Thursday, November 30, 2006

A Snowy Day- Time for a Post: Rude Sam's Guy, Train Books, Air Fresheners, and Goats

Ah, Christmas shopping... Are y'all losing your minds yet? I think most people are. I can tell because people seem generally less considerate and more aggressive. I was at Sam's yesterday and some guy nearly ran August over with his buggy as he came charging through the produce section calling out "watch out!" Really? "Watch out?" What ever happened to "excuse me?" Or women and children being somewhat looked after by the menfolk? Or just not being a jerk? Wanna know what I said? I said "You watch out." I saw the same guy again a few minutes later by the milk cases. I always check the dates because I buy like four gallons at a time, and I reckon Mr. Hurry had heard me say "You watch out," because he got on his cell phone as he approached the refrigerators. He waited for about two seconds for me to check dates and then just charged right in. August was again in his way so he just reached over Aug's head and between August and I and opened the refrigerator door thus knocking my children out of the way. I said "Gosh! Could you be any more rude?" He kept chatting away on his cell phone. I guess that was a yes. Later on at Target I was coming out of an aisle and gave the lady crossing the right of way. She stopped right in front of me to look at an end cap of clearance items. She looked at several little junk items and discontinued beauty products before I decide to just turn my buggy around. I think it was one of those things where she kept thinking "let me just look at this next thing and then I'll move." But she never did move. I turned the cart around and nearly ran over my own children who I then snapped at (so now I'm like rude Sam's guy) and spent the next few minutes maneuvering back through a traffic jam of carts whilst apologizing to my children for snapping and instructing them to follow me closely rather than getting right in front of the buggy so I can't move without hitting them. The lady who had blocked me came around and I guess felt bad and started telling me what a beautiful baby I had. I peeked in at Elspeth wearing ugly striped pajamas who was half asleep with that tongue barely sticking out and slobbering look and thought that lady must just feel bad that she caused me to go around the long way and run over my kids. And all of that for a tube of toothpaste and pack of baby wipes!!

My family is driving me crazy too. Everyone wants to know what everyone wants. The truth is- nothing. We don't need anything except basic groceries and stuff. It seems so silly to be trying to think up toy gifts for our kids to not play with and not pick up and make me grumpy over having to nag at them to clean them up when we scrape up every month to pay car insurance and the power bill. You know how it is. But it is Christmas and people want to do the extra, fun, happy thing. I know. I just can't think of anything. And then I try to think of things and I get my greed on. Suddenly there are a thousand books I want for the kids or tons of jewelry for me, and George needs a two thousand dollar gift card to Best Buy or something. Ugh, I hate that! We totally don't need that stuff. I do so love books for the kids though. No one wants to be the one that just gives books though. I guess it's too predictable. Out of all gifts, my kids get exponentially more mileage out of books at this point. Maybe they won't always, when they are past reading story books, but right now it is my favorite gift for them. With that in mind, I am finally getting around to a book list. I don't have time for a full blown list for every child, but if you know August, you know he loves trains, and I thought y'all might know some other little boys with the same enthusiasm. Please add to the list through comments if you know of ones I don't know about.

Train books we have:
Two Little Trains- Margaret Wise Brown
Choo Choo- Virginia Lee Burton
Freight Train- Donald Crews (have also seen Inside Freight Train at the book store)
Down By the Station- William Hillenbrand- one of August's top three favorite books
The Little Train- Lois Lenski
Chugga Chugga Choo Choo- Kevin Lewis (another of Aug's favorites)
The Caboose Who Got Loose- Bill Peet
Smokey- Bill Peet
The Little Engine that Could- Watty Piper
Richard Scarry's Cars and Trains and Things That Go- this one is not so much a favorite for reading, but you know there is always so much to look at in Richard Scarry books and in this particular one, there is a little guy called Goldbug to find on every page whose location both my kids have now memorized for every page! Really fun and keeps them occupied!
I Love Trains- Philemon Sturges (another of Aug's favorites)
The Polar Express- Chris Van Allsburg
Usborne Farmyard Tales: Dolly and the Train, The Old Steam Train, Rusty's Train Ride, Woolly Stops the Train- all by Heather Amery and Stephen Cartwright- I'm gonna go ahead and say these have no literary value, but if your trainiac loves the Richard Scarry one and you want more of the same, he might like these because there is a duck to find on every page, but it is easier to find than Goldbug so it's not as fun.

