Monday, February 12, 2007

This Just In

(But don't let it stop you from reading the post I just made)

Got an email from Borders that from the 12th through the 14th a lot of DVD box sets are on special for $19.99. Among the ones they mentioned were Pride and Prejudice (BBC version!) and Season 2 of The Office. Can't beat that.

Hey Matt, that makes me a different type of blog, at least for this post huh?


Matt Churnock said...

nope, sorry...

We must look at the blog as a whole in order to discover it's taxonomy. Can you look at a monkey and say that since it has an arm it is human? I would hope not.

While this post does touch on a little of the Yellow Pages, it lacks links. If I had to only look at this post I would say it would fall into a Superego type first and a IVPJ second (based on you telling that you like P&P and The Office).

Maybe my dichtomous key is more like the MBTI, where there are tendancies and not hard line truths...

Interesting...back to the drawing board.

thanks for the heads up about the office (However, I have already bought season 2 for much more than that)

Matt Churnock said...

Whats up with your comment approval?

Courtney said...


Anonymous said...

blah blah blah

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