Thursday, April 05, 2007

Look What I Found!

I recently found this great baby doll that is my new favorite shower gift for baby girls. We have the rather expensive "Babipouce" Corolle baby dolls (right) for our girls when they are babies. They are soft everywhere but their hands and face and so cuddly sweet. I got Amabel this as her first baby doll for her first birthday and she has never really taken to it or any other baby doll. She has a pink stuffed hippo named Happy who she dresses and feeds and puts down for naps as if it were a baby doll but not really that often. Mostly she just sleeps with Happy at night it, so isn't quite the same. So I was determined that Elspeth would play with baby dolls. I decided she would need one before her first birthday and possibly in time for her actual day of birth so that baby dolls would always be something she knows and loves. Neurotic, I know. Anyway, she has had her own Babipouce since her first Christmas. Mostly she just sucks on the knot on her hat. But every now and then I see her looking into her baby's eyes with a happy regard. And I think every little girl should have one of these darling babies. But I can't be shelling out $25 for every baby shower. And I am delighted to report that I don't have to! Madame Alexander makes one nearly identical for nearly half the price (upper left). It's almost too little to spend on a baby gift! But hey, it's the thought that counts. If you live in St. Louis, you can usually find one at Spicers in Clayton. But don't get one if I'm invited to the shower too, because that's what I'm getting! Another great option, one that I haven't been able to find in the store, is a baby made by Lamaze that Elspeth got for Christmas. It is too cute. It is called My Friend Emily. The skirt is made from that crinkly stuff that makes noise and there are lots of other textures, colors, and sounds going on, including a squeaker in her tummy. All of these are pretty big for a little baby human so I am on the hunt for something Elspeth can hold in just one hand that might cozy up nice in her Easter basket. Guess I'd better get on that! Corolle makes one that looks promising. I just need to find it!

Moving on then, I have also found some books I'm pretty excited about at the library lately. I searched around for some books about the first day of school and found this one that rhymes and could even work for a child like Amabel who is not necessarily starting on everyone else's first day of school. Appropriately and simply, it is called First Day. We also found another one that just kind of jumped off the shelf while looking for the other called Ballerina Flying. Sadly, it is no longer in print, but it is darling and should be available at your library or used off Amazon. Come to think of it, I think everything I have written about so far can be found on Amazon. Love that! Oh, except the My Friend Emily doll I saw on there was some odd version of what we have (ours is pictured above on the left) so try Toys'r' for that one.

I have also found some little items that might come in handy for those who don't have kids in their lives. I'm not really sure why I can't find a picture on the website, but I got a little gadget at Williams Sonoma called the First Slice pie lifter. You bake this little flat metal pie wedge under your crust and then when you want to cut the always disastrous first slice of pie, you just cut around the metal piece and lift it right out, neatly as can be. How handy is that?! Also purchased on the same trip to Williams Sonoma is a teeny spatula set. Y'all know how partial I am to my Williams Sonoma silicone spatulas? Well, they make little bitty ones too! This is handy for all manner of scooping and scraping in containers too small for your regular sized silicone spatula- inside of jars, measuring cups, etc. They will even personalize them for you for two dollars. Now that's cute (and completely random and useless, but still cute). I realize that in the picture they just look normal sized, but they are actually much smaller and instead of saying Williams Sonoma on the handle they say "Chuck's Kitchen." So there you go.

If you don't have kids and don't cook, why are you reading this blog? There is nothing here for you. Just kidding. I am trying to diversify. But my little world is pretty all consuming and it is hard to venture into other things at the present. But for most of you who are parents and/or amateur chefs, I hope you found my finds helpful/useful/not the most boring thing you've ever read about.


Rebekah said...

Of course I'm partial to the Madame Alexander version! I checked at Smith's today - of course they have Baby Correll and her siblings in ABUNDANCE and lots of Madame A as well, but not this one. I"ll be on the look out too.

A couple of books that I"ve enjoyed recently: A is for Annabelle by Tasha Tudor. Darling book going through the alphabet dressing a doll. (P is for petticoat, m is for muff, etc.) And very different, but super cute, Animals Should Definitely Not Wear Clothing by Judi Barret - so funny and creative.

Rebekah said...

And I meant to say that the pie lifter - what a great invention. Most kitchen gadgets are easy-come, easy-go in my book, and like Alton Brown, if they don't have multiple uses, they aren't worth storing. But I like the idea of this one.

And I have a small silicone spatula from Martha at Kmart. It's super handy.


Abby said...

I love A is for Annabelle too. I never got it for amabel because I didn't want her to be confused about her name. I have had friends tell me that their children ask them to read it like Amabel though because they have all been corrected so many times to say the M instead of the N that it's like a knee jerk reaction- "No Mom, AMabel!" Tasha Tudor's work is so cute to me. We had A Time To Keep growing up and I used to look at that book for "hours" just enamored with all of her pretty drawings. Pumpkin Moonshine is pretty cute too if I remember. I'll have to look for Animals Should Definitely Not Wear Clothing at the library. We are always on the hunt for cute books.

Anonymous said...

i was just reading a is for annabel to parker yesterday! it was mine when i was little and i have it in maryn's room but he picked it up for me to read. one of my favorites was tree for rent. oh, and jennie's hat- of course i am partial to that one because she spells her name like mine. Happy Easter!! Jennie

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