Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Not For People Who Like Specifics

Sorry about the weird comment approval thing that was up for a day. I hit something weird on the dashboard when I was trying to delete my own insensitive comment. Evidently, it made my blog paranoid that everyone would be equally insensitive. All is righted now. Except that I'm paying for being insensitive with a baby who wakes up every three hours all night long and still wants to nurse every two during the day. Rice cereal here we come! I guess anyone with a good baby is happy to see them in the middle of the night. That third time, that one that comes right before dawn, that's the time the bad words start to come to mind. Anyway, hope everyone with not such an easy baby can forgive me for saying how I just have so much patience with my babies. In comparison to the patience I have with my older kids it is quite a lot, but it has been very tried on no more than three hours of sleep to string together for the better part of a week. I feel my sharpness of mind really depleted. Or in other, easier words which a more well rested person might use, I feel dull- but you know like as far as my mind working goes. And I know a bunch of mommas who do this for months!

We had a great date last night. My mom slipped George her credit card while I was getting ready. We had been thinking of doing something swanky as it was both Valentine's and our very first time to leave Elspeth so George went ahead and made a reservation. We went to a restaurant in Clayton called The Crossings which has been on my "list" for over two years now. Indeed it was swanky. My mother-in-law said something about the restaurants upping the prices for Valentine's. I secretly thought this was a ridiculous notion, although I know that in Oxford, Mississippi the restaurants raise everything considerably for Ole Miss game weekends. She must be right though. The Zagat's guide price point was way less than what the menu had listed. But they don't bring you a menu until after they have brought you this fabulous blue cheese souffle with little toasts that we had already been working on pretty good. Yowsa! Thank goodness for the parents' platinum card. We had these great "tastings," as they call them, where they bring you a small portion of four courses: salad, pasta, entree, and dessert. We both had a mixed green salad with Granny Smith apples and "lemon truffle honey" (or some such combo of those three ingredients) which was quite good, but pretty "zippy" as George said. For the pasta course, I got pasta that I can not spell for you and a description would just sort of make it sound not as good as it was. The pasta was homemade and it was quite tasty; let's just say that. George had trigger fish in shrimp bisque on polenta. I would be a terrible restaurant reviewer. I sound like a hick who's never seen the big city, much less eaten in a nice restaurant with these descriptions. Anyway, his fish was fabulous. It was better than my pasta. Wah waah (wish I had that Debbie Downer sound byte!)! Then we both had the beef tenderloin on mashed potatoes with green beans in some sort of sauce. Why am I even bothering trying to give y'all this? Well, whatever, it was good. Then we both had chocolate torte with raspberry sorbet. Each little course came with it's own mini glass of wine. The waiter would tell us what kind of wine it was, even the year and the hints of this and that (I felt like I was in Sideways) and I would just smile and say thanks. I know nothing about wine. I don't want to even try. I told George it's like those British movies with four main guys who are all friends and/or brothers and all have brown hair. Who can tell them apart? That's how I feel about kinds of wine. But I like wine. Wine is tasty. I just like for the server to pick. I feel a little more confident with food. But I always have trouble deciding. And nine times out of ten I will go with salmon or a filet. I am never disappointed. But shouldn't I be more adventurous? I don't know. I like salmon and filets. And I don't make them at home. Same with chocolate torte. You can bet I will order chocolate torte if it's available. I did try to make that one time. But it didn't work out so well. I tend to blame it on the recipe. Perhaps I should try it again someday with a different one.

Well, the point is not the food, which is good because I can't give you a less than vague description. The point is that we got to go out, just us two and not power outages, crying babies, nor expense hindered our good time. I hope everyone else is having a good Valentine's. I know it's a Hallmark holiday. I read a little book to the kids at Borders last week about why we celebrate. Evidently Saint Valentine tried to help people get married at a time where men were expected to serve in the army and not to marry. He was thrown in jail and children made him cards or something. And one little blind girl brought him something and he prayed for her and she was healed. Again, I'm fuzzy on details. I think it said that he wrote her a card back and signed it "your Valentine" and that's our excuse for having a Valentine now. Excuse is a good word here. It was definitely a good excuse to spend way too much of my parents' money on a date. And it was a great excuse to get August and Amabel baseball gloves as far as George was concerned. Spring training starts soon you know. Again, not sure when. It is also a great excuse to eat too many candies and cookies. And it was a good excuse for George to replace my necklace. He had gotten me one for my birthday the first year we were married that I wore every day. But I left it where little August could reach about this time last year and he lost the silver bead that was on it. He replaced it last night with one of those trendy ones with the circle of stones. I guess most people's are diamonds. Mine, of course, are not real diamonds. It's super cute, but right, I can't really describe it beyond the whole circle thing. I always like for him to pick stuff I will wear often since he is so picky about what I wear. The one thing about having a husband with an artistic flare is that he has an opinion. This was very frustrating when trying to pick out what I considered to be my wedding china! Anyway, he has pretty good taste, so it works out.

I have to go make dinner for all these people now. And I'm not real sure what that will be either. I guess Elspeth gets milk. And I think there's some stuff in the fridge I can throw together for everyone else. But just forget about that because I probably won't be able to describe it for you later anyway! At least not until we start getting a little more rest. But thank goodness for holiday festivities to give me a nice little boost! Happy Valentine's Day!


rhb said...

Glad you had a good date night! YOur meal sounds yummy. I am a little jealous because I am craving Americna food in a foreign land. I am already making my list for where I want to eat in April. Think we could leave all 5 of the little sweeties with Nini/ Nana at once? :)

Anonymous said...

I'm glad that you got a date, Abby. It sounded great. I, too, have had the Crossing on my list for awhile. We've yet to get there though....I have an excellent (easy) recipe for torte, if you want it.
-- annie :)

Jessie said...

Yea, Abby! Sounds wonderful. I am still waiting for the time when we can all go out and indulge out inner foodies together.

Juelfs Family said...

Wish I had your patience with the baby! I am frustrated with the first nighttime feeding, so by the time the third hits...I'm really bitter! Addie started sleeping longer periods for a while just to tease me. Last night I was also up three times. It pretty much sucks...there isn't any other way to put it. Glad you got a good date night. Your food sounds delicious!

Elizabeth said...

Fun!! I love trying new restaurants, especially when price isn't a factor! Glad y'all had a good time. We didn't go out to a restaurant, but we went to a catered V-day dinner at someone's house with 8 other couples. Good time, and nice to be without kids :) We even won a box of candy for having the most right answers on the cheesy couples' quiz--ha!

Abby said...

rachael, nanna can totally handle it!

annie, recipe- yes,please!

jessie- i was thinking of you when i wrote this, thinking how bad i was doing at trying to tell you how good the food was. but everything we had was "recognizable" as you have said, so you might've been a little more adventurous!

heather, so sorry you are up so much! we shouted to you from across the parking lot yesterday, but you must've been in a sleep-deprived haze! either that or my sleep deprivation has made whispering feel like shouting!

elizabeth- I think i would like a cheesey couple's quiz. it sorta falls under the forwarded survey genre!

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