Friday, April 27, 2007

Who Says You Can't Take it With You?

I knew that last post wouldn't go over as well. I was just waiting for someone to say that they can't stand griping! Ha ha! Anyway, I know the weekends are slow in blog world so I'm not expecting a whole lot of participation on this or the next couple either. But it's something to read, and feel to free to comment if you like.

This list requires some ground rules because it's seven things you can't live without. But we can all immediately come up with more than seven without being creative in the slightest or revealing anything about ourselves- God, Church, Family, Friends, Food and Water, Clothing, Shelter, Sleep, Exercise, Toilet Paper, and Soap. So unless it's a particular article of clothing or a certain kind of soap etc. it doesn't count. It's sort of like the whole "desert island" game- either things that are irreplaceable or things you just don't want to take a chance on not having when you need them. I sort of had to think along these lines when we packed all of our stuff into the POD last year and didn't know when or where we'd unpack. My sister had to think this way when she moved to France. They don't have Reeses cups in France, which is a big bummer to her. So think of it one of those ways or like we're in an Abraham or Exodus type situation, it's time to go and we can only take what will fit in the car (more or less) with us and we're never coming back. Who knows where we're going or exactly what we'll find there; all we know is that our basic needs, the ones listed above, will be met and our family's coming with us. Oh, and I'll throw in electricity and power as a given because we're going to be swanky nomads and I want to bring my Kitchenaid mixer. I hope you have all read these rules in the hurried monotone of one of those announcers giving all the disclaimers and side effects at the end of drug commercials. It sounds funny that way. Okay now, go!

1) A box with all the dresses I've made for Amabel and Elspeth- these are priceless to me and I hope their children and grandchildren will wear them someday. I also have two blankets my Nannie made for me and my sisters as babies and an afghan that George's great grandmother made for him as a baby; I reckon I would pack these in the same box.
2) Parmesan cheese and olive oil- think about it, all you need is parmesan and olive oil to make salad or bread or pasta or potatoes or chicken one of the best things you've ever tasted! Right now I have some excellent, award winning olive oil from Greece. It is too good not to take!
3) My Recipe Box- because that's gonna come in super handy!
4) My Kitchenaid mixer
5) Of course, my silicone spatulas. Close seconds in the kitchen tools arena are my Wusthof chef's knife and my microplane. I'm making the rules and I say I can bring them all!
6) My J. Crew pony tail holder with the tortoise shell beads- I have got a lot of hair!
7) Music- as much as I don't listen to it like I used to, I gotta have some sort of CD player and some good tunes. I'd make CD's a top seven list, but no one ever comments when I talk about music so I'm pretty sure I'm on a different page where that is concerned. Sigh. It's just not that kind of blog I guess.

This is not so fun a list as I thought it might be when I started. I realize I am not so attached to things as I thought. And I can't bring M&M's or Coke because of my rehabilitation. I think there's a lesser degree of attachment which would prompt you to bring dozens of things that are special. But when it comes down to seven things, seven things that make your life what it is, whoa, you have to be picky! I think all I do is cook lately. At least, judging from this list that's all I do. Well, I do other things like iron and clean and run laundry, but I wouldn't miss any of that! The cooking, that's what I'd miss. Maybe I should trade out something for my camera. And I need good shoes or I'll have all manner of aches and pains because my arches are crazy high. I don't know, this was hard. I know someone who said if her house were burning down she'd run to get her salad spinner. That is ridiculous to me because she could just go to Target and buy another one (for only $24.99- which actually sounds a little high to me). But I guess the point is that she relies heavily upon it. I have no use for a salad spinner personally. But as they say, to each his own. And speaking of, what do you all have for your list? I bet I will read yours and want to change all of mine and be terribly embarrassed by how shallow my answers are!


the good, the bad & the ugly said...

Things I can't do without:
1.I-pod w/several cds (Chris Tomlin, Nora Jones, Red Mt. Heaven, Jackson Browne, U2, Fernando Ortega, etc.)
2.Lemons (they make everything taste fresher)
3.Baby Bjourn (my little one loves to be toted around, and I wouldn't want to be without her or my three guys)
4.Books for us all, we all love books
5.painting materials (I like oil painting)
6.My new tennies-Merrells-I love them!- and I love to walk, not run, walk
7.Crock pot
8.My gardening tools and some flowers, my newest hobby that I am loving right now
9.A hammock
10. Bird houses, I love song birds
11.Sewing machine- I just made my first dress for Lydia Joy and I can't wait to make more
12.My blue blanket

Abby said...

i didn't know you painted! yours are all pretty nice. but you picked 12- that's cheating!!! well, i never was a stickler on rules; i'll let you bring 'em anyway.

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