Thursday, December 07, 2006

The Celebration Begins

Christmas officially started at our house yesterday. And my blog had a birthday too. Happy Birthday, Pretty Funny for a Girl, you are one. The sixth is a big day around here because it is the day after the fifth which is a really big day. It's my birthday, you see. So now I am the big two nine. Don't laugh; I know I'm a young'n. So after we have my big day when picking up a tree is usually part of the festivities, we get to decorate and things get a whole lot more festive around here. I have been about two weeks without getting to the grocery store or Christmas baking would have started much earlier! I am one ingredient short on several recipes. I do hope to post more this month, mostly recipes as I try them out, so I am thinking there will be more to check in on. Don't hold me to it though. Anyway, a big trip to Dierberg's is set for whenever Aug wakes up from his nap, and then let the baking begin! So I could possibly even have recipes for you tomorrow.

Aren't we ambitious? Christmas brings out the best and worst in most of us, I expect. I usually do accomplish amazing amounts of things. But I have also already had two borderline psychotic episodes since Thanksgiving. You know, it's just the stress; it gets to me. But I don't want to cut anything out because it's all so fun! There's just a lot to manage: gifts, crafts, budgets, timing, shopping, baking, cards, and this year Elspeth's baptism (and baptismal gown!). You will all be proud, and maybe a little sad, but I had a reality check and decided that this is not a good year to make the usual Christmas dress for Amabel. I have wanted another girl for years so I could make matching dresses. This was my first real opportunity but there just wasn't time! That's good that I realized but sad that it is so, especially because I also didn't get to make Amabel a birthday outfit for the first time this year. I have now ruined two traditions! But only this once, I hope to be able to pick them back up for next year. It does help that my mom bought them all Christmas outfits a few months ago; so they will have something to wear. But you know how disappointed I am. Just gotta make a bubble, as George would say, make a bubble and blow it away! There may be lots of Christmas bubbles with my name on them this year!

But in all the scurrying and bubble blowing, I hope to remember the point. Never is the Gospel so clear and unveiled than in lyrics of so many Christmas carols. I miss Christmas carols in all the choir-y fanciness that Christmas takes on. Did we just sing carols as kids? I don't know. I am one who generally dislikes (not just doesn't care either way, actually dislikes- sorry Elizabeth) choir music. I like more simple arrangements. I like to be able to sing too. I can't sing awkward songs that no one has ever heard before, even if the choir has been practicing since September and the translation is very beautiful. I know it's just a preference thing. But I sure do miss the "usual." Somehow it has become unusual. One song that was sung every Christmas at my church in Nashville is somewhat of a rarity, meaning I have never heard it anywhere else, though it was part of the usual there. If I can somehow find the lyrics, or hopefully a recording, I will share it with all of you. In the meantime, here's a snippet of another that I think is surprisingly undersung/played, but I am sure you will recognize it:

Hark now hear the angels sing
A new King's born today
And man will live forevermore
Because of Christmas Day!

Trumpets sound and angels sing
Listen to what they say
That man will live forevermore
Because of Christmas Day!


Jessie said...

Happy Late Birthday! I can't remember if I knew we were both in Dec. I hope it was a great day!

lauren said...

i LOVE the "make a bubble, blow it away" quote. that is so good for me to hear right now. :)

i'm sorry you can't make the dresses this year, i know that means a lot to you. but you will have years of dress making to come.

looking forward to the baking report!

george edema said...

I picked up the bubble technique from a "Dharma and Greg" re-run I saw several years ago. Despite its implied new-age origins I find it to be a helpful exercise. For all of you who aren't following - when regrets, stress, anxiety, or frustrations are dragging you down, take your hands and make a bubble shape in a size appropriate to hold your burdens, then blow your baggage carrying imaginary bubble away. Its a good physical fire-break from your troubles that frees you to catch your breath and get a little perspective. If you are unable to make a bubble big enough to hold it all, try several smaller bubbles.

lauren said...

george, you are hysterical. laugh away, but i love me some dharma & greg.

george edema said...

Lauren, your parents kind of remind me of Dharma's parents (if I am remembering them correctly from your daughter's birthday party many moons ago).

Katherine said...

Happy late birthday!!

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