Tuesday, March 13, 2007

Meet Charlie and Lola

Speaking of delightful, it needs to be said that Charlie and Lola is just about the cutest thing ever put on television for children. I really can't think of anything cuter, though I will always save first place in my heart for Mr. Rogers (and I even tear up a little when I see the Mr. Rogers' Neighborhood commercials on PBS). I am so delighted that even though we have lost our free cable, they have put Charlie and Lola out on DVD so we can still watch them. I bought Volume One (7 12 minutes episodes for $9.99) at Target the other day to put in an Easter basket and it didn't even make it a week. We have all, even George, been watching Charlie and Lola today. Every episode starts out with Charlie saying "I have this little sister, Lola. She's small and very funny." They are little British children so everything is said in a delightful accent. You simply must click on the link and watch the clips if you haven't seen it before. Lola says things like "hippy-potamus" and "huli-hoop" and most of the titles are written as if Lola were saying them, in a funny order with a few extra words like "I will not ever NEVER eat a tomato, Yuk!" or ""I'm really ever so not well, Achoo!" By the sound of some of the titles, or even by the modern-y way they are drawn and dressed, you might be worried that they are ill-behaved or just selfish and bratty children. You know, 'cause that seems to be the way the world is going if you look at a lot of kids. That is a horrible thing to say, but it just seems parents are so worried about their kids being cool these days and not so much about them being kind. And there just seems to be too much early childhood turned adolescence in the world if you ask me. But these kids are sweet and especially Charlie is a self-less and very helpful older brother. It is actually very encouraging that some "cool" little kids are also so very child-like and dear. I hope you will love Charlie and Lola too (if you don't already know them).


jennifer said...

We gave up the dish package that included Disney back in the fall, and we really miss Charlie and Lola. I might have to look for that DVD at Target.

Anonymous said...

I adore Charlie and Lola, too. It is a darling show.

sara said...

We love Charlie and Lola at our house. I am with you on the whole childlike thing. Most of Macie's kindergarden friends already watch the Disney shows with teenagers on them, but we have thankfully managed to avoid those so far. My whole thing is this: If they watch 12 year olds when they are 6, what will they watch when they are 12??

the good, the bad & the ugly said...

We love Charlie and Lola. What's the deal with crop tops and sassy attitudes with some cartoons?

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