Sunday, July 29, 2007

Postcard from Birmingham

So the secret is out, we are in Birmingham. We can never get quite enough time to do all we want to do. And Amabel has had a fever and been not feeling well the last day so we have had to forfeit some of our plans. It has been great anyway though. George has been ever so George-y keeping the kids for me while I get a chance to meet friends for lunch and catch up. I have had some of the best conversations I've had in years, I think. And that is something that will keep me warm when the cold lonely winter comes. I don't literally mean the cold lonely winter, just those times when you feel isolated and busy and in need of good friends- you know, day to day life! I don't have time for much, our gracious hostess has prepared a delicious meal. We have had many delicious meals down here! So I'm off for another one. If I don't get to see you while I'm here, I'm sorry. There are so many of us and so many people each person wants to see, and we can't be away from home too long either. We are leaving the Ham tomorrow, but it has been a lovely visit.

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