Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Making Progress

I've gotta say that the 86 I just saw when I checked in just now really surprised me. But how come only three comments? I am just hoping that all the other lurkers are praying even if they are too shy to comment. When you see the "pray for Amelia," just please just pray right then if you can! And the actual words "pray for Amelia" are a link to her blog so you can keep right up to date with her current status. This is just so close to my heart as they are neighbors in the same building even as well as that their sweet baby girl is only several weeks younger than my sweet baby girl. I saw Steve and Jen yesterday and was so encouraged by their hopeful and cheerful spirit. I think they have as much peace as can be expected in such a scary time. More even. They are an amazing testimony of faithful followers of Christ even through the darkest valleys. Thanks for keeping them in your prayers.

I don't want to neglect regular posting as I hope that interesting reading will keep people coming back and seeing that prayer request. Plus, hey, I like that people want to hear what I have to say. My whole life I have been told that I talk too much. I told a friend one time that people say that because they think I am saying unimportant things, but I wouldn't say something if it wasn't important to me. So thanks for listening (in the form of reading!). It is so late though that I really don't have a whole lot to say. I'm just tired. I had worried so much about summer being boring and dragging on, but it has been a super whirlwind so far and I am really glad. However, I could use a spare second to do a little more sewing. But I never do really make the time anymore even when I have a second. I think I am just out of practice. I will try to get going on it soon. A friend of ours just sent us a digital camera so I may be able to finally post pictures of what I make! Hurray!

Until then, here is a link to George's blog for a picture of what Amabel made for me today. She makes these a lot. She takes a leaf and wraps it around a sweet gum ball until the little bristles poke through and make holes. Then she slides the stems of various flowers through the holes. No one taught her this; she just came up with it all by herself. Meanwhile, August has been asking George to change the channel to cooking shows while the baseball game is on! He is always wanting to help me in the kitchen too. I think we have some creative children, which is very exciting! A future designer and a future chef? Gotta work on the athletics thing though; Aug not wanting to watch baseball will be fairly disconcerting to the Edema side of the family if it continues past the next couple of years. As long as he likes Auburn football though, I think we're good on the Hawkins side! I told George we just need to get him out there with a ball more often; he has so much aggression, it would be great if he could take it out in an organized sporting way instead of by throwing books at or pushing kitchen chairs into his baby sister! I know, boys will be boys, let's just have them being boys on the ball field and not in my living room! Anyway, at this point everything is an absolute joke to him and doing anything organized (besides baking) is chaos. So every effort George has made to do anything that even resembles playing catch has turned into Silly-fest 2007. Amabel is a whole different story! She is such a grown up! Everyone says how she is Mommy's little helper. And you know, she really is my right hand man most of the time; until she tries to usurp my position that is! I am so grateful for everything about them lately, especially their health, as I think of our friends who long to have their daughter healthy and home. What a wonderful perspective Jen will have on Amelia's stubbornness (which she thanks God for already as it has made her quite a fighter in the face of her illness) while I have too often bumbled and complained my way through my own children's weaknesses without recognizing the wonderful blessings those things can be as well!

Well, that was the long and the short of it last night, but then I couldn't get this to post. I am back this morning to post and I see the numbers have climbed twenty plus more! Who are you people? So glad you're here! Please pray for our friends!


Renae said...

I see that Amabel has a much better attitude about gumballs than I do. I, personally, can't stand them, although I did write a couplet about them once. You can read it at this link on my blog. Ha-ha!

I'll have to tell my girls about Amabel's art project.

Oh, and I've been praying!

Olive said...

I'm here Abby! And I got bored at work, so I checked the blogs I frequent, so I threw off the numbers a bit- oops! ;)

And, by the by, what are "gumballs" (aside from the kind you chew on)?

becca b said...

BA told me about Amelia a while back, and I've been so glad to get updates/links from your blog. I'm not sure if it's having a healthy 7 month old daughter, or the fact that I used to care for children like Amelia that's brought them to mind so much, but I pray for the Allens often. I'm so thankful they have such a wonderful community supporting them in the city where they are, too!


Abby said...

Hey Renae! Are y'all having a good summer?

Brit, as long as you say a prayer when you check, check every hour! That would be great!

Hey Becca B! I have been thinking of you since I saw your mom at BA's graduation party. Has your little girl (I know her name, I just don't know how you are about public divulgence of said name!) been sleeping any better? I had been meaning to make you a blanket like Elsepth's, it is great for swaddling. Now that she can move around better she is sleeping better and we don't have to swaddle anymore. And let's face it, I never sew anymore so I will probably never get to making it! But I hope she is sleeping better now and it would be too late to help anyway!

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