Monday, June 11, 2007

Ocular Lumber

Lest anyone think I have neglected "beam research," I wanted to be clear that we daughters-in-law have our own share of faux pas. Perhaps we could all benefit from that list as well? Here's a list comprised all of mistakes made by me and me alone! Apologies have been extended where appropriate so feel free to just laugh, laugh, laugh at me. Enjoy this sampling of my "conduct unbecoming of a Chi Omega." For those who were not Chi O's, that's just a little catch all category for basically any kind of tacky or unkind behavior. And "beam research" refers to a term Paul Miller uses in Love Walked Among Us for describing the kind of behavior where we look at the log in our own eye before we point at the speck in someone else's.

1) Don't constantly refer to how differently people do things from where you come from. Most everyone will be able to tell that by "differently," you mean "better."
2) Don't say even veiled bad things about your mother-in-law to your children. This will get back to her. I know, this should be a no-brainer.
3) Don't make the mistake of thinking that because (you think) you are so obviously right in a conflict with an in law that someone else in the family will be objective and see your side. This will never happen. The dwarves are for the dwarves.
4) Don't make "passive" comments about the table manners of you in laws. Especially while sitting at the table. I will never know what possessed me to do that. And I will never live it down either!

I am sure there are other things, some of a more serious nature, but that could go for the other list too. Like I said last time, it is so important to let love cover over things. I am such a reactor and so many faux pas on my part that came to mind were poor responses to other things. But this weekend was a good time with all sorts of in laws and events and goings ons. If you'd like to confess your own blunders, place your planks right here!

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