children all over the South were brought home from the hospital in. I can understand if you brought your baby home in a Carter's layette gown with a duck on it; but I am not looking for Carter's layette gown with ducks on them on ebay. I am looking at handmade or heirloom quality things and the stuff from boutiques that I can't afford unless I find them on ebay. Incidentally, if you ever want to be rid of something I smocked for your child, I will buy it from you. Do not sell it consignment (for $9.99!); that is just tragic!

Another thing Jennie and I noticed as we browsed for baby clothes on ebay was the common use of the word "reborn." At first we thought it was a typo or some sort of weirdo ebay lingo, but it was used so often and I am still seeing it all the time when I do searches. I finally googled the word "reborn" and pulled up a lot of reference to "reborn baby dolls" which turns out to be some sort of bizarre hobby. Evidently it is all the rage and people are quite taken with painting and collecting these things. From what I can tell, they take a regular old plastic baby doll and paint it up to make it look real, so then it is "reborn." Sorry, but I think that is creepy and weird. Especially because everyone is then in the market to dress the "reborns" in real baby clothes! (And then what?) So when I lose an auction, I may, in fact, be losing to a doll? If I've got it wrong, let me know.

So basically, just as a summary, what we have here are two extremes, people who have no sentimentality when it comes to their children's clothing and people who have much sentimentality over a creepy doll's clothes. Okay, that's all; just thought I'd share.

Wednesday, July 05, 2006

The ol' ark trick, eh?

I am so glad I posted all of that about nervous breakdowns and grilled cheese and what not. I know that I am not the only person with problems. I think a lot of people say that to people who are feeling extra weighed down as a brutal way of saying "shut up" or "quit feeling sorry for yourself" (as if telling someone those things wasn't already brutal enough). Of course, no one thinks they are the only one with problems or even that they have the worst ones. Sometimes it is just easy to be overwhelmed with what's going on and you feel like the guy that God forgot. I find that the thing that snaps me out of that is the opposite of "get over yourself." I am so glad that no one told me I wasn't the only one with problems or that I should "just (something)." Instead, so many of you have said, "Hey, it's no big deal. We eat grilled cheese (or whatever) a lot too!" And then I start to wonder what your life is like that you have crazy nervous breakdowns or no time to get to the store or no desire to turn on the oven yourself. And I tell you what, I am overwhelmed with everyone's life at this point! I am realizing that it is so common to go through times of just trying to get through the day, trying to make ends meet. I want to win the lottery so I can help everyone with their rent or their mortgage or their tuition or their student loans. It is such a helpless feeling to see real needs and have no way to meet them. And I thank all you vulnerable and encouraging people for the compassionate and gentle reminder that I am not the only one with needs. It is easy to feel like that one guy that God forgot, but when you think of it as the whole Church, families all over the world with all kinds of needs, you know he isn't forgetting his entire Kingdom. I confess that my faith has been just strong enough to get me to Worship and to the Lord's Table lately. My prayers have felt a little bit like they might as well have been addressed to the tooth fairy and answers have seemed like snakes when I asked for bread. I know we have all been there. I am actually encouraged, in a very odd way, to see that so many of you face the same struggles and real obstacles. It is a blessing to me that you are still faithful. It is easier to trust God to work in others' lives than in my own for some reason. I see a hurting family that I love and I know God loves them and will take care of them because they are so precious and want so much to serve Him. Sometimes I don't see that when looking at my own situation, I think maybe I am messing everything up for my whole family. Maybe I am the Jonah that needs to be dumped overboard! And I feel frusrated because unlike Jonah, I am not aware of any type of open rebellion, I am not trying to flee. It feels like an unjust punishment. (Also, I have issues with having been made a scapegoat before so please excuse the irrational and dramatic leaps in my logic!) George keeps reminding me that our trials are not punishments.

Our pastor talked about John Calvin's thoughts on Noah's Ark a few weeks ago. He was more concerned with unity in the Church, but the idea was that God's provision for his people then was the Ark and now is the Church. We romanticize the Ark with the Fisher Price figurines (which we totally have and love) and nursery bedding or whatever, but in reality it was crowded and super stinky and "suffocating," I believe was the word. Yet that was God's provsion. It really left an impression on me and had me start thinking about his other provisions throughout Scripture that we romanticize now but would have not been so the thing we were looking for were we there at the time. God gave Sarah and Abraham a child very late in their lives. We recognize that as Him being faithful, but I'm sure Sarah at a hundred years old was like "Great! I have to carry and deliver a baby now!?" I mean, I'm sure she was overjoyed, but during that nine months of pain and then labor, she probably was kind of wondering why it had to be so late in life. I am pretty uncomfortable at twenty eight; I can't imagine doing this at a hundred. Jonah was saved after being thrown overboard, but he was swallowed by a fish. Imagine the stink in there. And I'm thinking he didn't have room for a raft like Pinnochio and Geppetto, but more like he was squished and suffocating too. Then he had to be vomited up. God provided and kept him from drowning, but it wasn't a cruise or anything. Even Mary was provided only with a stable to give birth in and a trough to put her baby in for rest. There's probably a pretty big difference between my heart and Mary's heart, but I would certainly start to wonder if maybe I didn't have some of the facts wrong because it certainly wouldn't seem like God was caring for His only Son. In none of this do I mean to be disrespectful or anything like that. We have the rest of the story with these examples and can see, to the point of romanticizing the stories, what great things God was busy doing. He was being faithful and He wasn't punishing anyone (well, except Jonah, I guess). Where we don't have the rest of the story, it is easy to feel pretty doubtful and forsaken. And though where we live for the next year and a half (or whatever your family is going through) doesn't have nearly so much of an impact on the Church as did the preservation of the line of the Messiah, I think we can trust God to be just as faithful.

