Thursday, January 25, 2007

It Breaks My Hear-ar-ar-ar-ar-ar-ar-ar-ar-ar-ar-art

I went ahead and made it so four posts can be up at once for now since I am still thoroughly enjoying everyone backing me up on the hospitality thing. It has sparked many conversations at home too, and well, one actual argument last night after the kids went bed. My fiery temper got the best of me and it wasn't until about an hour later when we heard a muffled adult cough that we realized the previously vacant apartment next door is now occupied. Whoops! Sorry, new neighbors, I was just trying to make George think like a girl at ten o'clock at night- nothing to be alarmed about! This is the same place I wrote about actually waking George up to start a fight, right? Listen, if I can't joke about it, I will feel even more awful; and as the whole thing has come to rights, I really should be feeling better. In the end, there is a general consensus that I need to be more okay with what I am doing and quit being so riled up over someone else's mercilessness. I'm doin' alright. Right? Just kidding. Right. Now I'll just tell myself that a bazillion times a day for the next couple decades and maybe it will sink in. Well, you know you haven't heard the last of Abby's "inferiority complex." But for now, lighter fare.

The fun thing about my purse right now is that it is stuffed full of gift cards. Good times. George had a gift card to Best Buy, that also was an ice scraper (oddly enough), and got himself the Shins' new album and Regina Spektor's Begin to Hope earlier this week. Regina Spektor sings the song the post title refers to, and you're welcome for getting it stuck in your head. I don't listen to music much anymore which sort of does break my heart as it used to be a very large slice of my life represented by a pie graph. Part of it is that I find myself constantly wishing there was a volume button on life. I have some loud and whiney children. Don't we all? I want quiet whenever I can get it. So sorry Ray Lamontagne, Oasis, and Morrissey, I love you, but I love peace and quiet more. Two exceptions: U2 who are far and away my all time favorite and I will never tire of them and Jack Johnson who is like a musical cocktail- calms you down and mellows you out while tasting tropically delightful. And if Counting Crows would ever put out a new album, I could get pretty into that too. Another part of the not listening to music anymore problem is that George is always listening to some horribly droning Jay Farrar type. Really, I like almost nothing less that Son Volt and Jay Farrar. He has all these other bands that I mix up, which I'm sure are not mix up-able in the slightest: Hem, Belle and Sebastian, Clem Snide, The Shins, The Decemberists... Who are these people? I don't know. But a few songs have stuck out over the years, and then there is so much of it, I rarely hear the one or two I liked again. But with the Shins having their new album out, they had a few performances on SNL, Letterman, and the like. And I said, "Hey, that's the band that sings ___" (insert off key humming that George was somehow able to decipher). So George took me out last night and played the Shins songs I had said I remembered for me in the car. And then today it was still playing in the car (yeah, we take the van on our hot dates! Elspeth comes too!) for our thirty minute drive to ballet, then to the grocery store, then thirty minutes home. So the Shins have a new fan. I'm not sure how often I will listen to them. I decided that that went so well, I would try out Regina Spektor when I got home, but seven songs into it now I can't think straight and am fixing to pull my hair out because Elspeth is crying in the background and I have only had enough kid free-ish (they're still all around) time to play seven songs and now Elspeth is screaming and August is up from his nap early and the toilet overflowed. Yep, the toilet overflowed and I just came back downstairs to continue writing this post.

George cleaned it up. George is the best.

So I should go make supper. Maybe I'll try Regina and the rest of this post again another day. I was going to say all the great things I am going to purchase with gift cards. I have bigs plans. But I will just have to wait and share them later. I'm also still sitting on that one liner, much about baking, and thoughts on the book I've been reading (well, there are several even of just those!). Someday I'll get it all down. It is amazing to me that this time last year I couldn't think of anything to write!


Michael Krahn said...


I just put the second of 5 parts about Counting Crows up on my blog. The latest post is about "Round Here"

Found you through Google blog search because you mentioned the band.

Check it out:

Elizabeth said...

How hilarious! Not quite the feedback you hoped for. Yeah, I've had too many thoughts about your MANY posts of late, but I'm an all or nothing-er(in addition to being a later), so I haven't really commented on anything of substance. But, just so your only comment on this isn't from weirdo self-promoting guy, I just wanted to say that we saw the music video to this song a few weeks back and her voice caught my eye then. And, another friend has this song playing on her page. It's weird...I love music so much, but am not the cd buying type(it always seems like a frivolous waste of money to me, plus it really will be a waste of money if you don't already KNOW if the cd is any good or not, so things are usually pretty old before I get them. Case in point, Bobby JUST bought August and Everything After for me for Christmas, even though I've loved Counting Crows for years--I just had never bothered to buy the cd. weird. How's that for a parenthetical digression? Now you'll have to scroll up just to see what my obnoxious point before this was:)), but maybe I'll invest in some new cds...maybe even Jack Johnson!

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