Wednesday, June 20, 2007

An Invitation

I tend to think people know what I know. But perhaps you don't. And then you would be sad. At least about this.

If you live in Birmingham, you really should go to Berney Points Baptist Church at 6:30 tomorrow night, Thursday June 21. Jamie Soles will be there performing a free concert.

If you live in St. Louis, you can come to my church, Providence Reformed Presbyterian Church, at 6:30 this Friday night, June 22. Jamie Soles will be there performing a free concert. I will be there too, but I will not have a guitar. Sorry.

Unfortunately, I have been out of Birmingham for so long that I cannot think where that church is. However, the address is 2250 Blue Ridge Blvd. so I am sure you can mapquest directions from your home. My church is on Sappington just north of Gravois and south of Watson kind of in the general area of Crestwood and Grant's Farm here in St. Louis.

Who is this Jamie Soles, you ask? Well, he's this great Canadian musician who writes songs for kids and adults alike about stories from the Bible and also of the Psalms. He says he aspires to write a song about every story of the Bible and one for every Psalms! And they are good songs. Some are about stories you've heard all your life- Noah, Adam and Eve, Joseph- and some are about these obscure stories you may never have paid attention too, but now you know them if you know the song! And of course, if God has the story in the Bible, it must be important and there is something we can learn about Him! My favorite songs, well there are several, are on the list below. Click the links for lyrics and, even better, to listen to excerpts! And then come see the concert if you get the chance. You will be glad you did, and I know Mr. Jamie will be too. I met him on Sunday and he is a really sweet man (father of eight, so that tells you something!). If I don't have a link to one of his albums, it is simply because our family doesn't have it yet.

From his first album for children (all lyrics) , I love Psalms 141:3. There is also a beautiful song about Rahab.

From his next two children's albums, I love the Bad Guys songs (lyrics for the first two), Part One (sample) and Part Two (sample) and Part Three (sample). What a testimony of God's faithfulness to his people- "We are the friends of God and He will save us, because we worship His son!" I love that, the friends of God!

Also from his second children's album, I love both Get On Board (sample) and Jesus to the Rescue (sample)which sort of go together. Both(lyrics- scroll down) are beautiful (and fun) songs that kids love about the Gospel!

"Get on board
We’re gonna sing a song to praise the Lord
Our debts have all been paid
Shout for joy (Hey!)
He is the reason that we can rejoice and sing"

And Resurrection is my all time favorite. If you click just one link on here, that's the one. It will only take 20 extra seconds from your day, and it is so worth it! Lyrics in full below.

Rising from the grave at the end
God has promised
Those who persevere to the end
For He came and lived and suffered
Then He died and rose again

Jesus is the resurrection and the life
He who believes He will live, though he dies
Jesus is the resurrection and the life
He who believes
Though he dies, he shall live

Greatest hope of all faithful men
God has promised
All our hopes are bound up in Him
For He came and lived and suffered
Then He died and rose again

Jesus is the resurrection and the life....

A close second to "Resurrection" is King. Click on this link for sample and on this one for lyrics (scroll down). It is sort of about the expectation God's people had so long for the coming of the King. Jamie is great at getting into the shoes of the people and their stories we just sort of glaze over because we've either heard them a million times or because the stories are pretty efficient and to the point. Both lyrically and musically he builds a perfect atmosphere for telling the stories of the Scriptures. Another excellent example of this is in the song You Can Go (sample, lyrics are on the same page as "King"). I get tears in my eyes every time I hear it just thinking about how excited the people must have been being released from exile after seventy years. A lot of the songs are like that and when you put them all together in an album or a concert (hmmmm, where could I go for one of those?) you get this wonderful sense of God's constant provision and faithfulness for his people generation after generation! What an encouragement! Sorry for the short notice. You know I'm not a planner, so I would be likely to forget if someone told me way ahead of time. So I am telling you now, Thursday and Friday of this week are the days! Hope to see you there (but not in Birmingham because I live in St. Louis)! If you listen to the samples and want to buy a CD but can't make the concert, leave a comment and perhaps I can pick one up for you (but you'll have to pay me back :) ). You can also order them from the online store on his website.

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