Wednesday, July 19, 2006

The Moment We've All Been Waiting For

Can I get a big HOOO-RAY for actually having a future address?! George is even going to register the van today. Our temporary plates expired June 30, but we had nowhere to register the car to. I just prayed every time I got in the car that no one would pull me over. I only got one ticket in almost three weeks so that's good. The one ticket was pretty unsettling, as tickets tend to be, but it doesn't effect our insurance or really even our bank balance that much so I'm not bitter. And now the car can be registered! Of course, we have a several weeks before we are actually living at our new address which means I have miles to go, down to Nashville (and even Birmingham- 'cause why not?) and back, in the meantime. But when I think of all the fabric stores I can visit, I even get a little fired up about the trip. Huge thanks to everyone who has been praying for our family. All of this has cut so close to my due date that I will only have about a month and some change until going under the knife for baby number three after getting into our new home. But it has been a distraction from the icky things about being pregnant and now it's amazing to be so close to the end! What a crazy whirlwind of a summer! I have said often that anticipating it was much worse than it actually has been. I had all these worse case scenario fears, and most of them came true. But somehow it hasn't been as bad as I feared. I mean, I didn't have to be hospitalized or have any kind of coniption fit or even run up an unpayable credit card debt (yet...?) And baby seems to be doing well. So although I am a little weary, still homesick, and more than ready to break open that POD, I am doin' alright. And once it really is all over, once I get to sleep in my bed (as opposed to this surprisingly horrible Tempur-Pedic bed where I am actually sunk down into a matress hole- which is more than a little roasty during this hot summer- that I have to hoist my pregnant self out of every two hours at night to get to the bathroom) with my sheets (as opposed to these surprisingly uncomfortable tee-shirt sheets that are also very well suited for cold natured people in winter- not hot natured pregnant ladies in July) and use my kitchen tools (I mean really, is there anyone else out there without a silicone spatula? I will seriously buy you one if you do not have one- okay not seriously) I am sure the magnitude of the blessing and the generosity of God's provision will sink in. And even though I'm not feeling it yet, I can see and I know that God has been faithful. I know, I know, you told me so!


Anonymous said...

Yea!!! Big Hooray!! We've been praying for y'all, and are so excited that this opportunity is working out. Nice to know your little one will have a home to come home to :)

When are you coming to Nashville?


dblyoo said...

HHHOOOORRRRAAAAYYYY! we're so super excited for you guys! so, what are you having? :)

sara said...

I am so thrilled for you all, and not a moment too soon! What is your address going to be? (I have a little gender neutral baby gift waiting to be mailed)!

Also--if you have any time to kill in Nashville, Macie would love to see Amabel. (I'd like to see you all as well). Just let me know, and don't be afraid to call last minute--our summer activities are all pretty much over.

Katherine said...

we're so excited for you!!! i hope you get to stay there for awhile, and that you get settled okay before #3 comes.

the good, the bad & the ugly said...

Hoo ray!!!!!

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