Saturday, July 15, 2006

I Hope Emily Post Will Forgive, But

Because it really is a big year and because we unexpectedly were not needing to move this weekend, but rather find ourselves able to stay and sublease another week until something works out for us (long story, check George's blog if you are really confused as to why this is taking so long), I decided to call up some folks and humbly request their presence at an impromptu birthday party for Amabel. I was amazed at how many people could come with less than 24 hours notice. We had a few friends that were out of town, and one friend got sick at the last minute, but we still had a lot of sweet friends who worked us in.

In planning the party I realized what a poor job I have done getting Amabel together with other little girls. We pretty much rotate through the same small group of special friends and they happen to be mostly boys. I was delighted when my friend was able to bring her daughter a little late after a baseball game from across town. You sort of feel ridiculous asking people to a birthday party when you have never had a chance to invite them to play (which I tried to issue a bumbling apology for as I delivered the party invitation), but I guess it's a good starting point and we will have to be sure to make a better effort to invite little girls to play from now on. On the way home (the party was at George's mom's house) Amabel was already making plans to have my friend's daughter over and "make a craft," so I am sure Amabel will help me in my efforts.

I am glad that she plays with little boys so well. I pretty much figured out how to flirt, but never mastered sincere interaction with boys on a friend to friend basis. As a result, I pretty much ended up dating and consequently losing (except for George) any boy friends I made- with only a couple of exceptions. I wish that I had figured out how to relate better to boys (kind of hard with no brothers and a dad who keeps to himself) because I find that unless I am dealing with a particularly socially adept man, with the whole flirting card long since off the table, I am sort of at a loss for what to say. Well, I can blame that on the whole gender thing. But I am increasingly aware of how socially awkward I have become. I am really so much better in writing. In person, I think it is really due to the graciousness of others that I have any successful or pleasant communication with other people at all! I like to think this is a more recent develpment and I wasn't always such a dork. I seem to remember a time when I knew what to say to people and enjoyed (as opposed to over analyzed) time with friends. I had plenty of fun tonight though, and I credit it all to the generosity of others- for their time and their flexibilty and especially for not holding against me all the social faux pas (including this one where I talk about myself instead of my daughter in the post about her party!) I committed in such a short period of time!

Tacky or not, I am glad I decided to go ahead and have the spur of the moment party. I think Amabel really felt special and enjoyed playing with all her friends. And five really is too big of a milestone to go uncelebrated!


Jessie said...

Definitely too big of a milestone to miss! And we had a lot of fun, we were honored to be included. Georgia especially had a blast. On the way home so said, "so mommy, when can I play with Amabel?" Maybe we should shoot for this week! Oh, I hope you guys are here for the long haul!!!!

Jessie said...

Also, to echo the thing about playing with boys. Georgia had only boy friends at both of the birthday parties she has had!

Katherine said...

i'm so glad you got a chance to celebrate Amabel's birthday! God provides for the little things like that. :)

thehiers said...

During prayer requests at shepherding group last night, Caleb raised his hand and when Pastor Smith asked what his request was, he said, "that Amabel is 5 years old now". I think that was his first prayer request at church. So we thanked God for Amabel's 5 years and prayed for many more.


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