Thursday, February 01, 2007

Something I Might Should've Stressed More Over

Sara, you will probably have something to contribute on this one. Rebekah too. But no pressure if you don't. But I could use a lot of commentary on this, from everybody.

I am realizing how bad the problem is. It started when we were in Birmingham after Christmas at the hoity toity shopping center known as the Summit. So, it's not so hoity toity, but it has all the swankiest stores. Of course, it also has a Claire's, but anyway. I noticed a lady wearing overalls. And I thought to myself, "Overalls? Now there's something I haven't seen in a while. When do you suppose the last store stopped selling overalls? Five years ago?" I'm pretty sure J.Jill had them five years ago, maybe even four. Julia Roberts wore them in The Runaway Bride about eight years ago. Jill Taylor (there she is again!) wore them a lot on Home Improvement about 10 years ago. I am just wondering if anyone was wearing them, or selling them, even three years ago. I could be wrong, they could be hanging in the window at some New York hot spot right now. But I am guessing no. I am guessing Carrie Bradshaw never wore overalls. But please let's not let Carrie Bradshaw be our standard. Even Sarah Jessica Parker has commented that Carrie doesn't wear nearly enough clothes for modesty's sake! And besides, is there any good reason not to wear a perfectly good pair of overalls? I'm thinking there is; I just wonder what y'all think.

George and I are watching the second season (last year) of The Office on DVD just to see it again and because there is nothing, besides the current season of The Office, on TV (Fortunately Lost starts back soon- we are trying not to get into American Idol and The Apprentice this year and I am tiring of the skank factor on Grey's Anatomy, but that is a whole different post. Let's have that one soon!). Remember the episode where Jim has the barbecue at his house and invites everyone because his roommate thinks he is making Dwight up? So Dwight comes in and the roommate is amazed that such a person actually exists. And the roommate says "You must be Dwight. Nice Birkenstocks." Sad! Are Birkenstocks so very out that only Dwight still wears them?! Go ahead, I can take it. They are aren't they?

Y'all know I still have two pairs.

I mean, Dwight had the Milanos (sandals with the backstrap) on with socks. Is that the joke? Because I don't do that. But that's not the joke is it? It's part of it. But the bigger joke is that he still wears Birks. So sad. I love my Birks. I have Milanos and Bostons. The only other shoes I have are New Balance tennis shoes, no not the grey ones, just regular white running shoes that happen to be New Balance, and a pair of black t-strap shoes that are also made by Birkenstock. Oh, and I have some Enzo brown boots but they have a thick heal, not the tiny heal like everyone has now. And I have some of those slide on black shoes that look like boots except they're not, they're just slides, also by Enzo. That's it. Are y'all just dying? I know I am dorky. I would still be wearing my overalls if they fit.

So I need help. I think overalls are a no go. And I am guessing Birks are kind of out. I just Googled them to check the spelling and looked at the Wikipedia article on them. Evidently, they are a Generation X thing and are comparable to what flip flops are today. So there ya have it. I am so last generation! But here's the question again, is there any reason not to wear a perfectly good pair of shoes? How important is fashion? On the other hand, we're talking about shoes I've had for twelve years, so I reckon I got my money's worth and made an adequate fashion statement! So with my purse full of gift cards in mind, though few of them are for clothing stores (but I do get to go crazy at Williams Sonoma!) and my shortness combined with chubbiness in mind, I need major fashion help.

By the by, I have a baby to carry around so I do want shoes that are moderately comfortable; I am not going to be one of you cuties I keep seeing at church with the high skinny-heeled boots. (Y'all all have them! And cute outfits to match too! Our church is surprisingly fashionable for being a suburban, conservative church that it is, dontcha think? Or have I just been in the Deep South too long?) Anyway, what's in? I could go get a Cosmo or In Style or whatever it is people read for these things, but I'd rather have the opinion of people who know me and know that I need things that are modest and inexpensive and somewhat timeless- I can't be buying something that won't be in style next winter.

Alright, let's hear it! I turn the floor over to you all.


Jessie said...

I think if you want to be both in and comfy, you should go with some of the retro newbalance tennies. You know, the ones with the really big old N on the side. They come in lots of color schemes and are very hip. I just invested in a brown and pink pair and I love them...I wear them WAY more than my in knee boots!

Anonymous said...

