Monday, June 04, 2007

Cute Inside and Out

Me! No, not me. Keep reading. I should be doing so many other things. But here I sit. I had to check up on things, you know. I have errands on the World Wide Web: have a look see into how the FV debates are going (ugh!), catch up on Annie's funny stories, check in on Amelia and how to pray for her, get some good recipes or shopping tips from Lauren, and today I found out about Jessie's sister who does charming artwork! Well, I'd seen some of her work before, it just wasn't until today when I am actually in the market for this particular type of artwork that I paid better attention. I am determined to one day have a cute baby nursery. You know, like the kind that someone from a magazine would want to come and take pictures of. It may be when the last baby is three, but I'm having one! I might just keep having babies until I get it!

The fun thing about being in this apartment is that for some reason, that psychopath in me that wants my house to look like a magazine is dormant. Is this perhaps because the arrival or the third child has made this so far out of reach that I don't even try? Is it because I am actually closer to cute than I have been before because of the hardwood floors and the size and shape of the rooms? Or is it because I am just tired of caring and I know we will move this time next year? It may be a combination of all of those things. But while I am sure my husband is very glad that I haven't cried about how ugly our curtains are in a while (nope, not kidding, I cry about lots of things though) I am sure the neighbors wish I would take a little more care. The rent check box is right outside the often open front door. What sights the neighbors see! And even when I remember to keep the chaos behind a closed door, there is still the matter of rusty bikes and plastic shovels and countless Tonka trucks strewn about the neighborhood. And even when those are put away, there's our trusty plastic dinosaur shaped sandbox sitting in the flower bed. Beautiful! Bring on the Jeff Foxworthy jokes; we totally deserve them! Lucky for the rest of the neighborhood, we're tucked away into a corner where no one can see unless they come a lookin' (or to drop off their rent check every month!).

If you ever are in the neighborhood, stop by Ami's house. Ami has officially abandoned her blog some time ago so I deleted her link. But she's still around and having a baby soon. Her little girl's nursery is magazine caliber! She has made all the bedding herself- a bumper, pillows, and quilt her daughter will cherish always! It is a total inspiration. And now I am really regretting not paying for the sit and sew classes at Eunice Farmer last month! Well, Ami, if you read this, sorry I just invited everyone who reads my blog to your house. The good news is it's only about twelve or so people so there shouldn't be too many intrusions!

If Ami's not home (she's going to shoot me, isn't she?), you can always go back behind her place and see the garden her neighbors have put in! It's amazing! And recently their neighbors on the other side have decided to start a vineyard! Is this true? Supposedly so! The whole place is on a gardening spree! There's flowers and greenery and all kinds of food growing everywhere. And I'm wondering, do dandelions count? Because we have plenty of those. Otherwise, I got nothin'!


Anonymous said...

those are adorable paintings! :)

Jessie said...

Don't you think Ami should post pics of her nursey on her blog? And I won't ask how you feel about MY is worlds beyond yours in its WT-ness. Oh, and right out front. My excuse is that everyone in the neighborhood plays here, so we need lots and lots of toys...

april said...

I pined for a beautiful nursery and sad to say I think my oldest got the closest thing to a complete nursery with rocker, matching bedding and furniture. By the time the fourth came along he had no crib (we used a pack-n-play until he was over a year old) and no room of his own really to speak of. Now, he sleeps in the same bed as one of his brothers, his clothes are still in baskets under the changing table and well, that's how it goes.

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