Wednesday, September 06, 2006

Late Night Rantings of an Insomniac

Alright, I need some suggestions. If I am going to make it one more night, much less one more week, I have got to be able to sleep! I know I said I would take a break from the pregnancy chatter, but this is just all consuming. I suppose it is only all consuming at 1:40 in the morning when my husband has an eight o'clock class and I know my children will be up at seven and I can't sleep! But it is at the very least uncomfortable all the rest of the day. I know, I am whining. But what am I supposed to do? Remember the old joke from elementary school: "Your epidermis is showing!" I find myself thinking of that often through the day only it's "Your panel is showing!" I actually lost two pounds this week (Ka-ching!) but somehow feel much much bigger. I guess with the change of the baby's position, my clothes would fit a little different. None of my shirts are long enough to cover this belly anymore and none of my muscles are strong enough to hold it up. At this point I am just praying for mercy that I will have to go in early. When I lay down on either side, the already tired muscles from my back on the opposite side are pulled by the weight. And when I lay on my back, I feel suffocated and sort of like I am trying to balance a big fish bowl on my stomach. So basically, it just hurts to lay down. And it hurts to sit. I had to get up and leave during church on Sunday because I was so uncomfortable (to whom it may concern, we really need some cushions for the pews at Providence!). Even sitting on the couch is tiresome. I told y'all I was grumpy. I have officially crossed over into the hacked off stage. One more week, ugh!

In happier news, we managed to get fairly settled into the new place before this weekend when George's dad and stepmom were supposed to visit. They were unable to come at the last minute, which was probably a blessing as it saved me the work of doing two birthday parties for August and being constantly ashamed of myself for my intollerable crankiness. They will get to come visit after the baby is born and though I fear I will actually be more grumpy as I take on the extra juggling of a third child and continue in the sleeplessness of middle of the night feedings, I hope I will be at least a little more physically comfortable in a normal sitting position. (That is, after the staples and stitches have been removed from my abdomen!) Oh, the things we take for granted! Anyway, I was trying to be positive talking about sort of settling in. George hung some pictures and we emptied a lot of boxes. It's starting to look like our family lives here. The paint colors have all turned out to be good choices. And I really like the duvet I ended up getting for George and I, more and more even every time I go in our room. And of course, I love our ceiling fan!

The kids' room is a sort of wasteland at this point with matresses on the floor, no rug, and nothing covering the closet so everything is in plain, ugly site. But Amabel's bed arrives tomorrow, a gift from my parents. And George will open the can of paint that sits by August's bed in the basement and give it a couple of fresh coats any day now. It has potential to be a very sweet little room by around say, Christmas? For two years I have been collecting vintage chenille to make a quilted duvet cover for Amabel. I had absolutely no idea what I was getting into when I started. And of course, as I often do in whatever area I dabble in, I have become a chenille snob. Right, who knew there could be such a thing? Oh, there are swanky brands and sought after colors and patterns. It's really kind of ridiculous. I may finally be ready to piece the thing together though. And I ordered fabric to make August's duvet as well- much simpler (and cheaper) idea for him, just some cute Michael Miller train fabric. SO, with the baby's baptism ensemble and matching Christmas outfits for all three kids (that probably just won't happen) and fall clothes for Amabel and the two duvets, I only have like a hundred sewing projects to do. You'd think I'd use all this time with no sleep to get a head start. Hmmm, that really is a good idea. I just wish I weren't so tired.

Let's see though, I'm burning 300 extra calories a day, carrying 13 extra pounds all right in one spot, and sleeping an average of four hours a night. Why should I be tired?! It's 2:20. I'm gonna go try to prop everything up with pillows. Maybe next time I write, it will be to tell you our baby's name (oh, and gender). Five days in the hospital is a long time to wait. Maybe I'll designate a "guest blogger" to post the news. Don't you think September 6 would be a lovely day to be born? Come on, baby....


Elizabeth said...

Oh Abby--I feel so much for you! I am not a good pregnant person either. I always resolve not to complain, but it just doesn't end up happening! Hang in there. You may just have to resolve yourself to the fact that your children will watch way too much tv for the next two months--just be thankful for more educational programming with that cable:)

Yeah, a guest blogger sounds like a good idea(hint, hint :))

the good, the bad & the ugly said...

I can relate so much! I only have one sewing project to do for Lydia Joy's room. I ordered pre-made curtains and had them monogrammed just to avoid sewing, even though I love it when I am not pregnant. I shudder to think of the money I wasted! And then I need to recover the glider. I actually dug up items to sell on consignment so that I can not feel guilty and go pay a professional to cover that silly chair. It's not even that difficult, 2 cushions and 2 little arm cushions. But the thought of doing it myself is overwhelming. Plus, there are always so many other things to do!
I am really uncomfortable today, too. My midwife checked my cervix today and that always leads to a day of contractions and feeling like the baby is dropping. We have 16 days unless she comes earlier. It will be a LONG 16 days!

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