Sunday, May 13, 2007


Okay, here are some random updates and follow-ups on previous topics:

1) We sort of took everyone's advice for Elspeth's sleep troubles. We decided about two weeks ago that I just couldn't take it anymore so George was going to be on nighttime duty. Surely at almost eight months she could make it longer than nursing every three hours! So George started on a Thursday night and it was really tough having her cry for even longer than an hour at a time several times during the night just wanting to nurse. But by Sunday or Monday he had her used to the idea that Mommy wasn't coming. That was hard for all of us. She still wakes up about once a night, and if she sees me she is hysterical and I do have to nurse. But we try to just send George in and he swaddles her (thanks Jennie and Becca B!) and gives her a passy, she usually goes right back to sleep. Hurray!!! So I am getting much better sleep now. Still sick though. Boo! But sleeping more than three hours at a time. Hurray!

2) People tell me that they like the idea of taking their own bags to the grocery but that they use their other bags for diapers and other things. I hear ya. Again, I'm not trying to impose my own ideas on you but I did want to suggest that there are lots of bags around that you may not even have noticed before. I don't get grocery bags anymore because of my canvas bags, but I still get a bag every time I buy shoes or a book or something at Home Depot or whatever. Also, your bread comes in a bag, bagels, english muffins, potatoes, etc. Also, lots of things from Sam's come in large zip top bags (craisins, chocolate chips, pasta, etc.) or in the two for bag (chips, bread, etc). And your wipes and diapers and toilet paper all have bag-ish packaging that works for wrapping diapers too. As far as taking lunches goes, I'd suggest a lunch box or at least re-using the bag instead anyway. I couldn't find just one say it all kind of link, but the long and the short of it is that paper bags use more energy to make and to recycle but they're biodegradable. On the other hand, plastic bags are cheaper and easier to produce and recycle, but they use unreal amounts of oil to produce and they are not biodegradable so they are just around being ugly and choking animals and not decomposing. If you do decide to purchase your own bags like I did, be prepared for the bagger people to be slightly annoyed. But if I can handle it, I'm sure you'd do just fine! The very exciting payoff that I enjoy is that way more fits into a reusable bag than a grocery bag and I can also put them over my shoulder because they have a shoulder strap meaning that three trips to and from the car becomes one!

3) Still not drinking caffeine and I like myself so much better! Some of you have said that you are actually mean without caffeine and if you did what I'm doing you would be a crazy person. I hear that too. But may I suggest that you have an addiction? People who have to have coffee to feel normal or nice are addicted. At least I was. I mean again, it's fine if you drink caffeine, but if you're interested, I think that absolutely having to have coffee could be a fairly good sign that you'd be better off without it. Eventually. It took me more than a week to feel better. At first I felt awful. I had full body aches and felt so fatigued and was just miserable. But I pushed through and hurray for that! I will never go back! Now what I am considering is that some of you have said it could also be that I have a sugar problem. I always drank coffee black so I know that giving it up is a direct connection to caffeine and not to sugar. But I have noticed that now I can tell more a difference in what s going on with my body and moods since I have come off the crazy caffeine trip. I think I do react also to sugar. So maybe that's the next big deprivation. Oh boy, not sure I want to do that. I'll let you know.

4) So I have also decided not to blog grumpy. That's what I do when I get grumpy, I come downstairs and tinker around on the computer and decide to post. And you people just get the worst of me. Because when I'm cheerful and chipper, I'm baking or getting my housework done and running errands or reading to August and playing with Elspeth. So not sure what to do about blogging because I am so busy. It's avoiding the busy-ness because of grumpiness that makes me post. And that is a bad situation! So bear with me while I try to post un-grumpy but may not be able to figure out how to work it in so there might not be as many posts. Part of it is that basements make me grumpy. They are dark. Ours is cluttered and cold and I wish we didn't have it. Well, no because then there'd be no storage. But that's the thing, basements are for storage in my opinion, not for living. And bad for blogging! I'll try to figure something out!


lauren said...

you are SO funny. when i got to #3 and you suggested i had an addiction, i almost spit my beer out. ;)

have you seen the "Chico Bags"? they are on the same site and i am thinking about getting them. they are small, fold up even smaller and they're only $4.95 each. it's just harder to make myself do it because i live in helena, alabama. i know that's a bad excuse, but you think you get resistance in st. louis? my checkout clerks look at me like i'm from mars when i ask for paper bags!!! oh, well i'll try to fit them in the budget next month, because i do want to do this.

Anonymous said...

Sounds like you've received more dubious comments than encouragement about the whole caffeine thing, so I just want to reiterate that I think the caffeine thing is HUGE, so I'm so glad you've found help from cutting it out. I think it affects people in different ways, and I am definitely more sensitive to it(and sugar) than other people. I haven't cut it out yet, but I only have about two cokes a week and don't drink coffee or tea. I think you're right, though, if you HAVE to have it, you're addicted to it, which is not a good thing, even if you think it's making you feel better. Okay, I'll shut up now :)


Anonymous said...

every time i read about the reusable bags i find it surprising that i am reading a blog written by you. i can't see you caring so much about being environmentally friendly- but hey, more power to you!!! and congrats on feeling better without caffeine. i'm very proud of you!! jennie

katie said...

I quit caffeine about two months ago. I agree, it was really hard at first and I felt horrible. Now I feel much better, I'm less moody and I have a better complection! All of the caffeine and sugar was making my heart skip beats and it freaked me out a little. I will admit that I had a Dr. Pepper today(it tasted like money!) but I am proud to say that I am no longer addicted.

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