I second that for the retro new balance shoes. I got some for Christmas and wear them all the time. And, I hope that Birks are not out of style seeing as how I just got some. I did get the ones that look like flip flops. Got some Keen flip flops last year and totally loved them. Of course, they aren't really in style. Style isn't about comfort, is it? The more I think about it -- I don't think that I really care about style anymore. I just want clothes that look good on my frame and are durable and easy to care for. Wait, do I sound just like a person who has given up on style? Why yes, I do. :)

Abby said...

I never knew anything about style so I can't give up on it! but maybe i just won't get started. I guess this is a hard thing to write about, maybe someone should just take me shopping! i don't care about standing out and looking like that super stylish girl over there, i just don't want to be standing out for being so OUT of style.

sara said...

Yeah, I may have something to add here. Pretty sad I know--I really do need to be spending more time and thought on the domestic issues. But anyway, here goes...
Yeas, overalls are bad. The last pair I wore was when I was pregnant with Macie (6 1/2 years ago), and I am thinking that was probably not so good. But I am not huge into uncomfortable shoes myself. I do wear the skinny heel thing on Sundays, but that is it. What about a tall boot with a flat rubber sole? Those were all over the place in Chicago this winter, so I bet they will be around a few more seasons. Ther only problem they present is what type of jeans to wear with them. I am a "tucker" but some of my friends still swear by bootcut.
I am sure you will be cute in whatever your shopping journeys bring.. and don't call yourself are looking good!
I could go on for many more paragraphs, but I will spare everyone. Talk to you soon!

Rebekah said...

Reading the other's comments, I think that it also depends on how casual you're wanting to be. The runners are a great idea for cute tees and jeans, but if you're wanting something that will be a bit more dressy, I would recommend Sara's suggestion of boots, or even more comfortable and very versatile, Dansko clogs. They have nice height (elongating the leg - which I need), but they're super comfy. And let's face it, we're all obviously much closer to 30 than 20 and more about comfort than looks. (30 year old feet can only stand pointy-toed, towering heels for so long.)

And the overalls are a no go, though your linen pair are cute.

A few tips for finding things you like:, buy a few mags and tab pics you like (Lucky, Real Simple, and In Style?). And watch What Not to Wear. Fashion is just like cooking, sewing, baking - the more you practise and study, the better you'll be.

And Sara's right - no more self-depricating - remember you have little girl ears listening and your image effects theirs.

Enjoy the gift cards - branch out and buy pieces that make you feel lovely.


Anonymous said...

I agree with what everyone else has said. We were in NYC right before Christmas and any kind of boots are in. Not like hiking boots, per say, but most others. And, they don't have to be skinny heel. There are alot out there that are very cute to dress up or down. But, I will say that both of my skinny heel tall boots are actually not that uncomfortable. It may just be worth trying on to see what you think? And another big thing is layering. Layering can also lengthen a torso. Just a few thoughts. But, you'll look cute in anything!


Abby said...

Hurray! Thanks everybody. Rebekah, I had not thought about the little girl listening thing. Man, she hears SO much! And this is like a whole other post, but the other day she came in and said "I know you like your mom, but remember when you said you didn't like her and I told her?" WHAT?! I called my mom right away. She said she couldn't think of what she was talking about except this one time and my mom and I had already sorted it out- about a year and a half ago! My mom said that I should remember for the future that children are excellent recorders, but horrible interpreters, meaning that she heard me tell George or someone I was mad at my mom and then turned around and decided I didn't like my mom. I have a million of these stories! Anyway, good advice. I really wasn't meaning to be self depricating, I just had a baby, of course I'm chubby (and honestly, I am anyway); I thought I was being very good not to say "fat"! But I can see that y'all all interpreted it that way, and you've got twenty five years on her, so I should be more careful!

lauren said...

Hey Abby,

Chiming in late as usual...

New Balances are a great idea for "mom" shoes. I also love Merrells. The ones I want are the "Barrados". As far as boots, the "equestrian" boot is in now and it is so much comfier than the heeled ones. JCrew has them for an arm and a leg, but I'm sure you could find a cute pair on sale right now at a department store.

I'm actually quite jealous of you in St. Louis, because you have one of my favorite stores ever! H&M! :) I honestly shop only at Target, Old Navy, (blush)Forever 21, and the clearance racks of Gap, Banana, & J.Crew. I feel like an old lady in Old Navy and Forever 21, but I just look for the most flattering, modest stuff in the store and buy that. :)

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