Saturday, January 13, 2007

If It's Not One Thing, It's Another

Now imagine how very hacked off I am about the third evacuation-caliber power outage in six months. Just when everything was unpacked, just when Elspeth was finally used to her bed again and sleeping through the night (for the first time last night since Christmas), just when I had almost caught up.... time to pack it all up (even the fridge and freezer) and head out again. I use the term fighting mad when I'm real mad. This was worse. This was crying mad. This was even napping mad (napping mad: a state of anger so intense and all consuming that one must go to sleep to shake it off). But thank goodness we have somewhere to go. As of now, George's mom still has power (oh, as well as 28 out of 44 apartments in our complex- it's always our row!). There is supposed to be more heinous weather on the way, but we took a gamble and stayed in town to be together. George felt he shouldn't leave again and I didn't want to take the kids to Nashville alone. I am over the angry part of my day for today, and I have high hopes of the power coming on again tomorrow and having all of this ice storminess behind us. Now lookie there, that sounds optimistic for a change! Y'all enjoy cozy warmth and bright lights (and with much gratitude, so will I); there's folks all over without that!

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RHB said...

Bummer- I can relate to crying mad, although lately I have been "running mad". :)

Hope your power comes back soon. Hang in there!

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