Monday, July 23, 2007

Keeping You Connected

Please pray especially for Amelia today, y'all. They have taken some bone marrow and spinal fluid to test to see what's going on. This will tell them whether the cancer has come back or not. Pray that is has not and that it never will. I wish so much there was something more we could do. But of course, God has the power to do all that needs to be done. Steve wrote a great post about suffering last week. I am sure you are already convinced that they are amazing people, but if you haven't read that particular post, you should. What an amazing perspective!

This is so silly to post compared with what the Allens are going through. But I thought it was sort of funny. I was watching some country music thing on tv a minute ago, just trying to sit down for a second. I generally dislike country music (but there is nothing on tv). You get somewhat bombarded with it growing up in Nashville. But anyway, there was a commercial for some show on ABC next week with Martina McBride. Now I do like Martina McBride. I think. I really know nothing about country music anymore. But back in the day I loved "My Baby Loves Me," "I Love You," and her cheesey duet with Bob Seger off the Hope Floats soundtrack. And that's saying a lot when you think about how I was determined to avoid country music and listened to all things Brit pop! Anyway, the show is called "Six Degrees of Martina McBride" and I have no idea what it's about except it's based on the whole six degrees of separation- how anyone in the world can be connected to anyone else in the world by six people. And I just wanted you to know that if you read this blog, you are indeed connected to Martina McBride by less than six people. One of my best friends from high school, and if you went to high school with me or were at my wedding you know her too, is an art teacher at the private elementary school in Nashville. She teaches Faith Hill's kids, Martina McBride's kids, and if I'm not mistaken, Amy Grant's kids too, and probably some other people's kids too. I wonder if she taught Hannah Montana when she was just Billy Ray Cyrus's kid? You know he lived next door to one of my friends? I never met him though. I did see Reba McIntyre in the bathroom at La Paz one time. And Naomi Judd was there on the same night! At La Paz in Green Hills! Also, one time my friend literally ran into Garth Brooks. We didn't know it was Garth Brooks because he was carrying about eight take-out boxes. But people were coming out of the restaurant saying, "you just ran into Garth Brooks!" He didn't care. But it was Garth Brooks- at The Cooker on West End. Anyway, my friend says Martina McBride's daughter is really down to earth and doesn't seem to think she's something special just because her mom's a big star. That's nice to know, isn't it?

Well, I sound like Access Hollywood don't I? Seriously, that's the kind of things they report on those tabloid shows. If I'm lucky, maybe my post will be read aloud amidst various footage of Martina McBride having her picture made, and a few snapshots of the other people I mentioned and a nice picture of some take out boxes and signs to the restaurants I mentioned too. I could totally direct one of those shows. It's like the most formulaic and boring television there is. Sign me up!

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Anonymous said...

okay, i at least appreciate this b/c i live in the music city and have NEVER seen anyone remotely famous, and probably wouldn't know it if i did, although bobby saw garth brooks eating at a restaurant at the bellevue mall(if you can imagine why anyone would go to eat there) when we first moved here.

looking forward to having dinner with you next week!

love, elizabeth

p.s.i'm so glad to know you sign everything "love, abby" b/c i've always done the same thing, but felt like it was kind of a gay thing to do now that we're grown-ups and all, but now i feel reinforced...or something.

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