Tuesday, October 31, 2006

I am, I am, I am Supermom, and I Can Do Anything

Today was my first day out alone with all three kids. We went to the doctor. August is coughing and congested and ran a fever over the weekend. Amabel woke up during the night saying she needed to throw up, but never did though she did start running a fever. Elspeth and Amabel were scheduled for well visits today- I was only slightly late calling for Amabel's five year check up and Elspeth's one month!! I called this morning and changed Amabel's well visit to a sick visit for August. I have been off coffee for a while now, but days that look unusually daunting sometimes become Starbucks drive through days for me. I like to give myself a little day brightener when I know it will be otherwise rough. But as the clock ticked toward time to go, I thought about that left turn into Starbucks and the drive through line and the thirty dollar copay that would be due upon arrival at the pediatrician's office. Did I really have ten minutes and six dollars to spare for a mocha and scone? And didn't I have homemade banana bread on the counter? And wait a minute, didn't I also have coffee, hot chocolate, and whipping cream in the kitchen? That should make a decent mocha, right? So everyone save yourself a few dollars and make my easy mocha (it's really just common sense if you haven't thought of it already):

Minute Mocha
2 6oz cups of brewed coffee
1 hot chocolate package (I use Swiss Miss Chocolate Sensation or nothing, it can't be beat!)
fresh whipped cream
-fill your travel mug with coffee
-mix in hot chocolate
-top with whipped cream

Told you it's not really even a recipe. Anyway, it was so good. As I drove by Starbucks, I was taking my last sip of delicious mocha when I wouldn't have even ordered it yet. Plus, mine was better anyway. I arrived at the doctor's office five minutes early, an amazing feat for me even without two sick children and a newborn, and got the chance to read a little more of The Silver Chair, which we got started on last night, to the children. Can you believe it? I even had the presence of mind to bring reading materials!

The doctor said that most children's cold and cough medicine is basically garbage and won't even be on the shelves pretty soon. He said nearly everything but Benadryl has more side effects than medicinal value. Just thought I'd pass that along. He said August most likely has a croupy cold and has probably come through the worst of it, but that the best "medicine" is humidity. Good thing we've had the humidifier blowing right beside his bed for the past few days; it seems to have done the trick. And Elspeth has grown. She is already 23 1/4 inches and 11 pounds, 4 ounces, the size of an average three of four month old! I was wondering because she seems to be outgrowing 0-3 month jammies. Why should we be surprised? She eats every two hours like clockwork. When we left, the business office gave me back my check because our doctor doesn't charge a copay for seminary students! What a blessing! I think he must have just started this policy. Bless him! We went out to the car and I put a Thomas the Train video in for the kids so I could nurse Elspeth. Can you believe it? I even had the presence of mind to bring entertainment for the car!

After Elspeth finished, I took all three kids to both Target and the grocery store. I decided yesterday that I need to quit trying to run all over town to get the best prices and just give myself a little bit of a break while I am trying to do a round trip drive, three kids, and a week's worth of groceries in an hour and a half The grocery stores with the freshest and "swankiest" (and by this I mean even simple things like fresh herbs and non-expired meats and cheeses) items have a reputation for being "expensive." So for years I have gone places like that for a few things I can't get anywhere else and tried to round out the rest of my list somewhere cheaper in addition to my weekly runs to Target and Sam's, both also in the name of saving money. I just don't have the time or energy to do that now. I really don't have the money to not do that, but God is gracious and I am sure with a little bit of creativity on my part and continuity of provision on His part (which is always there, even though I doubt), it will be okay to shop at just Dierberg's for a few months! Well, Dierberg's is next to Target, so it shouldn't be too too hard to go there too every few weeks. It was such a stress free experience, such a pleasant experience, going to the grocery store I would want to go to anyway. They had what I needed, they had helpful service people- they didn't ignore me or just ask the obvious to answer "do you need help?" they just cheerfully said "so and so will help you out to your car" and he cheerfully did- they let you try things at the deli counter before you buy a pound and discover you hate it, yet they have such excellent quality deli meats that you wouldn't hate it, their food was not expired, they even gave my kids Halloween candy! All of those things to me are totally worth the extra three or four dollars a week that I will no longer be saving; I actually think I'm getting the better end of the deal. I'm sure George will- not having your wife come home from the grocery hacked off or crying every week-- priceless.

So I did all of my errands, made lunch when I got home, and have somehow even found time to write this post for all of you. I think part of it may be that Elspeth has slept past time for a feeding. That's a first! Anyway, I think most of it is that I really am Supermom. It looked a little if-y there for a while, but I'm pretty sure I got this whole three kids thing down!

Lest you be discouraged by (or actually believe that I think this will be a pattern!) this post, please let me just say that there is a reason I have not posted in four days and yesterday I was in tears because of how crappy the nearest grocery store to our house is and because of how difficult it is to make a round trip grocery run between feedings and because Elspeth is like a human timer and will not be stretched more than two hours from feeding to feeding. So you see I am not always Supermom, most of the time I am like Meryl Streep and Goldie Hawn at the end of Death Becomes Her (a really dumb movie if you haven't seen it), walking around with pieces of myself falling off and trying to keep the rest of myself together as I scoop up the broken parts! But today, I was Supermom.


Elizabeth said...

yes, but did you carve pumpkins? :)

george said...

I did. And in record time too. Here is a tip for all you pumpkin carvers out there (especially those in cooler climates), bring your pumkins inside several hours before you carve them. A seventy degree pumkin is much easier to carve than a forty-five degree pumkin.

Maybe you already do that, but for some reason it just occurred to me this year.

I admit that I was worried when Abby left the house with all three children for the first time by herself. And then I was worried for a different reason when she called me later and said she was going to run some more errands after the doctor appointment. When she returned home unfazed by the day I wondered what had happened to my wife. Supermom indeed.

Jessie said...

You are supermom! I am so impressed. And as far as I'm concerned, when it comes to grocery stops, time IS money. So, you just shop a Dierbergs as much as needed (don't you love how they check your eggs at the checkout to be sure they aren't broken and then tape them shut for you? - that almost sold me on going there all the time. Sigh...my great grandmother used to say, "we shoulda been born richer and not quite so good looking!"

I hope your kiddos are feeling better soon. They were adorable last night!

dblyoo said...

i am truly impressed, sweet friend! now, just keep that up... :)

jennifer said...

They don't have this anymore, but when Evangeline was born, there was an on-line grocery that was all the rage at the time. Rather than take 2 toddlers and a newborn to the grocery store, I ordered my groceries on line for a very short while. My sanity was worth the extra 10% I paid for groceries.

Your errands trip sounds very surreal to me. Way to go!

april said...

Yes, I always think I'm amazing when I can get a cup of coffee into the car during our trip to hel...I mean the store. But to have homemade banana bread too? Now, that is a supermom thing. Someone please give Abby her cape and spandex body suit, in say oh, I don't know, pink?

dblyoo said...

here's a variation - put a drop or two of peppermint extract into your mocha and voila! peppermint mocha (decaf) - my fave at starbucks...

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