Monday, September 04, 2006

Goodbye to Steve

I guess it could be the hormones, or the lack of sleep, but I am really down about this. Well, I probably shouldn't qualify it that way. A man has died, and that is sad. I hate the whole Hollywood thing, how we stalk these people and know all about these people and they have no idea who we are. It is all so ridiculous. But the thing about Steve Irwin was that you always saw his family. He didn't seem to be a hound for fame and fortune, just a quirky guy with an accent who loved animals and his family. Our first Wiggles video was the one they did with Steve, his wife, Terri, and Bindi, his daughter. I have since seen several things that also included his son, Bob. They had a darling family who seemed to always enjoy things together (or at least the things that were filmed for our entertainment). This is an older picture, Bob is just a few months younger than August; he is the one Steve held while feeding a crocodile that everyone freaked out about. And I think rightly so. I guess that is why his death is so sad, because he did so many things that it really seemed like he was asking for it. And then, what actually happened (a stingray stabbed him through the chest when he swam over it) seems like such a freak accident. Had he been bitten by a poisonous spider or snake or mauled by a shark or crocodile, I would be sad still, but kind of mad too, because DUH! But who thinks a stingray, who are not supposed to be "attackers," will be alarmed and stab someone in just the right spot to kill him nearly instantly? You really can't blame him for that one. Maybe you can; the title of the series he was working on was something about the "Ocean's Deadliest." But right through the heart? What are the odds? Not that I know much about stingrays or even too too much about Steve Irwin. I just feel so sad for his widow and children.

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Anonymous said...

This saddens me, as well. My Charlie has already drawn a whole book about it all. I just loved the Croc Hunter's enthusiasm. I'll miss seeing him on TV and I feel so sorry for his family. It is just so tragic.
-- annie

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