Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Damage Control

Being brief is just not me. I just read my post from last night and it sounds totally rude. I think I tend to equate brief with rude. That is not really a good thing, but it kind of makes sense because demanding that people be brief is being impatient and being brief oneself is usually done by trimming out the extra pleasantries. I am so verbose that I am always being interrupted or even realize that someone has completely stopped listening to me. Everyone is entitled to a little peace and quiet from time to time, but there are particular people in my life who seem to not be able to bear my "chattiness" ever. It's like they're in a hurry, though I'm not sure what over since they are sitting at my dinner table or called me on the phone. It's funny, but it hurts my feelings too. And consequently, I am always apologizing for talking to people. This can be awkward. Because what if they're like me and they like people who have a lot to say? What if they were enjoying our conversation and think we are having a delightful visit and me saying "I'm sorry, I should let you go," is actually hurting their feelings making them think I am tired of talking to them? But I just cut it off before I get that empty comment that lets me know they are not listening or that interruption that as much as says "let's get to the point here!" I wouldn't say something if it wasn't important to me to say. But then again, I just like to talk. George does not.

I sent my dad one of those new musical Hallmark cards for his birthday that makes the teacher noise from Charlie Brown. I enjoy sending my dad Charlie Brown and Snoopy cards. For one thing, Charlie Brown cartoons are a happy memory from my childhood. When my dad moved to Florida when I was little, we had to stay behind in Nashville until our house sold. He sent me a "It's the great Pumpkin, Charlie Brown" card while we were still in Nashville that I probably still have somewhere. I used to read "Peanuts" and other comics out of the Sunday paper every week while my dad read whatever he was reading and my sister looked at the store ads. I remember one night we had all gone to bed and my dad came in and got us all up because there was a Charlie Brown special on TV. So anyway, Charlie Brown makes me think of my dad. Also Charlie Brown cards are simple and usually don't have a whole lot of over the top scripty poem messages about everything wonderful in the world originating from the person the card is intended for (seriously, who buys those cards! Yuck!). So the most recent one has the teacher noise play when you open the card. My dad thinks this is hilarious. I knew he would. As a joke, my parents have started opening the card and letting it play when they get bored of what the other one is saying. That is totally something George would do. That would totally hurt my feelings. No Charlie Brown cards for George.

So now that we all know how much I like to talk (people love stating the obvious). Let me say what I did not say yesterday. First of all, I feel like crap. I Googled my symptoms (because Web MD is increasingly less helpful lately) and they all point to endometriosis. I feel better today, so I am guessing and hoping I do not have endometriosis, but that is how bad I have been feeling (awesome!). Anyway, the specific thing I thought sounded jerky was that I said no one gives us hand me downs. I can honestly say that I do not expect anyone to do this, nor do I really know anyone with children that would be able to pass things on to us anyway. I sounded like a total jerk writing that. Sorry. Also, I know I have said my mom gives us most of our clothes anyway. So don't ask me why I am having a conniption fit about money for clothes. Do you ever just worry though? Maybe your bank statement has your balance slightly off what you were thinking? Or the power company readjusts your budget billing and also has the audacity to charge you a twenty six dollar processing fee for said adjustment (in a year where there have been three near week long power outages)! Or your husband rolls through the stop sign in your neighborhood in a car with tags that you didn't realize had expired and gets a super ticket? Or you are like me and you just live in a state of fear because you are sinful and have issues with anxiety about life's imperfections? Sure you do! Anyway, that's what that was all about. Oh, also it was about how I am a kids' clothes snob even though I currently and usually wear workout pants and shirts with some type of staining on them.


Anonymous said...

Just wanted you to know that I didn't think twice about that entry. In fact, I was confused reading this entry, wondering if there was another post that you had decided to delete that I missed. Didn't think that was rude at all.

And I know what you mean about people who make you feel rushed in conversation for no apparent reason. I have real difficulty communicating with those types. BUT if they're not rushing you but are just being brief, maybe they really want to talk and really value what you have to say, but truly don't have tons of time? Sorry, I don't like those types either, but I guess I'm realizing that in today's busy world, especially now that I have multiple children, it is better to keep up with people in brief tidbits, then to totally lose touch b/c you don't have time for hour long conversations. I hope that makes sense.

love, elizabeth

Anonymous said...

okay, now I'm rereading MY comment, and I think THAT sounded rude!! Sorry, I ended more abruptly than I intended to.

Has Amabel started school yet?

love, elizabeth

Abby said...

You weren't rude at all! I was so glad to read your comment. I think I am rude that I don't respond to comments as often as I used to. I always mean to and think I'll wait until everyone else has commented. By the time I realize no one else has anything to say, I've moved on to my next post. Anyway, you were not rude. I think you are right about grabbing little pieces of time better than doing nothing. so often I don't call a friend or send an email because I don't have time to say all that I want to say. But I would rather hear from someone than not, even if it is quick.

Oh, and Amabel AND August start school a week from today.

RHB said...

you know what helps control endemetriosis don't you? pregnancy. :)

Wish I had a Charlie Brown card to play for all the people that I don't understand over here. That would be rude, but funny.

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