Friday, July 07, 2006

A Word About Baby Clothes

My friend Jennie is having a little girl around the same time my baby is due. When I visited her in Charlotte last month, we had a great time going through all of the beautiful things her mom had set aside for her from when she was a little girl. I get excited about thinking that Amabel will have a box of dresses that she wore for her own little girl. Even little Aug and his wife will have a few things for a son- so odd to think my two year old will be a dad some day! And of course, I will add to it, and probably be a much better seamstress as a Granny than I am as a Mommy. I am sad when I see a hand smocked gown at a consignment store or as I shop for baby things on ebay and read "this is what my baby came home from the hospital in" or "this is what my baby was baptized in, only worn once!" Yet, I vividly remember my sister cutting the bottom half of our smocked baby dresses off so they would better fit the cat! Needless to say, there is no box of vintage Feltman Brothers dresses or handmade heirloom gowns for any of our children. I do have the little suit my dad was christened in (thanks to my Nannie). But pretty soon, I suppose I will have a collection of outfits that random children all over the South were brought home from the hospital in. I can understand if you brought your baby home in a Carter's layette gown with a duck on it; but I am not looking for Carter's layette gown with ducks on them on ebay. I am looking at handmade or heirloom quality things and the stuff from boutiques that I can't afford unless I find them on ebay. Incidentally, if you ever want to be rid of something I smocked for your child, I will buy it from you. Do not sell it consignment (for $9.99!); that is just tragic!

Another thing Jennie and I noticed as we browsed for baby clothes on ebay was the common use of the word "reborn." At first we thought it was a typo or some sort of weirdo ebay lingo, but it was used so often and I am still seeing it all the time when I do searches. I finally googled the word "reborn" and pulled up a lot of reference to "reborn baby dolls" which turns out to be some sort of bizarre hobby. Evidently it is all the rage and people are quite taken with painting and collecting these things. From what I can tell, they take a regular old plastic baby doll and paint it up to make it look real, so then it is "reborn." Sorry, but I think that is creepy and weird. Especially because everyone is then in the market to dress the "reborns" in real baby clothes! (And then what?) So when I lose an auction, I may, in fact, be losing to a doll? If I've got it wrong, let me know.

So basically, just as a summary, what we have here are two extremes, people who have no sentimentality when it comes to their children's clothing and people who have much sentimentality over a creepy doll's clothes. Okay, that's all; just thought I'd share.


Anonymous said...

i tried one of the auctions and it got up to $20. can you get things for less than that? i didn't go that high but maybe i should've. debbie bought some cute things at janie and jack when we were in seattle. they were having a 60% off sale. so maryn has lots for next summer but nothing for when she gets here!! but i have plenty of time for that and i feel so good buying things on sale ahead of time.
still praying for you guys... much love, jennie

dblyoo said...

okay, "reborn baby dolls" freak me out...
so anyway, abby - you ready to share what you're having yet? :)
i'm ready to shop!

Abby said...

jennie- i'm not sure if we're shopping for the same things ;) but maybe we are

whitney- i may go ahead and tell you if we can ever pick a name since i know what you really want to do is design my announcements!

Fittsy said...

It really is so special for Libby to wear things that my sisters and I wore when we were little girls. And it's great to think about all the little girls in our family wearing them. Olga said recently that it makes her sad that she doesn't have any of her little things to hand down. We assured her that we would share, but it is sad nonetheless.


dblyoo said...

yeah, abby - it would be nice to get those announcements underway :) two months! ahhh!

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Anonymous said...

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