Wednesday, October 18, 2006

It's a Good Thing George is Great

During my leave from my own blog, I have also not had the chance to check up on anyone else's blog. Armed with recipes for delightful pumpkin dishes, I decided to hop on the internet and get reaquainted with my little internet neighborhood. Before posting, I went for a cruise around the block and found myself quite perplexed. Why is it that men, who have something like 200 words a day compared to women's eight billion (or something close to that, right?), have all posted well over a page of new blog entries while I have been gone but the women all only have about five or six new posts?! I am not picking on the women. I know what you're doing. You're answering questions about the Tooth Fairy and wiping dirty mouths and imploring your children to share and making a meal plan and a hundred other things. My problem is that these guys who "have used up their words" and have nothing to say at the dinner table have pages of words on the world wide web. I just don't get it. And frankly, I'm a little hacked off. In saying that, I do try to remember that one such man lives in my home and brings me chocolate milkshakes at eleven o'clock at night and would certainly be willing to sit up with me for a four o'clock feeding if ever I asked. However, the same man is watching baseball for the one hundred and eighty seventh night in a row (or something like that) right now, so I am not feeling real generous as I have already been waiting two hours to see Lost and when the same thing happened last week, we got to the end of the tape and the last ten minutes were cut off!

If that weren't bad enough, the Tigers and the Cardinals have been in the playoffs. I just happen to have married someone who lived in Michigan until sixth grade and then went to junior high and highschool in Missouri. That means that at best, I am only a baseball widow for five more games. At worst, I have eight more! No other sport is played from April to October or for any other six months out of the year. And it's not just that it is played for six months, there's a game every day! Even Auburn football would start to tick me off if it was on every day.

And finally, "no shave November" has struck early this year. We have already had to survive no shave last half of September and no shave first half of October. Who remembers how I feel about facial hair? That's right, I hate it.

So basically, we're dealing with a hairy baseball fanatic who only talks to people via the computer. He just happens to also be a sweet sweet Daddy to my three children, a very tenderhearted and patient husband, and a really thin spread man trying to do his very best at way too many things piled up on his plate without ever complaining or freaking out. Yes, it's a good thing George is great or I might just hurl our computers and television set out on the sidewalk and play barber shop whilst he was sleeping. Because, of course, I do complain and I do freak out- I think I'm sort of in the constant state of either complaining or freaking out. Thank heaven for George though- nasty beard, too much baseball, and all.

Pumpkin recipes soon. I've run out of time tonight. Hey, does anyone still even check this after so long?


Elizabeth said...

Yea!!! A new post! I feel for you with the baseball thing, I really do. Could there be anything more boring to watch on tv than that?!! I get mad just seeing it on tv and my husband luckily never watches baseball(maybe I should thank my father-in-law for torturing him so much with the sport when he was younger). Yes, I pretty much know during the fall that if an SEC team is playing, he's going to be watching football all saturday, but at least that's exciting, and a good excuse to have people over and eat good fall food.

I would love to talk to you soon. Don't talk on the phone too much anymore myself...mainly in the car on the way to pick C up from school and in the carpool line. And I still need to get your gift in the mail. I'll be praying you don't have too many more 4 a.m. feedings left!

Matt Churnock said...

Welcome back to the cyber neighborhood. One of these days we will have to have a blogger block party.
I don't feel that I need to defend George for his 'hobbies', but maybe explain a little from the guys perspective: Guys hate to talk (period). I can't tell you how my palms sweat when Ali says, 'We need to talk...' Nothing good preceedes those four word. However, the blog (or blogging) is not like talking for guys, more like thinking through a problem. Have you ever wonder what goes on in George's head, behind the 17 pounds of hair (now facial)? Look at the blog and you can get a glimps. We are not vocal creatures, that is why there are hand signals in baseball. I know what two fingers and a slap to the inner thigh of a catchers leg means, but I have no idea what, 'we need to talk means' (but I think it has to do somthing with the infield fly rule, or maybe a suicide squeeze).
I am glad George shows that he is thinking about you with the milkshakes, all us guys need to make some notes about that one.
All that to say, welcome back and in a week baseball will be over for another 6 months (that is not to say George won't be thinking about it). Hope everyone is well...

Jessie said...

Yes, its hard to hope the cardinals make it to the world series....

Can you post a recipe for those chocolate chip pumpkin muffins you made for me a month or two ago?

Elizabeth said...

Oh, and I'd also like to say that, as much as you do like to complain, Abby(not that you don't have company there :)), this post is the closest I have EVER seen to you complaining about anything related to George...that should definitely make your hairy hubby feel good!

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