Thursday, September 27, 2007

The Jerk is Still Me

I meant to comment on that post to thank all of you who were so understanding of my silly obsession. I still think I'm a jerk. I am at a point where I know there are more important things in life, but I am still wanting all that other. We've talked about this before. And of course, it isn't bad to want/have nice things. I think I just mean the fixation on it. But I thought it was great that Matt and Whitney scoured ebay trying to come to my rescue- "Oh, I'm picking out a fall sign for you, not an ordinary fall sign for you, but the extra best fall sign you can buy with pumpkins and 'y'all' and a distressed finish." (Link to original song so you know what the heck I'm talking about if you didn't already). Oh, and I found this (bizarre? hilarious?) link where someone put the thermos song to real music with instruments and everything. It's weird.

So about the signs, one that Whitney found was cute and would've been about what it costs to buy a mum so not much of a gamble. But the lady spelled y'all, ya'll. Spellcheck just underlined "ya'll (and "spellcheck.") Because it isn't spelled ya'll! It's a contraction for "you all." When you drop the o and u in you, you put an apostrophe in its place. I emailed the lady who sells these, as she custom makes them as well. I tried to be really polite and told her I would like one if she could just make one for me that is spelled correctly. And I explained why it is spelled that way (like I just did to y'all) and that a lot of people spell it wrong. Oh, and I looked it up in the dictionary to make sure and there is no ya'll. I guess I shouldn't be surprised that I never heard back from her! I didn't mean to be a know it all. I was trying to be helpful. She's not going to sell many if she spells it wrong!

And by the way, any of you who are doubting me, thinking "Y'all, ya'll- potato, potato- we know how she spells momma all weird," I'll just have you know that momma is in the dictionary and in lots of children's books and even greeting cards. So there. I know, I am such a nerd when it comes to grammar, spelling, and vocabulary. I love all that stuff!

So the search for a fall y'all sign continues. Hey, if anyone does see one, let me know! Keep your eyes peeled! George says that a lot- "eyes peeled." I wonder how that expression got started? That's another kind of thing that is interesting to me, but I have no idea how to find things out like that.

Anyway, here's a would be obsession. "Would be" if I really didn't know where to draw the line. I saw this at the monogram store in Ladue. I am always on the lookout for fall stuff with blue in it as my dishes and kitchen chairs are blue. Plus, love that orange and blue together (Waaaar Eagle! Hey!) ! Then, I saw it on that blog. You know, the one with the whole pretty life silliness. And it shook whatever delusional necessity I had conjured up in my brain right out of me. Almost. The kicker was when I saw the $160 price tag the next time I was in the shop! I was stunned, but I totally should've guessed. Why do I even go in stores like that?! Anyway, it is "only" $99 on this website. You can peek to see all the other things you can stick on all around the year. A cute idea really. I like the pumpkin best. The rabbit is hideous. But the Christmas tree is cute. And the snowman. And the turkey. And something else that is much cheaper, I'm sure. Like the $4 pumpkin on my front porch.


Jay said...


Is this anything like the sign? No clue where they got it, but looks like you could leave a comment to ask. Good luck with the search! - Aimee (Rachael's old roommate in SC).

abby said...

aimee, hello! thanks! it is sort of like it! the closest anyone has found so far anyway. until now, i had no idea there were fall y'all signs all over the place. i am more hopeful i might can track it down! i think i will ask this girl where she found it!

Anonymous said...

HA! i didn't even look at the spelling! sorry 'bout that, y'all!

rebekah wright said...

that website is so cute! i love stuff like that. i know what you mean about going in the expensive stores--i go in all the cute ones in downtown franklin and i love all the cute stuff and the cute children's clothing and then i just get mad that i can't afford any of it! i just need to quit going. you need to go to this cute store called rooster tails next time you are in town. it's in franklin, a little bit past downtown and has some really cute stuff. some of it is cottagy and there are some really reasonable things. we got a coffee table made out of an old window for like $90 which i thought was good for a coffee table. and i want to go back and get this cute iron bench for our porch if they still have it. i think you would love rooster tails.

Abby said...

Courtney mentioned Rooster Tails in the last post! I totally need to go now! It sounds like they have some really neat stuff!

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