Monday, July 03, 2006

Mmmm, Sandwiches.... Again!

Okay, so it's not your fault I never fix a decent supper anymore.

Attempt number one, I got into the car to go to the grocery store and had a nervous breakdown. The short explanation is that I was on the phone all morning with every single municipality in the greater St. Louis area trying to get a straight answer on occupancy permits. There are so many landlords that have no idea what the occupancy limit is for the house they are leasing out. Each municipality's representative was clearly annoyed by this, each of them wanted the property address so they could tell me themselves. I asked if they really wanted me to call them every time a new apartment is listed on Craig's List or in the newspaper. They said they did. It would actually make our lives a lot easier because so many people take their sweet time returning our email and phone inquiries. At this point we definitely want to find a house before most people want to rent theirs out. Or so it would seem. Last week one lady just flat out wouldn't let us in when we got there because Amabel and August are brother and sister. Evidently, in St. Louis city limits, or anywhere not in the swanky suburbs, there is some completely irrational and asinine legislation that says a boy and girl cannot share a room, even if they are a two and four year old brother and sister! Please pause to let the ridiculousness of our situation sink in. I think everyone reads and just keeps going. But really, the government is not only dictating how many children we put in a room, but whether or not brothers and sisters can share. I was going to save all this for my Happy Independence Day post, you know because our forefathers fought so hard to release us from the big government over the ocean that knew and cared nothing about their way of life- "no taxation without representation!" remember?- and now we have our big fat government, even on the "smaller" local level dictating how families arrange beds in their homes. And there are so many local governments within gigantic St. Louis, you have to call every one and ask the same questions again and again, basically groveling, "can my children please share a room?!" "can we bring a new baby home without being evicted?" Please! So I got in the car to grocery shop and to escape the apartment search and the apartment that is currently saving our hineys but also has me terribly homesick (it's the little things like not having my sheets or mattress or kitchen stuff or the kids' toys- we have already broken one large item and had to buy another- that aggravate an already miserable situation) and suddenly realized I had been looking at the wrong day on George's work schedule and he was not coming home until well, now, actually, 7:45. So I had a breakdown and didn't make it to the store. I drove about ten minutes down the interstate and couldn't really pull myself together so I turned around and came back. I let the kids have Sprite and popcorn with lunch just to help them cope with crazy mommy a little better.

Attempt number two, I got into the car, after the kids had napped and I had taken a break and smocked all afternoon while watching Singing in the Rain (which I thought was kind of lame, actually; I hadn't seen it before), again to go to the grocery store. I couldn't find the key to the van. I looked under the couches. I took all the cushions off the couch. I looked for about an hour. I dumped out my purse about six times. I finally found them only to discover that while I was looking for them my children got into the neighbors' wading pool with all their clothes on and were soaked. I put them in the tub and stepped out of the room to collect myself only to come back in to them dumping water onto the floor over the side of the tub. I decided we were not going to the grocery. I put the kids in their room with instructions to "PLAY!" and went and had my next nervous breakdown.

I would still appreciate recipes, but I can't even get myself to the grocery to buy ingredients so I will just go ahead and accept that we will be having several more grilled cheese suppers in the coming weeks. Continue to post recipes though, I may get inspired if I see enough things with yumminess to outweigh the stresslessness of making sandwiches. Sorry for more about recipes and househunting; summer has always been too slow for me, I got nothin' else goin' on!

Saturday, July 01, 2006

Second Chance for Guilt Ridden Freeloaders (and the like)

I have mentioned this to some people, please excuse me for being so repetitive, but I am wondering about all the freeloaders. I recently checked my profile and noticed it is dumb, yes that, but also that it has been viewed 195 times or something. Eh? Did you all check it 15 times each? Or are there about 180 freeloaders lurking around? I'm thinking it's somewhere in the middle. No doubt some people looked on once or twice and ran for the hills. But I think it is equally probable that there are some extra guys looking in pretty regularly. I think a lurker is a lurker and I'm probably not going to get people to all of the sudden start commenting. And I accept some of the responsibility for my lack of anything interesting to comment on. The recipes though, you people could've found one little recipe for me! Here's your second chance. I need recipes! I'm telling you it's bad around here; we ate grilled cheese and carrot sticks last night! I am just so uninspired in the kitchen lately. I am sure some of that has to do with not being in my own kitchen and that somehow, even after my explicit instructions to leave them out, the food boxes got packed in the POD (Lord, please don't let there be olive oil and sugar all over my couch when we get it back!). I did raid my mother's spice cabinet while I was in Nashville though, so I have some basics. Lauren, I'll be starting in on some of your recipes soon, I hope. But everyone else, here's your chance to contribute. After the endless entertainment and witty reading I provide for you day in and day out, don't you think you at least owe me just one little recipe? Okay, not so endless, not so witty. But help a burnt out cook find her way back to the kitchen! You don't even have to put your name. Sorry to bore everyone who already did this but I figured everyone was getting sick of me talking about looking for a house (you and me both, people, we've only got two more weeks til it's time to move under a bridge) or having a baby (which is the only happy thing that we are certain actually will happen for our family so I use it as a diversion from my panicked state of mind) anyway.

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