Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Lost in 8 Hours!

I decided I better get a post up for the Lost non-fans because you know after tonight I will have much more to obsess over! Well, I will obsess for a day and then watch how Jim responds to the new information that Pam did call the wedding off because of him and then I will go back to obsessing over Lost. But what do y'all think about that? I'm thinking they're going to give Jim's girlfriend the corporate job and then they'll sort of break up eventually and then maybe Jim and Pam will get together at the end of next year. Or maybe not. But they always drag these things out.

It is a glorious day in St. Louis. I mean, lovely. It is the kind of day that comes maybe twice a year where the rain rained all the awful humid yuck out of the atmosphere and it is cool and crisp and sunny and perfect. And I have been sitting at the computer all morning. I know, that's shameful. Elspeth has been sleeping. I am trying to take advantage of her actually taking more than a forty minute nap. And I have replied to tons of old emails and gotten all my little ducks in a row. But I am missing this beautiful day. I think that means I must be a grown up. Boo! I do have plans to walk over to pick Amabel up from school, but if this nap goes much longer I may just have to get her straight from going to the grocery store. The nap is because she's sick or I'd wake her up. Well, no, I probably wouldn't wake her up. I used to do that but now I just let it ride. She has what I have had for two weeks now which I am pretty sure has turned out to be bronchitis. I've never had allergies. But St. Louis is bad for allergies and I know that pregnancies can change your body in crazy ways. Everyone seemed so sure that it was allergies. I thought "well, I reacted horribly to peanuts from the time I had Amabel until I was pregnant with Elspeth (and now I don't have a problem with them at all), so maybe I developed a new allergy when I was pregnant with Elspeth." So I've been hanging around and acting like it's no big deal that I'm hacking and sniffling all over the place because I didn't have a fever and we thought it was allergies. But now I'm pretty sure it's bronchitis. So, sorry if you have been one of the many in my wake. I feel so bad that I have gotten people sick. We all just thought it was allergies.

What did you think it was, Abby? Ha! How many times did I say "we thought it was allergies" in that last paragraph?

So what else? Just stuff. We're just busy. Nothing huge and exciting, just busy. I remember being so bored when I had just Amabel. I remember wondering what in the world people were doing. I had so much time on my hands. Now I am always stealing time from sleeping, staying up until midnight or one just to get things done. The moms in my neighborhood sit outside while their kids play. This is amazing to me. I think so much has to do with children napping. That is really evident in how much I've accomplished with Elspeth sleeping this morning. The other moms must get work done while their kids are napping and have a chance to visit and relax later. Plus, their kids are younger so they can't really let them play outside without them. I tell myself I'm going to go out and visit with the other moms almost every day. It rarely works out for me though. And I admit that I enjoy the break from the kids even if it means I am stuck in the house mopping or ironing.

Not today though. I think I hear Elspeth stirring. We have a shortened afternoon because of ballet this evening. But I am determined to get a piece of this delicious day before it's back to hot!

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Jessie said...

Yea. My theory is that Karen will get the corporate job and be gone bye-bye, so Jim and Pam can "have fun" together again. Someone told me that actress is slated for her own sitcom next fall anyway, so she has to go...we'll see! Its so nice to have shows to obsess about, huh? And I saw you come out at the tail end of the day (for us) sorry we missed you! It was gorgeous!!!!!!

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