Wednesday, May 23, 2007

The Snake In The Mailbox

Well, I was already obsessed and George has been really annoyed with it. But then Brit (aka Olive) had to go and ask about my feelings on Lost. And I know it might not be a welcome topic. Just think though, in less than 24 hours there will be nothing more to say. Well, there will probably be some recapping and astonishment to express. But the obsession will be forced to take an eight month hiatus. Until then though, the big lurking question is "who's going to die?" Supposedly there are going to be five big deaths. Also, I think we're supposed to get a pretty big clue as to where the heck they are. And then the obvious "snake in the mailbox" as is the affectionate term for the episode by its creators. Is this because it will be so ironic? Because it will be so unexpected? Because it will raise more questions than it answers? As in "how in the world did a snake get in the mailbox?"

George says reading all this internet stuff is spoiling things for me and making me overly obsessive. But the thing is, there isn't really anything on the internet that is very helpful; it's just a bunch of random people speculating and trying to figure out the unknowable. And the whole reason I am looking is because I am already obsessed. It just came on all of the sudden. This whole Jacob thing and the plane being found with all the bodies and no survivors?! Those were two big bizarre things! You know? I mean I was actually a little bored until then. Also, there are some unanswered questions. Well, obviously. More specifically though, why did the Others just gas Kate and Sayid and Jack and walk away? If they gassed and killed the Dharma people then why didn't Sayid and Jack and everyone without masks die? And didn't they want them dead? Especially if they're just going to kill them tonight? Or maybe the Dharma people didn't die? That makes no sense though. More importantly, what's the deal with Jack's tattoos? "He walks among them but is not one of them?" This needs more explanation as far as I'm concerned. And I believe we have been told that the flashbacks will be Jack's this time. So I'm just worried that he's a traitor or not who we think he is or something like that. I'm pretty sure that's an unfounded and irrational fear. We saw him get on the plane. We have no reason to doubt him. So that leads me to my other related but also irrational fear that he will die. I also have no reason for thinking that. George says he is a Messianic character- his name is "Shepherd"- and that if he does die he'll come back. Who I really don't want to die and sort of think won't die after all is Charlie. He hasn't pressed the yellow button or whatever it is though so I guess he could still do that and die like Desmond said. And he was on The View today. But Kate has also been on all the talk shows. Edie of Desperate Hoes, no I do not watch that show, was on the talk show circuit a lot last week and she just died on her show. So if that's a good indicator, I guess Charlie and Kate will die. And a lot of people seem to be putting their money on Sayid and Ben.

I don't really like talking about this because I know I sound stupid. There is a Lostpedia, people. I know very little about stuff compared to a lot of people. And my questions may have really simple and obvious answers. Nope, they don't, I just looked and Lostpedia has both listed as unanswered questions. Phew! But I guess in a few hours at least a few of them should be answered. And evidently, if you really want to know, it's supposed to be pretty easy to find a play by play out there. Of course, I don't really want to know. Not until I get the full two hour episode tonight!

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