Train Books We Don't Have:

Out of Print- I haven't read any of these so I can't recommend them, but you could look for them at the library and/or used on Amazon:
It's Funny Where Ben's Train Takes Him- Robert Burleigh
The Train- David McPhail
I'm Taking a Trip On My Train- Shirley Neitzel
Clear the Track for Michael's Magic Train- Louis Slobodkin
Train Song- Harriet Ziefert

I also haven't read any of these, but they are not out of print:
This Train- Paul Collicut
Choo Choo Clickety Clack- Margaret Mayo
All Aboard- Mary Lyn Ray
My Freight Train- Michael Rex
Clickety Clack- Rob and Amy Spence
Puff Puff Chugga Chugga- Christopher Wormell

I have no idea if this list will interest anyone. I am happy to give descriptions and/or reviews for any of these that I have read. I am just throwing it out there.

And just as an aside, I have been feeling nauseated the whole time I have been writing this because of a sickening smell I could only describe as "bathroom trash can smell." George has just asked me if I left this Renuzit air freshener refill on his desk as a joke (he hates air freshener commercials and wonders why air fresheners are such a big business). No, but that's where that smell was coming from!!!! Just thought I'd share- it's so nice to have an extra minute to do so! And incidentally, all of your comments have been so encouraging as I drudge through my days. I'm not always drudging, but when I am, it's so nice to have the kind words you have all shared on here. I also never meant to cause confusion, implying that I would not be blogging anymore at all, just that I was excusing myself from obligation for a while and hope to return with full force once I find my footing again. Not that you're confused if you're actually checking... Bless you all for bearing with me and cheering me on!

Happy Christmas shopping. I joked with a friend earlier today about possibly just buying goats in people's names from the World Vision catalog in the future so that people who actually need stuff are getting them. Don't think George will go for that (of course, he's not the one shopping with three kids in tow!), but wouldn't it be nice? A flock of goats and your shopping is done. One flock shopping! Hardy har har!

Okay, I'm delirious with free time. Those two homemade mochas (which I am now adding cinnamon to, yum!) probably didn't make me any less hyper either. Better go use my time more wisely. Thanks for checking in!


Anonymous said...

I want a goat! :)

Elizabeth said...

Awesome new look!

Shop at Cosco's. It's much more pleasant. A lady actually offered her umbrella to me the other day as I came out with my two children ill-prepared for the down-pour. She had to wait for a full ten minutes while I got my stuff and kids into the car before I could return it to her.

april said...

Okay, I had written you off as a blogger and now here you are writing with a vengance! (did I spell that right?) Anyway, my older kids still love story books and now we're replacing the ones that have bit the dust, so books are always a welcome gift here. But, maybe not that many train books...goodness.

All I want for Christmas is a new travel coffee mug...really.

Fittsy said...

I like your new colors - a refreshing change from the typical green and red this time of year. Is that and old pic of Amabel and August? It's sweet.

I hate shopping of all forms this time of year. I wish that we had grocery delivery, b/c I would definitely utilize it - and I only have 1 baby to tote along.


Anonymous said...

our harris teeter and lowes foods have a service where you can order your groceries online and then go pick them up for a small fee. i have never tried it but sounds like a good idea. Abby, happy birthday by the way!!! love, Jennie

Katherine said...

hey abby! i checked on a whim today to see if you had actually posted anything, and now i'm way behind!! thanks for the train book ideas - lucas LOVES anything with wheels, and his cousin loves Thomas the Train, so we will definitely be checking those out.
as for shopping, i actually do not enjoy shopping for the most part, and attempt at any possible opportunity to do it without lucas if i can persuade my husband. i don't know what i'm going to do with 2! thank goodness God gives us the strength each day!

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