Tuesday, July 25, 2006

I Have Abandoned My Blog

Not really.

I just haven't written in a week because everything is crazy. The whole summer has been crazy and it never stopped me until now. Well, just when I thought it couldn't get any crazier, George took me on an emergency date. We have a bad habit of not going out until one of us is losing our mind and the only thing that will save us is a break. So we're waiting for our table at Brio. I can just taste the house wine and their fabulous ceasar salad (which I have them make special for me with grilled salmon on top- yum!). We decide to jaunt across the parking lot to check in at Talbots Kids because I got an email that their boys' shorts, which are the perfect length and very classic- my favorite for Mr. Augustine, were $5 a piece! It's true; they're $5 and super cute capri pants for Amabel were $12. We were up to the checkout with our finds, ready to head back for our meal, when the power went out. It stayed off for a minute and then came right back on. We decided we should just put everything on hold rather than waiting for the computers to reboot. And by the time we got out the door, the sky looked like it was fixing to break and the wind was practically blowing people across the parking lot. So waddly prego (that's me) does her best to scurry across the parking lot to the shelter of the restaurant just in time to see the power go out there. We waited around a little while, hoping it would flicker back on again. I am glad we left because that was Wednesday night and there is still no power now, Tuesday night. I know, you think I'm joking. Nope, no power.

Those sorry suckers.

Those? Of course! You think I'm going to sit around at 33 weeks pregnant and just wait and see if the power comes on after one night without AC? No, no, no. We evacuated! It was rather unfortunate timing as I was already planning to leave for Nashville for two weeks yesterday. So four days were tacked onto our already unwanted time away. But at least it has been four air conditioned, homecooked food eating, television watching, clothes washing, ebay shopping days. My poor husband and many of our friends cannot say the same.

So I could've been blogging. But I'm sort of just biding my time until my life starts again. I know that is a terrible thing to say. It's just that I already didn't have my "stuff" or a home. Now I am away from my husband. I'm just hanging out in Nashville. If you want to hang out in Nashville, call me at my parents' house (or my cell phone or email if you have that). If you want to hang out in Birmingham, I'm going there too. I mean, might as well, I'm almost there and who knows when I will be able to get back. I should be excited. (Well, I am headed to the fabric store tomorrow. So maybe I'll feel better then.) I was just homesick for a home, now I am homesick for George too. Because really, George is home. And George is hot. As in it is like 100 degrees in St. Louis. Well, at least there is an end in sight. And let me just tell you, I will never have been so happy to see a summer end!

Y'all pray for the folks in St. Louis. I cannot imagine how miserable it must be. Sorry this post is so blah, I seriously have nothing else to write about. Maybe I'll give a little rundown of what hanging out in Nashville looks like in the next couple of days: Chick-fil-A and the half priced book store twice so far (I know, very exciting!).


the good, the bad & the ugly said...

Yikes, no air! I am so glad that you evacuated. I wish I weren't moving. I might just come up to Nashvegas and visit you! It is, incidentally, one of my very favorite cities ever! Go to downtown Franklin and eat at Meredy's (I think that's what it's called). YUM!!!

Anonymous said...

Hey--You forgot to mention impromptu lunch with your good friend, Elizabeth! Thanks! Seriously, I am glad y'all were able to come over Monday. Sorry we were so rushed! If you want to hang out again, just let me know. I'm open for anything :)


Jessie said...

I evacuated to Birmingham,too! And I'm glad I did.

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