Thursday, May 24, 2007

There Was No Snake In My Mailbox And I'm Ticked Off About It

Boo! What a letdown in so many ways. Sorry, but it has to be said. I guessed the "flashback" was the future almost right away. But that's not enough to give you chills or make you feel like someone put a snake in your mailbox. So there are now some more questions. But there aren't any more answers really. And they promised a big reveal. I guess it was a reveal, but it wasn't helpful toward answering any questions. Boo, I say again. And Charlie, if he is really dead I probably won't watch anymore. Of course I have to wait until February to see. But really, everyone's saying it, there were a thousand things he could've done. Shut the door behind him? Maybe he was remembering that the equipment was waterproof and he wanted to still be able to use it, which he didn't do anyway. Swam out the portal and up to the top. Perhaps he did this in the end. Or hello, Desmond had scuba tanks. And George keeps pointing out that there would be an air pocket at the top of that room above the window anyway. That is true. But you don't know if they know that we as an audience know that. George also says maybe he was making sure to die to ensure Claire's rescue. I guess that's a possibility too. But if there is an air pocket like there should be, he might float up and not be able to die. Isn't it really hard to drown yourself? Well, I thought it was horribly disappointing and I have nothing else to say. Except Boo!

Oh, one exciting possibility I just saw on a Lost site is that the tsunami is coming! The island date is December 23, 2004. The tsunami was on December 26th. Beautiful! Not beautiful that the tsunami happened, just that it's coming to the island and shaking things up. Because flash forwards don't do it for me. But tidal waves and earthquakes most certainly do. Alright, no more Lost until February. And I am actually glad about that. However, the more of these Lost blogs I read, the more willing I am to be excited about it. I am so impressionable!

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