Wednesday, July 26, 2006

The Blessing of Boredom

I know it gets annoying that Fall clothes come out earlier and earlier every year. What's the deal with wool sweaters for sale in August? And then by the time you need a wool sweater, in late October or November, they are all sold out. I usually feel this way. But having a baby in September means that I want to sort of be prepared early for fall. I just picture myself being stuck at home nursing a baby for 45 minutes every two hours with little time for much else aside from the other two children waiting for me to put the baby down. A friend told me with August, when I was fighting mad about the fact that we lived thirty minutes away from everywhere (making round trips an hour) and the fact that my children always nurse for a good solid forty five minutes (one hour plus forty five from two and a half leaves forty five minutes to get everyone in the car and complete the necessary tasks before having to nurse again!!), that I needed to just get used to being at home for a few months. A few months?! I can't stand 24 hours at home! I need to get out of the house every day or I feel like the walls are caving in on me. Anyway, she was right. I just needed to get used to it and quit trying to get out; it was too crazy. So I anticipate lots of time at home due to the leaps and bounds I have made in denying myself and learning long-suffering (HA!). I hope to make our new home as "homey" as can be before I get stuck there! And I also want to make sure I get a few things done while I can so I don't have to be trying to get extra things done- like shopping for fall clothes. The other reason I am thinking about it now is because I am staying at Nanna's. Nanna's favorite past time is buying things for her grandchildren. Nanna's other two grandchildren will be arriving from France and New Jersey in a week and a half. But until then, Nanna is doting on my children.

So, fall clothes? Well, I actually am not seeing them so early- after all the complaining, maybe people are holding off on putting them out. I went to the fabric store today and they said their fall fabrics wouldn't be in until September. That seems especially late for fabric as the fabric must still be washed, cut, and sewn before wearing. You generally see Christmas fabric before Halloween rolls around just because people know projects can sometimes take a while. We did go ahead and get a really cute white on blue polka dot as well as a blue on white polka dot. It is a heavier cotton that will be nice for winter. I am going to make a little pair of pants with a double ruffle at the bottom out of the white on blue and a little dress out of the blue on white to go on top. My mom said we can look for a turtleneck and have a blue mongram put on the neck to go underneath the dress (which can be worn sleeveless as soon as I finish it or as a jumper with the pants and turtleneck for the winter). There really wasn't much other fabric to choose from. I hope there will be more in Birmingham. Although, it may be more ridiculous to think I can sew than that I can shop after the new baby comes. I can't get fabric in St. Louis though, so I really do need to look now while I'm here because who knows when I'll be back. Mostly I'm just bored. It's fun to shop when you're bored, especially with someone who likes to buy stuff for you.

You may be wondering why I don't just get Nanna to buy stuff for the baby who will need stuff in just a few weeks, long before the weather cools off. Well, she doesn't know if we're having a boy or girl either. If I saw something I just had to have, I might tell her. But so far, I just haven't seen anything worth spilling the beans for.

Again, a boring post. I tell ya, all we've been doing is shopping and eating at Chick-fil-A. Well, today we had lunch at Phillip's, my favorite little place in Brentwood. We haven't hit Meredy's over in Franklin yet. Can you imagine being one of these people that just shops and eats out all the time? Sometimes I think that is what I want, you know the greedy American in me that wants to be comfortable. But think about how boring comfortable is. Boring is good after this caddywhompas summer we've had and the baby coming so soon. I think boring might even be a little answer to prayer for everyone who prayed for rest for me. I am very grateful for boring. But man, be careful what you wish for. I am so glad there is more to life than what my children wear and what sort of deli sandwich and fruit tea I might enjoy at mealtime! I'm sure those things will come back into perspective very soon. But for now, I'm "on vacation" and I sure do like me some appliqued jon jons and fruit tea. To ponder the deeper issues of life, feel free to link on over to George's blog. Man alive, I think some of those guys need to take a break and go shopping! Just kidding; it's a good discussion.


the good, the bad & the ugly said...

Jon-jons and fruit tea are what grandparents are made of! Live it up, girl! Soon enough it will be PBJs for lunch if your house if like mine. Just hearing you mention the 45 minute nursing sessions made my heart sink. Our oldest son did nurse like that. But our youngest son would nurse 20-25 minutes and be good for 3 hours. He did this from the day he was born, no kidding. So I've forgotten how time consuming a new baby's appetite can be! Yikes! Is Rach coming to town next month? If so, let me know. I would LOVE to see you both. We can compare big waistlines, moving while in our last trimesters, and our fears of adding child #3 to the mix!

Anonymous said...

hey! i know i haven't been around for a while. been at the beach and in dothan. am feeling very big right now and can't imagine how you are coping. have fun in nash vegas. wish i could be there to see you. mark is going on a mission's trip to brazil (more on that later) in sept. so i am spending a week in nashville while he's gone- but wouldn't you know its right when your baby will be born. bummer. i'll call you sometime this week when i get home. love, jennie

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