Wednesday, May 02, 2007

The Tag Comes to an Exciting Conclusion!

Since we started with seven things I've never done, we'll end with seven things you'll probably never catch me doing in the future (besides the obvious: shopping at Walmart, smoking a cigarette, committing a heinous crime, etc.). Seven things and then seven tags. It's a weird tag too, just seven things about you. Anything. Go nuts. (I certainly did).

1) Purchasing or preparing tofu or products made with tofu. To my knowledge I have never consumed tofu at all. And while I don't plan on that either, of course I would try it if it were offered to me in someone's home. I mean it can't be that bad anyway. It's just the idea that meat is bad and we should replace it that bugs me. So that's my first one.

2) Bird watching. I don't get it. My parents like watching birds, my grandparents loved watching birds, and my mother-in-law gets really fired up about spotting birds she hasn't seen in a while or the birds at the zoo. I walk right by the birds at the zoo. Every time. Unless of course, I'm with my mother-in-law.

3) Setting even the tip of my toe on this. Right, that thing over there with all those people with a death wish on it. No way. That's the Grand Canyon, you know. They are on the top. The bottom is 4000 feet below. A mile is what? 5280 feet? Something like that. So if they fall, they're gonna fall almost a mile. Did I ever mention that I got pretty panicky on top of The Arch? It sways, you know. And the Arch is only 630 feet. Imagine being the guy who had to build the railing on that thing. Or the guy who put down the first layer of glass. Not for the weak at heart.

4) Running a marathon. I tell myself that someday I'm going to shed all this baby weight gain and have time to run again and be in races again. 5Ks maybe. That could be realistic. It's time to just put it out there though: I will never run a marathon. I just won't. We have friends that run marathons. They seem like regular people. But I am just setting myself up to fail if that is where my ideas of succeeding lie. I will run again. Or jog at least. But it will not be in marathons. There, I've said it now.

5) Scuba diving. Oh no, you will not see me in the deep ocean at all. Probably not even on a cruise ship. Well, maybe on a cruise ship. The ocean is very scary to me. We do not know what is down there. And there are things down there. A little poem to illustrate:
I do not like things way up high.
I do not belong in the sky.
I do not like things deep in the sea.
Dry ground is where God has put me.
He did not make me with wings.
He did put wings on other things.
He did not make me with gills and fins.
They were given to our fishy friends
and other creepy swimming things,
Things that we have never seen
Giant squids and octopi
Angler fish with teeth like knives.
You can find those things beneath the blue.
But I will not be coming with you.

6) Watching another Woody Allen movie. I have tried. They are all the same. And I didn't even like it that much the first time. I fail to see how he is brilliant. Life is too short.

7) Applying for a job in child care. This typed as my three year old pitches his after nap fit and my seven month old whines and whimpers about like she has been all day every day for the past several days. All that aside, I can say this with confidence because of my many years working Daycare, Bible study childcare, and mother's morning out. It just isn't my gift. If you need a meal, I'm your girl. Someone to do the snacks for VBS? Sure! I've done that before. It was so much fun and a triumph (don't you think Aimee?). Someone to teach VBS? I think I might be sick that week! Just kidding, I do it if it's really needed at church, but it's just not my thang. The part about my kids is a joke too of course. Your own kids are different. Still hard, but different. And children of friends, that's different too, so if you have ever asked me to watch your children or need me in the future, I don't mean you. Just the large quantity of other people's children. They are sweet. It's me that's not! You've heard the saying "too many cooks spoils the broth." Well, I'm coining the similar concept, "too many kids spoils the mom." Or maybe just the Abby.

Alright, TAG, you're it. (I'm guessing none of them will do it)
1) Matt- because the Peg needs some lightening up!
2) Annie
3) Good
4) My sista, if she's still out there.
5) Lauren
6) Ami, would you like to re-enter the blog world?
7) Jandy? Don't you check in every now and then? How's Texas?

I don't know anyone else who reads that also blogs. If you do, please introduce yourself, I am always looking out for new blogs!

I'm adding this- Jandy and Annie were already tagged and I didn't know it. We have a little group of us that all go to the same church so I should've guessed. Anyway, I also remembered that Heather checks in every now and then, so Heather, if you get this, tag! I can't find your blog anymore because Jessie deleted all her links. Why don't I have your link here? I have no idea. I don't have Jandy's either. I will have to update those. Anyone else?


Jandy said...

Yep, I read you regularly; just don't often comment because I'm lazy. Jennifer tagged me too, so I guess I'd better pony up, huh? It is hard to think of seven things people wouldn't know about me!

Obligatory film question (hey, you brought it up)--which Woody Allen films did you see and not like? I'm not a huge Allen fan, so I'm not going to try to convert you, I'm just curious.

george said...

I can answer for her - Who knows? they are all the same.

Seriously though, its hard to remember them when thy are so forgettable. Annie Hall (of course), Curse of the Jade Scorpion, Scoop, Deconstructing Harry, Crimes and Misdemeanors, Small Time Crooks, Hollywood Ending, Everyone Says I love You, Sleeper, Manhattan, Melinda and Melinda. If I didn't look at IMDB and read each plot summary and look at the cast I wouldn't have even remembered seeing half of these. Some of them I still don't remember but Abby assures me we've seen them. I liked sleeper the best even though, or perhaps because, I only saw about twenty minutes of it.

piklpaper said...

we've never been able to get in to any of the woody allen movies either. here are seven things you'd never catch me doing (several echo yours, abby)...
1 - bungee jumping
2 - deep sea fishing
3 - eating ants
4 - watching arachnophobia
5 - working at a daycare (did it once - turned in my two-week notice on the second day...)
6 - completing a mensa test (not smart enough)
7 - eating caviar

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