Saturday, March 17, 2007

If Only Cookies Could Solve All Our Problems

When my grandmother died a few weeks ago, my friend Jessie offered to watch August while Amabel was at ballet so I could pack to go to the funeral. We set it up so that she would call me back in about thirty minutes when her daughter's nap was over. I was swamped- clothes to wash, clothes to pack, a house to bring into tolerable order to leave for a week or so, toys and entertainment to glean for the five hour drive, etc. When Jessie called to tell me to bring August over, we were baking cookies. Baking cookies?! My sister called to remind me to bring such and such and to see what my mom should get at the store and would we be there in time for supper? No, because I had to finish baking the cookies. Baking cookies?! You might think that that is a very strange thing to be doing at such a time. And it was. But I think baking must be a coping mechanism for me. What is to be done? Well, one thing that can be done is that delicious baked goods can be ready to eat within the hour! I know, it doesn't make any sense.

I have baked two batches of brownies this week, some (really yummy) peanut butter bars, and am waiting on a batch of Mississippi mud bars to set as I type. My 9" square baking pan has not seen the inside of the cupboard for days. So what's wrong?

Our neighbors three doors down have a very sweet four month old baby girl. Her name is Amelia. She has not been feeling very well for a while and they were worried she might be allergic to the cat. And now they have found out that it is far worse than that. Amelia has leukemia.

I stopped this here yesterday because we were waiting on news of what type of leukemia. If you're going to have leukemia, this is the "better" kind to have which is a blessing. But, I mean, it's leukemia. So just pray for Amelia. She has a lot of fluid in her lungs (from the "original" sickness that kept lingering and concerned the doctor enough to run the tests that diagnosed the disease) so she is on a ventilator. And she is starting chemo which is just very hard on anyone's body, let alone a four month old's. Please pray for strength for her, and for her to be spared the side effects- vomiting, hair loss, mouth sores, and puffiness. I believe she is pretty puffy already from everything so far. And of course, pray for the chemo to work. With this kind of leukemia, 90% go into remission after the first treatment. If all goes well enough, she can come home in ten days, so pray especially for that.

I honestly don't know her family very well at all, but this has just gripped me with compassion and sadness for them, and of course this idea that I want to help but just don't know how. So I keep just randomly pacing about my kitchen until I pull out the flour and start making stuff. And that is doing no one any good. And the only good and helpful thing I think we can do at this point is pray. So please do pray for Amelia, and for her parents, Steve and Jen. If this is something you want to pray for more particularly or follow more closely, here is a link to the blog with her updates. The latest says that the next 24 hours are critical.


Camille said...

My heart hurts for her family and can't imagine the emotions they most be feeling. I will definitely pray for Amelia and Steve and Jen. And for you as God directs you in ministering to them-possibly with lots of baked goods? :) They all sound yummy by the way and are making my mouth water for some good ole' chocolate chip cookies!

Inkling said...

I just found your blog through April Showers. Just two days ago, my friend Ellie sent me the news about Amelia. Ellie and her husband were neighbors in the same "U" as Steve and Jen. The news has gripped me in the same way, and my heart just aches and my mind finds itself praying for them at all hours of the day.

Philip and Renie said...

Found your blog through Aimee Davis and also saw the post on the Mathews about little Amelia. Plesae let her family know that there are dozens of us here in Birmingham, AL praying. I'm particularly tender about leukemia. One of my first babysitting jobs as a little girl was for a little boy with leukemia. We pray God will show his mighty power as the Great Physician for little Amelia and that He will use this situation for his glory!

april said...

I will certainly pray for this little baby girl and her family.

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