Thursday, August 16, 2007

So Much to Say

I am so bad at posting lately. And today I have way too much to put up. I dread how long this post will take to write. Here I go.

My aunt died yesterday. I didn't really know her very well at all. She was my mom's sister and she has been battling cancer for over a year. I have prayed for her my whole life as my mom has always grieved that no one in her family followed Christ. My mom was raised in the ("church" of?) Christian Science and was not introduced to the Gospel until she married my dad. The pastor of my grandmother's church (Nannie, my dad's mom) was to marry them and said he would not if my mother was not a Believer. My mom lied and claimed to be but felt overwhelmed by the guilt of such a big lie and went to the pastor who shared the Gospel with my mom. Ever since then, she tried to share the same good news with her father and sister. So we always prayed for them. My aunt seemed interested in Christianity several times but always "fell away." During her battle with cancer though, she seemed to pursue a relationship with God. She joined a church and became involved. When the doctors were encouraged by her progress for a while, she credited God's healing. When the doctors discovered that the cancer had quickly become beyond control and she may not have long to live, she was at peace and eager to go to be with her Savior. And now she is there. I feel sad for my mom who is now the last living member of her immediate family at only fifty-five. She has lost her last aunt, last uncle, very dear mother-in-law, and only sister in a span of only about two or three years. Please pray for her if you think of it. And yet, be encouraged that if there is someone you have prayed for even for years and years who is still rejecting the Gospel, God can still draw them to himself.

On a less somber note, my son shoved "a wrapper" up his nose this morning almost seconds after he got out of bed. He came into George's and my bedroom and told us the news (no mall walking this morning). He explained that "it was sticky." I am not sure what stickiness had to do with it. But evidently it was a big part of the intrigue. At the time I was thinking I needed to be preparing to go to Nashville for a funeral so I sent George with August to the doctor's office. They have some sort of long "pliers" (why not just tweezers?) they used to retrieve the "wrapper." In the end, George thinks it was one of the little covers on the adhesive squares on the backs of my nursing pads. Why is there adhesive on nursing pads? It stays in place just fine, I think. Does anyone ever peel those squares off? Well, anyone besides August, I mean. Anyway, I thought the whole thing was absolutely hilarious. I think George was annoyed more than anything. Poor children. There is one child that's way of getting in trouble has the hilarious effect on him, while mostly annoying me. And there's another one that's way of trouble cracks me up while mostly annoying him. I'm sorry though, what is not funny about being woken up in the morning by a three year old with his finger up his nose informing you that there's a gray, sticky wrapper up there?

I think the rest of this post is going to have to wait. I have recipes. I have more humorous anecdotes. I think, I can't even remember them right now anyway. And I have other things to say, as always, of course. But I guess this is a little something for you to read until I get all the rest together. Oh, and I saw Steve and Jen a little bit ago and their spirits seemed pretty good (for what they are going through, of course). Let's keep remembering to pray for them and for their darling little girl.


Anonymous said...

so sorry about your aunt.

hope y'all have a good weekend.

love, elizabeth

jennings said...

i am sorry about your aunt. i remember when your mom was coming to help her just several months ago. and i got a good laugh from the story about august! its always good to hear funny things kids are doing. parker is learning what it means for their to be a green light vs. a red light when driving and got upset with me the other day for turning right on red. who would have thougth a 2 year old could be so perceptive. scary what i have to look forward to... jennie

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