Saturday, August 05, 2006

Everything Slightly Askew

Well, the post about being bored was just a jinx. Both kids had two full days with 102 degree fevers shortly after. Of course, we went down to Birmingham anyway because I know it will be ages before we will be able to go again. I slept maybe 14 hours over the course of three nights. Pregnancy is just getting to that point (only five more weeks) where comfortable sleep is more difficult and that is without factoring in feverish and homesick children. I called George in desperation one morning and asked him to consider flying down to drive us back to St. Louis. Of course, we had nowhere to be in St. Louis, but I couldn't make it back without him and I was ready to be back. He was able to work with his very gracious managers who found someone to take his shift at the bank and give him the day off, to hitch a ride with a friend leaving the very next day for the beach and heading right through Birmingham, to accept another friend's generosity in holding down the fort at the apartment complex, and bring me home to the home of his mother who graciously offered us her bed and is now sleeping on the couch! It took a village, or a Church rather, but we are back in St. Louis all four together. I am not sure if that little summary will make sense to anyone. But it was really all quite the crazy fiasco. And now we are all coughing and sniffling and doped up on Benadryl.

We do have the apartment, it is just not finished being painted and updated and cleaned and the POD people cannot deliver our POD until Tuesday. George had to pick the paint without me and relying only on vague memories of what our stuff actually looks like. You know it never is easy to tell how a color will look once it's up, especially in the poorly lit Home Depot, and especially when you have nothing from your home to hold the paint swatches up to. For this reason, we are ever picking new colors and never really committing to any colors in our furnishings. Well, that and that we move every single year, so we have to paint again! This past Christmas we finally decided to pick a couch, because it was on sale for $199 more than anything else, and that locked us into blue (it is blue and white ticking...I think, I can't really picture it in my mind anymore!). My mother bought an upholstered rocker for me for this pregnancy because she had gotten each of my sisters one with their recent pregnancies and I chose a red toile, so that locked us into red. Still, there is a lot of flexibility and we decided we might go with a sort of khakish gray color on the walls. We went and looked at it tonight and the khaki seems to have been lost. I also felt like I was picking up on a purple undertone. Let's just hope that was the lighting at 11:30 with most of the bulbs burnt out in what little overhead lighting there is there. Gray might be okay, khaki gray would be better, but purpley gray is trouble.

On to the bedroom. My favorite store in Kirkwood, Sycamore Moon, is going out of business. It is a darling store with all kinds of cutie country decor (hope you know what I mean by "country"- thumb through a Country Living or Country Home magazine for a better idea, lest you picture patchwork and stencils!) and really lovely handmade jewelry, bags, candles, lotions, and soaps. I always use birthdays as an excuse to shop there. My sweet friends in Birmingham gave a little shower luncheon for me and so I used that as an excuse to go in for hostess gifts today. So glad because I discovered that the store will close before the end of the month! I have always admired the custom bedding she carries, and with the 20% off for the closing sale, not to mention the fact that in six years we have never had any new bedding for our bed, I decided to take the plunge and buy a duvet cover and some shams. I was very pleased with the price for the duvet, not so much for the shams. But I concluded that I would spend another six years waiting if I didn't do something. But upon seeing the color in the bedroom, George and I are both unable to tell if the colors will actually work together (even while holding the sham up next to the painted wall). We are going back to the store tomorrow to try and see if she will let us exchange the set I purchased for another set with some bluer shades of green. Who knows if she will be willing to exchange it. Who knows if we will see anything that will work better.

Doesn't it stink when things are just slightly off? The bedroom is just slightly too blue. The living room is just slightly too gray. The POD people are just slightly too booked- we had hoped to have them deliver it today. Don't even get me started about only slightly losing several ebay auctions this week (can't stand to lose by a dollar). Out and out fiascos are more the kind of thing people can sympathize with; and they're more the kind of thing you just throw your hands up over and pray for help. Things just slightly off? That's what insomnia is made of. It's what keeps you up at night thinking of the best way to solve the problem and playing "if only." It's things being slightly off that drives me crazy. Maybe I'm OCD. Aren't we all? Well, it really is just slightly longer than we thought until we finally get a home. And it really is just slightly all the wrong colors in the new apartment as far as we know. There really is no way to know for sure until we get everything in there anyway. I'll let y'all know how it all turns out.


Elizabeth said...

I can identify--the things Bobby and I disagree about are the "slightly" things that totally bug me and not him. You know, pictures only slightly not straight, home projects turning out slightly differently than I pictured them. Oh, well, for my own sanity, I've had to learn not to major on the minors(not that yours are minors, but my above list certainly is):)

Katherine said...

i am very picky about my colors being right, and won't paint any walls until the shade is just right - i can completely identify! i'm very picky about that with my clothes also. if i'm mixing or matching, the shades have got to be right or we have to start all over from scratch.

the good, the bad & the ugly said...

I am just impressed that you are thinking of painting. I hope the colors turn out just right. It's fun to make a home your own. I love red and white toile...I bet your rocker is so cute! Take need to stay put! I am baffled by all of this traveling you are doing! I have 6 weeks to go and I am probably not leaving to travel out of state any more. Not for fear of pre-term labor, but it's just too stressful to pack, etc.

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