Thursday, May 10, 2007

Anything But What I Should Be Doing

Why do I even watch Lost? Seriously. It has me up all night every Wednesday either creeped out or trying to solve all the mysteries. And of course, that is just silly. I have been reading message boards and spoiler sites on and off since the show ended last night. I feel like a total nerd. And it's funny who is out there posting. Some people think they are so smart with a whole purgatory theory when the writers have already said that it's not that. Or they forget major characters' names and fairly significant clues and story lines. On the other hand I realized that I am a major amateur viewer and had failed to make fairly obvious connections, or else I forgot them because it takes things so long to come into play, like that it was Libby who gave Desmond his boat for the race around the world (which has nothing to do with last night's episode) or that the guy who kept Desmond down inside the hatch was the same guy who got Sayid to work for the US during the war (also nothing to do with last night's episode). As far as anything helpful for what is currently going on, I got a few hints about the rest of the season, but nothing significant, and I did see the pictures of Jacob that everyone has up. He was on for a split second but you can't really see him beyond a silhouette. I also had failed to notice that anyone had mentioned him before. Why am I even telling y'all about this. I'm guessing there are only like three people who read that also watch Lost. And don't I have better things to do? Sure I do. I just don't want to do them. If you do watch Lost and have interesting theories, observations, etc. feel free to share.

Moving on then, no, I don't guess I really want to move on. I just want to sit and not do anything. See what's happening here is that it's the week of final projects and exams. I'm a widow for about a week and a half every semester and it is really depressing. Fall semester is easier because Christmas is ahead. I barely notice it because I am already so busy and it is a fun, joyous kind of busy. Spring semester stinks though. I am fairly sure I have said before that I am part of that tiny percent of people that gets the summer blues instead of the more popular winter blues. I dread summer. Summer equals loneliness in my mind. I don't know who the people are that have jam packed summers or what their summers are jam packed with, but every summer since I can remember was long and boring. My parents didn't do much family vacationing or traveling. We would go for a week or two every year I guess. But what is a week in twelve long, hot weeks? Now I am the parent. But it's not easy trying to plan a summer. Especially because work is a year round thing so it's not like the whole family is completely flexible. So I have been looking at activities for the kids: swimming lessons, cooking classes, soccer, etc. I am having a hard time finding stuff for a three year old. And poor guy, he's been at home without Amabel for so long, I really want to do something special for August. The other thing is the cost. Whoa! Everything costs so much. So I'm not sure what to do. I know it will be so hot. And I just can't imagine wasting away inside our apartment. So I'm prematurely depressed, I guess. I mean, depressed is sort of a strong word. But I'm just bummed. I want to live in one of those places where there are lots of three week breaks throughout the whole year. Wouldn't that be great? Aren't even the people who love summer ready to get back into a routine by the end of it all? And maybe part of it is that I'd also like to live in a place without extremes in climate- none of this 20 degree, 90 degree stuff- let's just be outside all the time in the nice 50-70 degree sunshine. Surely that's not too much to ask! Well, anyone with ideas about what to do for affordable family occupations in St. Louis this summer, let me know.


Brit said...


I've been meaning to comment again. Is the smocking stuff that way of.... well, "scrunching" up the top of a dress/shirt and sewing over it? I have a few of those tops- I'll have to try and do one somehow. I'll look back on your comment to me about it to see how. I'd love to see pictures someday of your smocks.

But, the reason for my comment, I watch LOST! In fact, I just blogged about. I decided to start a blog. Though, no one really reads yet, so it's just me rambling. ;)

I'm so glad you like LOST. I knew I liked you. It's frustrating but fun (LOST, not my likeage of you). :)

Brit said...

If you wanted it, my blog...

;) said...

I am having blog trouble...we'll see if this works...
I also experience much anxiety and some dread over those long and hot summer weeks. I am torn because all Macie wants to do is spend time at home, and all I want to do is plan things for them to do, places for them to go. One week with nothing planned is bad enough, but if I look at my calender and see 2 or 3 weeks ahead of me with nothing to break up the days, then I pretty much freak. As far as August goes, I think you will find it much easier next summer. AT least in Nashville, most of the camps and VBS (free!) are for ages 4 and up.

Good luck in St. Louis.

Matt Churnock said...

hey, how about i come kidnap you and we go somewhere and not tell anybody where we're going (well, maybe our husbands...if they're lucky). i need a break too.

and for the record, i hate renovating kitchens. :)

Matt Churnock said...

oh, and that was ali, not matt...he isn't suggesting that y'all have a rendevous! :) i guess it's time i get my own account. hahahahaha!

lauren said...

that was hilarious ali...all the readers at home just had an awkward silence in between your posts. yeah, time to get your own account!

i'm going through the same thing, although i do have the blessing of having my husband around to help out. but last year we didn't plan much for ellie and she was SO bored by mid-summer. i vowed to find cheap activities for her this summer, but i'm running into the same thing down here. zoo camp-$150, viva la chef-$125, ballet camp-$200, camp briarwood-$225. it's worse than private school tuition!!! the 2 things we are doing are briarwood vbs (free) and a different ballet camp run by high school ballerinas at our church for $25. so that with swimming lessons will break it up a little.

as far as august, i don't have advice there yet. liam is still along for the ride at 2 years old. i'm sure there has to be something...does the science center have anything cool for kids his age? the magic house, the city museum? hope you find something!!!

Abby said...

oh hurray! all three of you, I'm so glad you people stopped by!

brit- i'll stop by. thanks for the link!
sara- we'll have to come play if we come into town. aren't y'all doing swim team again? that seemed like it would be a lot of fun! what do you have max in? i think aug might like soccer if i could find it, but he may be too young. i think we are going to try to do swimming lessons too. i talked to a friend about it after posting this.
ali- yes, come get me! y'all need to come visit soon! i'd come help you with your kitchen, but the three little darlings wouldn't make me much use! feel free to wander into my kitchen any time this summer!

sara said...

we'd love to see you all if you come to Nashville. We are not swimming this year on the team, but they are doing swim lessons. Swim team is great, but the one hour practice each morning prevents us from doing other (longer) activities!
I opted for swim and gymnastics lessons, and a few camps that have swimming, soccer, and horse-back riding. Plus, Macie is doing a drama camp and an art camp at cpa (led by none other than Matt Logan)! So that is my stay sane plan for this summer. I only hope it works.

Hope to see you soon??

george edema said...

When is the art camp? And when is it too late to sign up?

Jandy said...

My personal LOST theory during last week's episode was that Jacob was the crazy-scary rabbit with the freaky red eyes that kid-Ben was carrying around in the flashbacks. I guess that doesn't work out, though. Still. Freaky-scary invisible rabbit-ghost? Come on. I've stopped even trying to figure out what's going's more fun just to go, what the heck was that? every week.

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