Friday, August 31, 2007

More Feeling-y Stuff

We have a lot going on right now. So I am not sure I will be posting any more than I have been. Which is not much. I am just trying to keep up. I guess we're all trying to get going as the school year is going whether we can keep up or not. Over the next two weeks we have two birthdays- August will be four, Elspeth will be one- and grandparents from both sides will be coming at different times for a few nights' stay to celebrate. It will be a little crazy, but fun.

I am still thinking about the happiness thing from last week. And about what our lives might look like next year in a new place with a new job. And where I should be focusing my time, energy, and gifts apart from just keeping up with all that the kids need. George found some online personality tests and profile sites. I know these sort of box people in and it is only so helpful. But it can be somewhat helpful as you try to consider these things. For anyone else interested, I have links! Here is a 72 question yes or no type test. It goes pretty quick. It will give you a personality type and two different links to more information about your personality. This is another site for linking to more insight about your "type" once you get your results.

I said before that I have taken this test a kazillion times since ninth grade and have gotten ENFP every time. George thought the ENFP profile was right on the money for me in a lot of ways, but wasn't sold on a few things. He deleted my answers and had me take it again. I don't know why it was different, but I got ESFP that time. I tried again a few hours later and got ESFP again! Kind of weird, but all that to say, it makes a lot of sense that we aren't going to be totally pigeon holed into one thing. It might be a helpful thing to sort of see what the other types close to you are like (if you are barely "feeling," see what the one with "thinking" is like).

What does seem to be generally true about me is that I'm so very emotional. I know you are all stunned. Try to get a hold of yourselves. Another thing that is definitely true of me is the love of talking. I thought this was a funny quote, "Some can be identified by the twenty minute conversation required to ask or answer a simple factual question." So true! And no, we don't need a personality test to know these things about me. But it is nice to know that they are valid "personality traits" and not just "annoying habits." Plus, it is totally my personality to love to take these quizzes and want everyone else to take them and share too! And a lot of times an objective description of your personality can make you feel better about yourself. God created all kinds of people in all different ways. Everyone has something to contribute and no one personality is better or worse than another. That is refreshing to see- a little sketch of who you are/ how you relate to others (for those of us who have a hard time knowing) and an idea that there are others a lot like you! And who couldn't stand a little of that? Well, if you have an opposite personality (someone with both a really strong T and J?) maybe you couldn't stand more of that, but then I'm guessing then that you really couldn't stand my blog and so you don't read it anyway!


Jessie said...

Abby, I am a strong T and J...and I love you a whole lot.

abby said...

Hey, that's really interesting! I always think those types must think I'm really annoying. But you know me, I think that about everyone! Silly silly. But I also think you are really good at loving everybody right where they are.

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