Friday, March 23, 2007

Day Four: The Week in Review

School is out for the week. And I promise that next week I won't do the kindergarten play by play. There was no school today, which would've been day five. But I am so beat from this week and it just feels like rush rush rush on the inside still; and that's why this post is a day late. Some of that may have to do with the fact that I haven't started the Easter dresses and we just found out today that the "back up" dresses my mom had picked out don't come in Amabel's size. After wanting matching outfits for years, I have girls almost perfectly spaced so as not to be able to find what I like in what would fit both of them!! But that has nothing to do with school, just with being busy and behind. I also feel like saying how I really feel, though not meant as anything bad about anyone else, might not be a good thing to write about as it could give others a misguided negative impression of things. Basically, I am just having a hard time handing my daughter, who has never been out of my sight except in the care of a family member or close friend, over to the care of people I do not know. It is really hard. Her teacher is really sweet though and Amabel loves her. She has also helped me sort of get my bearings and been compassionate about my concerns. So it has nothing to do with the other people in particular, just Amabel being away. But I needed her to be away because I just couldn't manage a newborn and a family of five and still home school. I taught her to read and I am very proud of that. I know that I will ample opportunity to teach her things at home for years to come from cooking to sewing to riding a bike and playing Scrabble. So school is a great thing. This particular school is really exciting for us too. It is a Christian school out of a PCA church here and is close to where we live. I am very excited that God has opened the doors for her to be there, especially this late in the year. But you know, it's just hard. Good. But hard.

I do realize that I have two other children besides Amabel. It is not easy to forget Elspeth as she is still up every three hours all night long. Mercy! The exhaustion has really caught up with me now that I cannot crawl back into bed after her six o'clock feeding. She had a check up today and all is well. However, we may have to see a pediatric dermatologist of her eczema does not improve. I am just so grateful she is otherwise healthy. She should be sitting up without help pretty soon.

August is a whole other story. We'll have to tackle that another day. I can't say much about it now. Well, just one thing. Mercy! Mercy!

In spite of all the craziness and pure tiredness, one thing that seems to have completely disappeared is the whole Star Wars trash compactor feeling. Have I mentioned that feeling before?

Well, I am bored of this post. So surely you must be too. Besides, I have Easter dresses to make so what am I doing sitting at the computer? Again, don't tell me not to do them. I still have two weeks. It is possible! Not likely, but still possible. So just keep your skepticism to yourself! Right, pot calling the kettle.... do as I say not as I..... I know. But if I can be undeterred and optimistic, so can all of you. Or if you find cute, matching, smocked dresses in a 12 month and a 7, let me know.


Elizabeth said...

Hey Abby...Have you tried Orient Expressed? They should have both those sizes in matching patterns. Also, Andrew has had eczema, and with the help of a friend whose child had it extremely severely as an infant, it has totally disappeared. Let me know if you want to know what we did.

Glad y'all had today to recover from the first week!

the good, the bad & the ugly said...

I got LJ's Easter dress from Wooden Soldier. It cost a fortune, and I was only able to purchase from there because her Mimi bought matching outfits for all of the kids. But I noticed she bought LJ's dress to match her two girl cousins, as well. So maybe they would carry the matching sizes that you need.

Fittsy said...

Elizabeth, I'm curious about your Eczema fix. Do share.


jennifer said...

My sister-in-law got really cute smocked dresses for my girls when E was 5 and C was 1 from somewhere on line. I'll ask her if she remembers where.

Abby said...

elizabeth, definitely open to suggestions about eczema. also, thanks for the orient expressed idea- that is where the dress was; the one we wanted only went up to a 6.

good, i looked at wooden soldier too. i have a hard time weeding through because they have so many tacky things. sometimes i miss the cute stuff for all the other so i will have to go back and check again! they do have great matching ensembles a lot of times. we have ordered through them- or nanna has- in the past.

Elizabeth said...

Sorry to be weird and not just come out and say it, but I know how Abby hates unsolicited advice, and I didn't want to sound like a know-it-all, especially since I know next to nothing about this except what my friend told me to do. I'm sure as soon as I open my big mouth, it won't work for any of you :) I'm sure everyone has heard that eczema is related to milk allergies(although my pediatrician told me Andrew's was b/c of cold weather and had nothing to do with diet, go figure), and my friend (who knows tons about allergies and wholistic medicine b/c of some severe allergies that her children have) told me that's true, but can be b/c of any allergy..milk and wheat happen to be the most common culprits. She also said that usually, any skin malady is evidence of a lack of essential oils. I don't know how that relates to the allergy part of it, but that's what she told me. Anyways, with Andrew, we noticed that his eczema seemed to have appeared after I started feeding him wheat products, most notably honey-nut cheerios. He had been handling yogurt and cheese for awhile without trouble, so I was hoping it wasn't dairy. I decided to take him off wheat first, and also to give him 1/4 tsp. of flax seed oil daily(I bought the kind that has omega3 oil combined in it) In the meantime, my friend gave me some cream called "Florasone Cream" that the tube says, "relieves itching, eczema, inflammation, and rashes" to put on his blotchy face. Since I did all three of those, I'm not sure exactly what did it, but w/in a week, it was totally cleared up. My friend told me to then add back in certain wheat foods, slowly, to see what he could tolerate. So I slowly added back everything(bread, grilled-cheese sandwhich bites, pasta) except the honey-nut cheerios(probably a no-brainer...why was I giving him those in the first place?), still giving him the flax-seed oil every day, and he hasn't had any flair-ups. Like I said, I don't really know the reasons behind WHY, but I'm just glad it worked :)

Anonymous said...

What, Amabel is in school? I had no idea. This is the first time to check your blog since Feb. What is your email address? I also wanted to get Elizabeth's too. I never got to say hi officially since the joke and I need advice on allergies! Love, Michelle

Elizabeth said...

Hey Michelle! I would love to keep in touch better, and since every spammer in the world seems to already have my e-mail address, I guess it doesn't matter if I post it here: Don't know how much help I can be on the allergy front, but depending on the problem, I can put you in touch with someone who can help better than I.

Also, I wanted to add that my friend told me when I took Andrew off of wheat, that it could take up to a month to see a difference and it to get out of his system, so I think we were lucky that the problem disappeared so quickly.

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