Wednesday, January 31, 2007

A Post About That Post

Just to be clear, I am not picking on anyone who makes a huge deal out of costs or organics or even lighting (oh wait, that's me!) when shopping. My whole point is that I think those are big deals too. I just didn't want my friends going through their mind and thinking what they had said and if it had ticked me off or prompted me to pick at them backhandedly. It was neither. That being said, continue with the grocery store post.

And if you already read it, here is more. If something I buy often is on a rare super sale, how much should I buy? At what point have I ceased to save money and am now spending money we will need for other things or wasting precious space in the pantry/closet? I always think I know and then am kicking myself when I have to buy diapers at $18 a package or George is impatient for cokes to go back on sale (which in St. Louis seems to coincide with holidays and major sporting events- get your cokes now, St. Louisians, before the Super Bowl is over. It's a long way to the Kentucky Derby!). I mean, the cokes can wait, but diapers, we gotta have those! This is also a problem with meat (because it is freezable), canned tomatoes, apple juice, shampoo, toothpaste etc. etc. etc.


Anonymous said...

Sometimes I feel burdened about the organic thing too. I buy some of it but not alot. Mainly because it's expensive. But I did not know about many of those things you were talking about (e.g., the beakless chickens, kindergardeners getting periods, etc.) That is just terrible! I've got to start paying more attention. It is so hard to decide when you're on a budget which things are worth it to buy organic. Also, Abby, you're not alone on lighting. That is a biggie for me. My favorite grocery store has the perfect lighting. I hate shopping when I feel like I'm in a dark, oppressive place. Other important factors: free cookie for Jonathan, variety, aisle width. I figure if I'm going to spend an hour there, it might as well be enjoyable! Especially since that is sometimes our big outing of the day. Or week! :-)

Katherine said...

i personally thought your grocery store post was hilarious! but then, i am one of those people who have no desire to look up all the new health food issues, and i am too frugal to pay for anything organic (not that my many friends that buy organic don't make me paranoid that i don't, and not that they may be justified in buying their organic, or non-transfat or whatever). i would much rather do other things. however, i completely identify with the super sale, too. i struggle with that all the time. of course, i also shop at 4 grocery stores right now - aldi's & super wal-mart i save so much money it's ridiculous, but then, they don't have everything i buy either. and like you said, if i stock up on the meat sale, what if i run out of diapers, or something equally important? i do NOT enjoy those dilemmas at all, because then 2 weeks later if i didn't buy the items on sale, i am ill that i'm paying full price!

Jessie said...

What really stinks is when you just bought a freezer full of meat and your electric company can't keep the power on.

Abby said...

jessie, what electric company could you possibly be thinking of ;) i for one, am grateful for your freezer that holds all of my meat on such occasions as well!

lindsey, aisle width, yes! but target will just never get that will they? target has really good lighting so it cancels it out. although the one nearest my house has so often not restocked their shelves that i am growing weary. the next closest one is too far, so i have been putting off a target trip for weeks now! also, i think there's no way we can pay attention to all this stuff or our heads will explode. i wish there was a magical land to shop in with trustworthy and ethical vendors who sold healthy things at a reasonable price so we would not have to do all the brain work and research and worry. but that is a dream world, i think.

katherine, it is tough to decide what is the most economical thing, because if you are running all over the place to a hundred grocery stores, you are saving money on groceries, but what about gas and what about TIME! i am glad your system works for you. and i hope we will all be safe with our non-organic milk and meat until they can make it more inexpensive. some health problems are certainly worth the extra money, but again, they are problems we don't seem to be having, or if we do, they are not so major.

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