Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Just Call Him Annyong

I am convinced that Elspeth used to know that George was "Da Da." I used to say "there's Daddy," and she would look at him and smile and coo and he would wave to her. She would say "Da Da" excitedly when he came into the room. It was all very sweet. And every time George would wave to her. But sometime over the past few weeks of visitor after visitor coming and going and waving "bye bye," Elspeth has gotten "Da Da" confused with "bye bye." They sound so similar and they both always come with a wave. Waving also means hello in the baby world too, and "hi" sounds a lot like "bye."So to her, da da and bye bye (or hi- any greeting, really)- potato, potato (use the different pronunciations there to get what I mean). So now "da da" is just something Elspeth says. A lot. It totally reminds me of the Annyong thing from Arrested Development.

Evidently, Annyong means "hello" in Korean. Somehow the Bluth family misunderstands the greeting from their newly adopted Korean son to be his name. The viewer gets helpful subtitles, but the Bluth family is left in the dark. From there on, it is a running joke that "Annyong" says hello to everyone all the time and people think he is announcing himself. When anyone else refers to him in conversation, he thinks he is being greeted and responds with his own greeting. I have a clip here from You Tube, only it is not just a clip from one episode, it is sort of a bunch of clips run together. It is only like 40 seconds long and it is still hilarious even out of context. I still can't believe that show was canceled. Gob (pronounced Job) is genius. But weren't they all?

I really will get cupcake recipes and pictures up soon. I just don't have the energy right now. So until then, as Elspeth would say - Da da.


Anonymous said...

Okay, Bobby and I have always loved that from Arrested Development, but put together in that stream, I have tears running down my face...TOO FUNNY!

My theory on why it didn't take off was that the characters were SO quirky that you pretty much had to see it from the beginning in order to get it(or at least have seen episodes in a row for awhile). The office is somewhat like that, but not so could probably watch a random episode for the first time and still find it funny. We love the dvd's though :)

Love, Elizabeth

rebekah wright said...

Arrested Development is one of our favorite shows!!! We are so sad it is off the air but we have been borrowing the DVDs from Nathaniel's brother and we think it is hillarious! So cute that Elspeth says "da da" all the time. Can't wait to see the b-day party pictures. Hope y'all are doing well.

Olive said...

I LOVE Annyong!!! I enjoy that you like Arrested Development.

Also, thanks for the comment.

Yeah, all the "health and wealth" theology out there is so obnoxious and distracting to the Gospel! And what a mistress it is sneaking in when we don't even realize it. It's so sick.

Also, I love that picture of Elspeth! She's so cute and she beautiful bright eyes!

Hope you're well!


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