Tuesday, May 22, 2007

If You're Happy And You Know It, Make A Post

In high school one year my friend Dave gave me a book called 10,000 Things to Be Happy About for Valentine's Day. He gave out lots of valentines that year. He said the book made him think of me. I guess because I was a total spaz. Also I was sort of manic; either really happy or really sad and morbid. Some things never change! Ha ha! Anyway, I've always been sort of a reactor type person. It's not my favorite trait, needing some high energy person or big event all the time to bring out the best in me. But it is so. So I miss being in school where something is always going on, something always exciting happening to bring out that cheer and energy in me. I saw an Arthur episode about this not long ago; the gang was all bummed because there is such a letdown after Christmas but before Valentine's and Easter. January can be so blah. And as I've said, summer can be kind of blah where I come from. The gang on Arthur made up a holiday. And I wish I was better about making a bigger deal of existing holidays. I've always wanted to do a big Derby party. Okay, I know the Derby is not "technically" a holiday. But I will have that party one year. And every year afterward. It just hasn't happened yet. And I've always wanted to do a big May Day celebration too. Memorial Day is coming up. We could memorialize some stuff. Sorry, I think that's sort of tacky. Isn't Memorial Day for people who died for our freedom? Well then, let's memorialize them! I need that catalyst though, that thing that gets me fired up. Christmas and Autumn are so easy. There's pumpkins and lights on all the houses, candy, delicious baking to be done, festivals and parties. Most other holidays get the shaft. And George thinks things are cheesy. Or lame. He says things are lame all the time. I told him this weekend that saying lame is lame and he needs to come up with more thoughtful criticism. He has been making fun of me ever since. That's beside the point. The point is that I need 10,000 things to be happy about. Not that I'm unhappy. I'm just not enthusiastic. Or something. So I bring you all, 10 things (not quite enough time for 10,000) to be happy about or at least get a chuckle over today. More appropriately, 10 things I am happy about. But you can be happy for me!

1) I changed the blog color again. Blue just for Jennie. Perty ain't it?
2) Only one more year until George is done with seminary! I am sure you think this does not effect you so very much. You are wrong. Have you heard the expression "if momma ain't happy; ain't nobody happy?" It effects you all much more than you think. Think of the joy I will bring you when I am back down South, when my husband actually brings home a pay check, when we start having to pay off student loans and send two kids to school and try to buy our first house. Aye yaye yaye! It's not going to be any better is it?!!! Yes, it will be. I assure you. Because we will finally be getting started (eight years and three kids later!). And that will be delightful!
3) The two hour Lost season finale this Wednesday. This is pathetic I know. I look forward to Lost every week though. Also, Jim and Pam. That is good news.
4) George is building me some shelves. Again, this does effect you. If you give me something now, I won't be quite so irritated about it. I might have room for it. Not that I would necessarily put it on shelving in the basement, just that I could put it where something else is and put that on the shelves in my basement. If you were not planning on giving me anything, why not?
5) It took me about eight tries to spell necessarily right. But I got it. In the book, one of the 10,000 things is the spelling of the word banana over and over again. I enjoy that as well. You should try it. Spelling things correctly. That makes me happy. Especially when a correct spelling is funny to say out loud, as in banana.
6) Another one from the book is the nickname "Bunnykins." George and I call each other "Honeybear." Not sure if he would appreciate me sharing that. What do y'all call your husbands? Or what do they call you? I always like "Sugar." I think I will call my grandchildren "sugar." I call my children "darlin' " most of the time. Amabel has also been known to be "Butterbean," "Bumblebee," and "Amabug,"and "Bugaboo." August is "Augger" because that's what Amabel used to call him- that and "Baugus" or "Baug." He is also often called "Aug" or "Aug Dawg." I am guessing all of this embarrasses Jennie (affectionately called Jennie Jennie) who gets embarrassed for other people easily. Everyone else can have a good laugh at my family's weird tendency toward nicknames. Poor Elspeth, she has no nickname yet. Mostly her name just gets butchered: "Elsabeth," "Elspef," "Elspeth." Most names in English have the accent on the first syllable. People seem to struggle with that when it comes to Elspeth's name. I hesitate to nickname her before people can get her real name straight. I guess it didn't stop me with the other two! Anyway, nicknames are fun. Be happy about that. Don't you wonder what we will come up with for you? Or maybe we already have one for you. My friend Marne has had to put up with "Marnificent" and "Marnation instant breakfast" and a good many others. Those are George's creations, not mine. If you know Marne though, then you know she doesn't mind. She handles it like a champ.
7) Besides making up funny nicknames for everyone, we also sing a lot around here. We make up songs pretty regularly. April admitted to this as well on her blog a while back. We often discuss who else among our friends might be the type to make up songs. We are pretty convinced that Bobby and Elizabeth are not the type. We know Stephen and Rebekah are. Stephen sings more than even we do. I have guesses about most of you. Come on now, who's a singer? I think it is a charming thing, spontaneous composition.
8) It is Monday and the mopping and ironing is already done. That should be number one! This isn't in ranking order though. That is truly something to be giddy over!
9) Dinner with friends. While I started this post earlier this afternoon, I am finishing it later now after our dinner guests have gone home. I wish I could pull myself together more often to have people over. I always find I am most myself and at my ease in my kitchen. Well, there or with a glass of wine! I enjoyed our guests so much tonight. It is so refreshing when someone says something you have thought or felt before that until then you weren't quite sure if anyone else ever felt that way as well. More on this later.
10) The "new" hand-me-down TV in our bedroom. I know people say this is a bad idea. We have never had a TV in our bedroom until this weekend. And we have not even watched it yet. But I'm thinking that on Wednesday night when I am having scary dreams about hatches and others and smoke monsters, I will be very glad to be able to click the remote and see Conan O'Brien dancing a jig without having to leave the snuggly blankets and my big strong husband in the other room. I am prone to insomnia even besides Wednesday nights and bad dreams and I am thinking this is going to make it more bearable.


