Saturday, September 09, 2006

It's the Most Wonderful Time of The Year!

Hurray! I'm so glad everyone likes my new look for Fall. This was another surprise from George. I told him I wanted my blog to be pumpkin colored for pumpkin season and he set to work sprucing the place up and even finding this old picture of our darling Amabel in the pumpkin patch when she was the only baby Edema around. He even captioned it with my favorite little phrase, one that we saw on this really cool wrought iron decoration at a fun little antique/novelty store in downtown Cottleville last year. It was a bad day that day, we had planned to go to Auburn for George's fall break and leave the kids with his mom. We were thinking it might be our first and last getaway without kids for years (we had never left them before and we were already thinking it was about time to plan for a new baby) when some unexpected bills arrived and made us realize our finances were really not in the condition to send us on a ten hour drive for a carefree weekend which included the price of SEC football tickets. I think we both cried. But we decided to go exploring around St. Louis, though at the time I was more desperately homesick for the South than I had thought possible. Hanging out in St. Louis sounded like torture, but we found a little gem called The Chocolate Cafe in Cottleville (there is also one just over the river off Hwy K in O'Fallon that is the bigger and "better" one-more selcetion- and much easier to get to) that makes the best milkshakes ever (and I say that with all due respect to J. Alexander's). We took a stroll around the little neighborhood and found some interesting shops, including the one with the welcoming sign, "It's Fall, y'all!" And I thought that was pretty grand to find in St. Louis on a day I felt I should've been home in Auburn. It's funny that that makes me get a little choked up to write about. I always love the Fall, and there is nothing like Auburn, and I guess specifically Auburn football, in October.

A close second, or maybe it trumps it, I don't know, is Percy Warner Park in October. I reckon I've mentioned I ran cross country in highschool, and my highschool had the luxury of being right across the street from the most beautiful park system you can imagine. It is a shame more people didn't take advantage of the prime location; I was the only girl on the team until my senior year! That provided me with much soul searching time on my own for hours every afternoon just soaking up God's gorgeous world around me (don't worry, my coach always knew where I was- just a few miles behind the boys!!). That park is as dear and familiar to me as ever a piece of land could be. Even last Fall, when we did manage to get down to Nashville at least, I donned my running shoes and carved myself out a three mile jog (slash walk, not so light on my feet as I was back in the day!) from memory. I am not sure if it is the altitude or what, but Nashville is somehow home to a an always vibrant and colorful Autumn that you really don't find many other places in the South (or in St. Louis).

So I know it's not October yet. September is special because it means October is almost here, or more importantly that August is past! We've already made and devoured (and delivered a few) a batch of pumpkin muffins; and it won't be long until pumpkins themselves, five for the first time this year, grace our doorstep. I'm getting ready for it early. It's been a long, hot, hectic, and heavy summer. I have a few posts in me yet before I take my "maternity leave." Guest blogger promised though for the announcing of our new baby. I don't know if I'll get the chance to talk about August's birthday, which was now almost a week ago, or my latest discovery about the oddness that is Abby or the last little funny things I want to mention about pregnancy. But I wanted to respond to all of your kind comments about the Fall makeover. I think we were all ready for it, both Fall and the change of scenery on here. Pumpkin muffin recipe coming soon, I promise. Right now we've got to get the fam to the grocery for our last big trip before I'm out of commision for a while. It may appear as a comment under this post, and not all on its own, so be sure to check the comments- I can't believe I'm starting to get them again!


the good, the bad & the ugly said...

I do love your new look so much. I love it so that I had to go find my man and show him Amabel's adorable picture. That will be Lydia Joy's size next fall and I hope we can capture her first pumpkin patch as well. Praying for your delivery and looking forward to an announcement! Take care!

jennifer said...

Cute photo of Amabel. We're praying for you and the last few days of your pregnancy. We're looking forward to hear about the safe arrival of the newest Edema.

Katherine said...

Great pumpkin blog! Amabel is adorable! :)

RHB said...

Ok, I hope the pumpkin muffin recipe will include fresh pumpkin, because all of my pumpkin muffin recipes call for canned pumpkins, and they don't can much over here. Also, I was supposed to bring some canned pumpkin from the States to a friend, but I had to throw it back to Mama and Daddy at the airport (along with the 3lb box of Bisquick for another friend) because our luggage was overweight.So, now I need to give my friend a recipe for pumkin muffins that uses real pumkin which we have in abundant supply over here.

Fittsy said...

The weather has been so glorious here that we've slept with the windows open since mid-week. How wonderful to cook with a breeze in the kitchen.

Love the new look, the new color, etc. and really look forward to visiting the pumpkin patch with Libby this year and in years to come.

RHB, I wonder if you couldn't simnply roast the pumpkin? I just googled "roasting pumpkin for use in muffins" and came up with this:, sounds good and promising, though definitely more work and thus maybe not so helpful :(?

Happy fall and look forward to celebrating Baby E Number 3 on Tuesday.


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