Thursday, August 23, 2007

Grown Up= Boring

I know, I've totally gotta post more often. The world is passing me by! I am currently in the throws of decision making over ballet for the fall. There is a wonderfully inexpensive program at the seminary which I am sure will also solve the hoochie momma problem that is so prevalent in dance studios (and shopping malls and playgrounds and everywhere else) these days. So that sounds like a great option! I mean, we are happy where we were, but we don't enjoy the thirty minute drive. And we don't enjoy the large number of girls and parents and younger siblings crammed into a very small amount of space. So the seminary? Well, they are going to be very "informal." And I don't have any silly notion that Amabel is going to be a professional ballerina. But I do think she enjoys structure. And she wants to know the steps and stuff. So we are waiting until we get more specific information. I looked into a third option that is a place that was highly recommended and much closer. Nice that I can get a whole semester at the seminary for what I can only get a month at this place! I didn't know what a steal we had last year (tuition fell somewhere in between the super inexpensive seminary student discount and the crazy talk tuition of this other place, which is still, incidentally much less expensive than another place nearby- the hoity toity performing arts center). I am also checking into a fourth option.

Man, what a boring post. How can I spice this up?

I don't know, my life really is this boring.

August is still not quite sure how he feels about school. And Amabel, of course, loves it. She is so cute right now. Her top two front teeth are coming in but have a ways to go. Something about her without teeth is so cute! Also, it makes her have a tiny lisp sometimes. I guess it just makes her seem younger. That has always been the sad thing about her, she is always pushing for being much older than she is. But don't they say that about all of us? We spend our entire childhood being ready to grow up and then we spend our adulthood wishing to be more childlike? I don't know though, I distinctly remember thinking that it would be pretty dull to be an adult- same thing every day, no big dramas or things to look forward to. I thought of that the other day and then thought, "Man, I was right." And that's why we get posts about ballet lessons. Because I could tell you about how the people who work at Talbots Kids in Frontenac have ticked me off three shopping trips in a row and I am pretty close to vowing I'll never go back (but the sales- $5 for the best little boys' shorts?! can you beat it?!). Or I could tell you that today at the Target in Brentwood, it was worse than the day after Thanksgiving and is supposed to be all weekend because of all the colleges starting (what will become of all these Sterilite and Rubbermaid containers when these people graduate?! I shudder to think!). Or I could tell you how much mending I have gotten done lately! Seriously, the ballet lesson hunt is the most interesting thing I've got going on. How to make Amabel understand this....

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