Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Cyber Scrapbook- Amabel's recital

This weekend was Amabel's first ballet recital. I can't really tell how Amabel feels about ballet. She had a few weeks where she didn't want to go. I figured that we had paid for it and if she didn't want to continue after the semester it was no big deal, but that we needed to stick out our commitment. I guess that's a good value, teaching your kids to give things a chance. And for the most part she seemed to enjoy it. She's probably not going to be a career ballerina. According to the doctor's estimations, she is likely to end up around six feet tall! So I figure grace and balance could come in handy down the road and while she is a little more compact might be good for her to get a handle on poise. I have no poise. Seriously, I am a clutz! Well, it's not like I fall a lot. My mom does. That's another story though. Several other stories actually. Anyway, I'm just kind of clunky. I don't step lightly and I don't have a good control over what I'm doing. Anyway, I want Amabel to get that. It may turn into tumbling or even soccer eventually, but I just want her to have some sense of control over her movements. And to five year old little girls, ballerinas are heroes. So we have taken "combination A" this year: ballet, tap, and tumbling. I think Amabel's favorite has changed from time to time. At last check she liked the tumbling the best.

I sort of want her to love ballet. I guess it is like the baby dolls. I just love girly things. The ballet dance they learned for the recital was darling. But in the end, her class was assigned the tap number as their were too many little girls to do both dances. I was a little sad because the ballerinas got to wear pink tutus and had bunny ears and a bunny tail. Then one of the moms of the ballerinas pointed out that it was slightly reminiscent of playboy bunnies. So I guess it worked out that Amabel, who really does look her best in blue (but looks like an angel in anything, really), was assigned the tap number, "Special Date." I didn't like "Special Date" at first, for obvious reasons. But the last line redeems it into a charming song for little girls. They didn't really tap that much on stage, or sing as they were supposed to. But Amabel probably actually participated most out of the girls in her group. Mostly they all just stood on the stage while the music played and looked adorable wearing big blue bows in their hair and sparkly blue tulle skirts.

"Special Date"
I've got a date tonight at eight
I want to look my best
I'll wear my pearls and comb my curls
And wear my party dress
My makeup will look snazzy with powder on my nose
And boy will I look jazzy in shoes with pointed toes
The time is near when he'll appear and I can hardly wait
He'll say hello and off we'll go. I'm going on a date!

(A little music and twirling about, toe tapping, etc.)

I had a time! A real good time! The best I've every had!
'Cause he's my guy, I'll tell you why- My date tonight is DAD!

Then there were some sketchy numbers, one with little girls in garters and a few with little girls shimmying. Yes, little girls shaking that which they do not have! I am not so excited about what a lot of the older girls were doing either. I mean, it could have been a lot worse. There wasn't anything like what you might've seen where Christina Aguilera grew up (I mean, I'm just guessing; I'm just saying they weren't headed in that direction). You could tell that there must be an idea that the younger girls weren't going to be provocative because they were little girls so it was okay. The older girls were tamer for sure. But I was thinking to myself that if we were planning on staying in St. Louis past next year it might be good to find another studio. And the ballet numbers were all lovely. It was the modern and jazz dancing that was out of control. I guess that's what you call it. The very oldest had "senior solos" and most of them were very nice. A couple seemed like they were more "stream of consciousness" dancing. I am thinking sometimes solo dancing must just appear that way because there's not a whole group doing everything together showing what is supposed to be happening. Sometimes little half leaps and quick movements look like accidents if it's just one person up there. But what do I know? I wish we had actually gotten to see the bunny dance but they assigned the girls to all different shows too. So who knows how it turned out. I'm sure it was adorable as well.

"I Wuv A Wabbit"
I wuv a wabbit, a cwazy cwazy wabbit.
He likes to run and he likes to hide
and dance across the countryside.
He don't like cawwots. I'm cwazy over cawwots.
I'd make him happy, I know I could
but he don't like what a wabbit should.
We snuggle up in beddy-bye
I kiss him; he kisses I
But if he's been a such and such
he has to sleep in his wabbit hutch!

(music and stepping and twirling)

I wuv a wabbit, a cwazy cwazy wabbit
To treat him well, I'll never fail.
Now this is the end of my wabbit tale.


jennifer said...

Unless you find a Christian dance studio, I think you'll always find the dancing somewhat questionable. I am basing this on my own experience with Evangeline in OK and on several conversations with other moms. My SIL in Dallas has her daughter in a large Christian studio, and it is great. If you went back to B'Ham, you could have that, at the big B PCA church--right?

abby said...

yeah, i guess i am spoiled with briarwood in birmingham. that is all i am used to. i guess it makes sense that everywhere else would be a little more suggestive than we would like. and like i said, i know it could be much worse! i was also a little disappointed with the programs- they were just run off copies and only listed the name of the song. it would've been nice to have the general age of the girls and what type of dance it was- even just the name of the class. it would also have been nice if the girls' names were listed. and they were all presented with a certificate of completion that were also just run off copies on pink paper with black ink and the parent had to fill in the name. they just handed them out like fliers. so a couple of other minor disappointments, but we LOVE her teacher and the other girls and moms from her class were (almost) all very sweet too.

RHB said...

Wish I could've been there to see her! Did you get a camera to record it? I will settle for pictures if not. :)

Love to Amabel, the little dancing darling!

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