Tuesday, January 16, 2007

Hip Hip Hurray!

The power is back on. It took quite a while this time. Shortly after my last post, as George and I were literally getting into bed, the power went off at his mom's house. Fortunately, it wasn't too too cold to sleep through the night with the heat that was trapped in the house. We went out for lunch and to the movies the next day and returned at sundown to find still no power. We scrambled to pack everything up in the last of daylight and head back to our apartment complex. We have been staying across the parking lot with our now more intimate friends, Josh and Ami. They showed us amazing hospitality and kindness as we overwhelmed their family of three with the five of us rowdy Edemas. It was really fun to have another couple to chat with at night (and we didn't stay too late this time because we were sleeping downstairs!) and another little toddler for the kids to play with. There's still always that feeling of imposition, but they were very gracious and made us feel like we would be welcome even if our power was on full force at home. We stayed two nights and then this morning there was much delight in seeing the fleet of power trucks drive up into the neighborhood. About an hour later we had lights and heat! The temperature has dropped dramatically; it is in the twenties now and my prayer is that everyone without has their power restored sometime today. I can't imagine what people are doing without generous neighbors such as we have.

An additional blessing is that Elspeth did sleep through the night every night, and slept in late even, in spite of being in all different beds and homes. That was my biggest frustration and God was merciful.

So what do you do when you have been a big big baby and God is gracious and takes care of you anyway? Well you should know, Abby, you do it all the time! But I don't know. It seems like there should be a limit. I know we're supposed to forgive seventy times seven. But what about screwing up seventy times seven?! It seems like I should be making some progress- growing some patience or mild mannered-ness or calmness or something! Maybe it's slow progress that is not yet visible to the naked eye? And I guess grace is for something. And that something is the chaotic wreck that is me! And I'll give another Hip Hip Hurray for that!


dblyoo said...

she is miss elspeth PEACE, ya know :) congrats on the power coming back and praise God for His neverending mercies... i'm one to completely freak out when the power goes out. you're a trooper!

jennifer said...

I guess I think if God expects us to forgive 70 X 7, He is willing to forgive us more than that. Glad you're in your own warm home tonight.

Katherine said...

whew! i hate when the power goes out - it's a whole other ballgame when you've got little ones. you know, i continue to learn the limitless grace of God. i think parenting has helped me learn it more than anything. as a mother, you feel inadequate pretty much all the time (or else you're in denial & feel in control of the situation temporarily), and realize God provided His grace to fill in the gap. lucas in tantrum phase again (last time was at 12 mo, he's now 17 mo), and i don't know (yet) of a more needed time of God's grace than that in my life. particularly now that lucas has gotten braver, and taken it out in public. if God did not give me the grace to handle it each time, my way of handling things would be vastly different! :)

RHB said...

I know about being a big baby ad God taking care of me anyway. That has been a common occurrence for me in France. I guess you just experience His grace more, realize how much you really do need it, and become more able to give it.

Glad you have power now!Love you!

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