Friday, September 08, 2006

Finding Frank OR... Recovering Roanoke

My sweet husband had a surprise for me when I woke up from a nap the other day. He had found Frank! Frank, for those who don't remember, was my hair stylist who I loved. He always made me feel good about myself, cut my hair just the way I like it without me having to tell him, and never pressured me to color it- something I am very unwilling to do. He's easy to talk to, not at all flambouyant for a male stylist, and what I would call just a kind and gentle soul. He was the co-owner of a salon that vanished from existence in early spring of this year. Because he was the co-owner, and because no information was left on the answering machine or on the doors or by postcard etc., I feared he had left town. I was happy to be wrong. George called the old number and found that a forwarding number was now being given. He then called the forwarding number and left a message for Frank to call him. Frank was a little confused because he didn't remember George. This is, of course, because he had never met George; but when George explained that I was his wife, he was very happy to have been found. He asked what I had been up to and George explained that I was to give birth this week. So my dear stylist worked me in for an appointment this afternoon so I'd be set for a while before needing to work an appointment in around a newborn's schedule. I was so excited except that the only appointment time he could work me into was smack in the middle of August's naptime and therefore all of my friend's kids' naptimes as well. George was going to be at work, so I had to find some poor soul to take on my two children for me while I went to see Frank. My friend Jessie, who seems to always come through for me with everything from a summer subleasing situation to homecooked meals to train cake pans, made it possible for me to bring my would be napping kids over to play with her would be napping kids, sacrificing her own sanity, so that I could go. Thanks soooo much, Jessie!

I was so thrilled to find that not only had Frank not left St. Louis, he had relocated only a couple of miles down the road because of some shady business dealings with the landlord of the previous building. Of course, I wasn't thrilled about his misfortune with the dishonest landlord. But I was so glad to see that he maintained a positive spirit and even credited God, though I wouldn't assume he has a close relationship with Jesus or anything, with being in control and knowing what is best. He said it had been very difficult but that he really liked the new situation, where he is leasing a studio all his own and running what he called "The Frank Show," even better. His former business partner and some of their employees are doing the same thing in the same building, so while he is flying solo in some ways, he is still surrounded by old friends and has made some new ones as well. So that's what happened to Frank. Mystery solved. He said he has felt really special to have people like George and I hunt him down. I told him that we had likened his sudden diappearance to Roanoke and he said that was the best description he had heard of the situation and he couldn't wait to tell the story. He was his usual complimentary self saying how glad he was to see me, how great I looked (of course!) and congratulating me on the baby. It was a happy reunion and I am so glad to have an end to the story for you all. I look forward to a couple more years of good haircuts while in St. Louey (can't get much else good here!- sorry, had to take a shot!).

Now, if only we could find out what keeps happening to all the Wolf Cameras...


dblyoo said...

i'm lovin' the fall colors and darling picture you've added to the blog, dear friend! happy fall! i remember "a" when she was that age...oh, how they've grown! i absolutely cannot wait to get out to the pumpkin patch again this year. it is indeed my favorite time of the year (well, one at least). :)
i'm SO glad you found frank and were able to get your hair cut before the munchkin arrives. what a blessing!

RHB said...

What great timing for the Frank mystery to be solved! I am so glad that you got to get a good haricut before the baby comes and that Jessie was able to watch A&A. Now we need you to post an after haircut/ before baby picture!

Katherine said...

the wolf cameras....are showing up in charlotte - they've expanded to every major shopping area here. but hair stylists are major, i'm so glad you found frank. the one i had for 13 years finally got to be a stay at home mom last year, and it has been absolutely awful trying to find someone else.

i am reading your posts, i think my life has probably been chaotic enough to be at a loss for words on your blogs. steve irwin dying was definitely the talk of the town here, and while it surprised me because he always seemed so goofy to me, i realized that there must have been something genuine about him - i have yet to hear anyone say anything other than "it's so sad!". i didn't realize how likeable he was (of course, we don't get cable, so we are limited in our exposure of the crocodile hunter as well).

Jessie said...

I am also glad that you got your haircut before next Tuesday. Those post partum days can be even worse it you desperately need a haircut (a situation I have indeed found myself in before!). And it really was no problem - ask any time!

april said...

oooh, pretty pretty. I thought I was on the wrong page for a second. Glad I'm not the only one to move the furniture around every once in awhile.

Okay, now let's talk about talkin' to your hairdresser. Am I the only woman that just wants to go get my hair cut and not get on a first name basis? I don't want to talk I just want to sit there quietly and enjoy someone playing with my hair. This is probably why I rarely get my hair done and why the person cutting my hair tells me how dry it is and then they ask if it's my "real color".

Anonymous said...

Aw, George is so sweet to track your hair dude down for you. But we all knew that already. :) I, too, like the redesign of your blog. Darling picture!


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