Thursday, August 09, 2007

I'm Melting! Melting!

So am I not posting enough? Boring you all to tears? Where has everyone gone? You can't be outside! It's 102 degrees out there! And isn't it ironic that inside it feels like winter? We have the shades pulled down, we don't leave, we are huddled together so our 98 degree body heat will cool us off. Actually, the shades thing is true. I am getting really depressed. George doesn't want me to open the windows or turn on the lights because the sunshine through the glass and the heat from the light bulbs makes it hotter over the course of the day. And on top of that I'm not allowed to use the oven. So what am I supposed to do without my oven? Well, today I rearranged all the furniture upstairs to make sure none of it was blocking the vents (so annoying to have vents on the floor!). And yesterday I rearranged the "playroom" (aka red shag rug on our basement floor) because you know kids are suddenly in love with their toys all over again if you can simply relocate them. I think they are losing their minds being cooped up in the house all day. But can ya just let your kids go running around outside in 102 degree heat? Not for more than five minutes. Tomorrow we'll be going to the grocery store. Woohoo! I went to see a movie with friends last night and realized it was the first time I had been out of the house since last Friday when I went to the grocery store. Yeah, I know; it's totally depressing. But who wants to load their kids up into a black minivan that has been sitting in a parking lot to go out in 102 degree heat? And where would I take them anyway? Well, besides church. I missed church last week. But other than that? All of this comes after our big trip to Birmingham which of course puts a major strain on the budget after gas and eating out with friends and my once a year fabric shopping! You know how St. Louis is always tooting their "free stuff to do" horn? Well, it's all outdoor stuff which doesn't do much good when the forecast is in triple digits until next week! Well, there is the science center. I think we'll have to load up and go over there. And the Whittle Train place. I had forgotten those two places. Oh oh! And the library! This is helpful. Yet another reason I highly recommend complaining. Anyone want to go to the Whittle Train place or the the science center in the next week? Anyone? Anyone? Bueller? Y'all please start commenting, even if just to say "you suck," I am losing it in this never ending heat wave! It's like solitary confinement, only there are lots of kids. And there aren't any more rooms to rearrange!


Heather said...

I've decided the only place worth taking the kids in the heat this week has been for free Maggie Moo's ice cream on Ladue. It's free for 98 minutes when it reaches 98 degrees at Lambert Airport. You have to listen to Y98 to get the exact times each day when the temp hits 98, but it has been worth it. As you said, what else is there to do in this aweful weather! Oh, welcome back, too!

lauren said...

oh my gosh, that is my husband! our air conditioner is 12 years old, so no open curtains, no oven, no dryer (does he not want clean clothes?), and a panic attack when the kids go in and out of the house. i do love the guy though. :)

and the toy thing is SO true. we got bunk beds last week and i reorganized their toys. it's like christmas at the goessling house!

go to the magic house for me!!!

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