Saturday, September 02, 2006

I'm Getting Grumpy

And it's starting to show, even more so than usual. So because I am so sick of being pregnant, I know you must all be very sick of me being pregnant. I'm giving you all a break from the baby and pregnancy talk to bring up something very near and dear to my heart. What is the deal with toilet paper commercials?! I am sorry, but I cannot take another cutesy, yet still really gross to those of us that aren't quite so easily amused, approach to the bathroom. I mean, remember the little girl who wanted to play football with her brothers so she stuffed her tee shirt with toilet paper for softness? Or the little boy who played with his tub toys in the sink and used the tissue as a hammock of sorts for all of them? These are the commercials that are acceptable in my mind. And they get the point across just fine. Actually, even the one with the boy playing in the sink got a little too gross when they showed "the other guys' tissue." Then along came Cottonelle with that stupid roll of toilet paper with a British accent talking about what a great job she did. I vowed never to buy Cottonelle at that point. I mean, that is just being a little too literal, and when they added all those puns in, it sealed the deal forever (even though Cottonelle is probably great as a product). But that was just the beginning. When everyone came out with all the wet wipes products, they had a commercial that was essentially a collage of shots of people shaking their hineys. I really don't even feel comfortable typing that. I don't know why I am even bringing this up, it has been the elephant in the room for years. But enough is enough! I also refuse to buy Charmin because of the cartoon bears which they actually illustrate using the tissue! Those bears are everything that is wrong with advertising (okay, not everything, but if they were wearing skimpy underwear it would be everything!).

Until just recently I have felt that Angel Soft was the only toilet tissue I could safely buy without supporting some sort of raunchy, potty humor run ad campaign. And then the new Angel Soft commercials came out. They're awful! Now I just don't know what to do. I have twelve double rolls until a decision must be made.

This is not the first time I have let advertising dictate my purchasing decisions. I am a firm believer that if the idea behind advertising is to make me like the ad so I will buy the poduct, then it should follow that if the ad actually offends me, I won't buy the product. In college I refused to purchase or even watch ads for Pringles or Taco Bell. Both campaigns ran ads that were obnoxious and much louder than the commercials that ran on either side of them. It's too bad too because I was their target audience and those years may have reeled me in for years to come. As it were, a huge fan of all foods Mexican hasn't even the slightest consideration for a meal from Taco Bell even in a pinch when the only other choice may be a much hated other chain. And I have probably never purchased a can of Pringles. I don't buy chips often anyway, but you can bet I won't even be tempted by a huge sale on Pringles the day of a picnic. I am sure their advertising is not nearly so bad now, I just trained myself to ignore these products and have all but forgotten they exist. The same has also happened with the much hated Victoria's Secret and Bath and Body Works company. I find Victoria's Secret advertising so offensive that I refuse to even walk through the doors there or at any of its affiliates (Limited, Bath and Body etc.). After five or six years, you learn to deal with the difficulty of finding cute and not overly expensive pajamas (it's hard, let me tell you) and splurge on shower gel from Crabtree and Evelyn (who needs to though, I always get plenty for Christmas!). I just think that if good advertising brings the fruits of higher sales, there should be an equal consequence to suffer for bad advertising.

So I will let you know if I can find a toilet tissue that has not sunk to the potty humor level to sell its product. And I will strive to keep you all informed as to where cute pajamas and Lays potato chips are on sale.


the good, the bad & the ugly said...

Can I recommend Scott tissue? Their 4 roll pack will last as long as 8 rolls of any other tissue. I don't think I've even ever seen a Scott ad, I just started buying that brand because we had a family friend to work for them. :) I feel the same way about Victoria's Secret. Is is just me, or are their ads soft porn? And their window displays are so vulgar I have to take a detour to protect Jaybird's little eyes. It's so infuriating. I love sexy lingerie, don't get me wrong.:) But the advertising is awful!

Anonymous said...

You could always get that big box of "POM" toilet paper at Sam's. :) I have opinions about advertising, too. I really wish they would do away with ads for feminine products and toenail fungus. Those are terrible.
-- annie

Abby said...

thanks for the brand recs. i'll make the switch. victoria's secret ads are totally porn. i feel pretty strongly about that.

i remember when the standards for feminine products got a little looser, or maybe it was just that some things became over the counter. i was still in highschool. it made for some very awkward moments with my dad. i think pretty much all perscription drugs shouldn't advertise. it just changed in the past few years. i guess they are trying to "empower" people. but at the very least, yes, the nail fungus ones and anything for trouble with STDs should be on. I can't stand that nasty nail cartoon character; it makes me feel ill- and half the time he shows up in my email sidebars!

Abby said...

of course, what I meant to say was "should NOT be on!"

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