Fittsy said...

Our nicknames:
-Libs, Libby-Lou, Lib-a-Rib, Doodle, Doodlebug (these last two nicknames that my Granddaddy called his Grands)Sweetpea, and Darlin. Eventually I think I'll use Elizabeth as a nickname too, just feels too big now.

We didn't have any nicknames growing up b/c my Mom didn't want anyone to call us those names outside our house. But now the aunts and uncles all have names for themselves. I like the shortened names, though I know of a child, Timothy, who's called exclusively by his nickname, Muffy, and well, that's pretty sad for him.

And I HATE being called Honey. You know our funny nickname - Tooky and Lovey for S and Baby for me. And yes, I know that Tooky is not a nice way to call someone, but I thought that I made it up.

Congrats on the clean house. Yet another reason to have people over.


Anonymous said...

Oh, boy, are y'all ever WRONG about us!!! Ha, ha! No, actually, we do make up songs, but I can imagine our creativity to be not nearly as clever as yours, so probably part of the reason you can't imagine this, is because we wouldn't do it in front of you, at the risk of George declaring us to be utterly "lame". One thing we really do like to do is imitations...our children find this hilarious at the dinner table. When Caroline was learning a poem for her school's speech meet recently, we would regularly try it out in different lingos, accents, etc. Her favorite was my "rap style" of A.A. Milne's "Has Anybody Seen my Mouse?"

We also LOVE to come up with nicknames, mostly for our children. Caroline has always been, monkey, doodlebug, goose, babydoll to name a few. Jack is Jackerman, Jack-a-doodle, Jack Sprat, the "J" man. Andrew's only nickname so far isn't really a nickname..."the baby"...Mara teases me b/c we rarely call him by his actually name.

Yeah, we never had tv in our room until we moved here...definitely pros and cons...but I think the cons come more from decidedly anti-tv people anyway, you know, the tv snobs. If you already watch tv, it makes more sense and is more enjoyable to have one in your room.


Anonymous said...

I have to be honest. I did cringe at "Aug Dawg." Mark sometimes calls me Jenniebug and I call him Babe (not very creative I know). Parker calls me Ninnie sometimes because Cam does. My dad calls me punkins which I love. Parker is usually Parker Ray and not just when he's in trouble. What is it about Ray that makes people say both names? Mark was always known as Mark Ray in college. Maryn is usually baby girl or snugglebug.

Thanks for the blue!! Happy Tuesday. Jennie

Anonymous said...

oh, yeah, I wanted to add that I do sing a lot, even if it's not always my own creations. When I'm in the car or the kitchen, I almost always have either the radio or a cd going....does MUCH to improve my state of mind! Also, I can see George making up songs, but I actually can't imagine you doing this either :)


Olive said...

Can you hear it? Can you? It's getting louder. It's the rumbling of excitement for LOST tomorrow night! :D

Can't wait for tomrrow, and can't wait to hear what you think! Who do you think will die, btw?

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