Saturday, May 19, 2007


I made a few changes today and added a couple of links that I haven't had up before. I don't know why all this took me so long. I am not crazy about this pink. It is too purpley. But other pinks are too peachy. Just felt like having the pink back. And I wanted to make sure Amelia's link was up. She is back in chemo this week. It is easy to be less up to date with them as we are sort of "used to" this problem. What a horrible truth. Of course, her parents are not "used to" it at all and are daily struggling as they go with their baby girl through this dark valley. Please keep them in your prayers. The chemo is working and she is in remission, but it is chemo, after all.


Anonymous said...

you know yoou could always go with blue!! i am glad for the color though. white was getting a little boring. jennie

Fittsy said...



Anonymous said...

Always liked the pink...never thought it too peachy; didn't like the last pink, though....LOVE the blue!!


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